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Why are there so few /u/ and shoujo-ai anime. Aside from Simoun, MariMite, Utena, and Aoi Hana, there is nothing that doesn't amount to drivel
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Post in my thread
There was only one lesbian and she was cucked by god.

About why there are so few yuri anime, yuri sell like shit.
Get the fuck out back to Gaia/shoujoai.com/reddit or whatever shithole you came from.

This show was inferior to Ping Pong in every single way.
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Its good for 1-2 episodes, kinda like endless eight.
Both are pretentious drivel.
>My Opinion Is The Only Right One: The Thread

Why do children's anime have the best lolis?
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Since you aren't meant to sexualize them, they're the purest.
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That one's not pure, though.
Wow, she got fat.

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itt: post a girl who is best girl of her particular series. I'll start.
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Why'd you post a turd?
Kyon chose the wrong universe.

Also Asuka is only best girl cause all the other girls are shit. I guess there's Hikari and Maya but they're uninteresting.

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Was it necessary to make Kino a girl?
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Wouldn't make much difference.
Sort of. Are you really complaining?

is Ergo Proxy hard to understand if you're not very smart? Or don't know much about philosophy?
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There's literally nothing to understand.
All the philosophical buzzwords they drop is just window-dressing.
it's the definition of pretentious

This is Arthur, King of all Britain. Say something nice
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Arthur is not a flat chested girl ,don't be a baka

I wanted to roll Nero but got you instead. I'm content to never see you in any other form of media again for the rest of my life.
Oh, King, eh? Very nice.

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Take one step into the cancer that is /snk/ and you'll see what I mean. It's not even a general anymore, it's a ward for the exceptionally mentally ill, including a literal admitted pedophile, countless attention whores, stalkers who have doxxed uninvolved Ieddit users, a number of schizos, and the same exact shitposts over and over. Any sort of discussion that tries to prop up is immediately shot down or drowned out by the constant shit slinging.

Why, oh why, won't mods just ban these threads on sight? In my opinion, they should only have the right to exist during the first 10 days of every month. The rest of the days they should be completely banned. Their cancer is so toxic they repeatedly leak not only into other generals (that won't admit they're generals) but other boards as well. I've seen /snk/fags harassing and starting drama on /vg/, /int/, /pol/, and even /x/. On those boards, they got dealt with pretty quickly. But I recall from about two years ago, there were anons doxxing a few suspected regulars' info in the threads and it took over 40 fucking minutes for the posts to finally be deleted. Regardless of who was the victim, is that not completely unacceptable?

We should make a poll to get this cancerous general banned outside of the time range for each new chapter. There's not a single general on /a/ that is worse than them.
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This thread is shit, but yes. Nothing justifies several threads a day for a monthly series. There are roughly 100 threads in a month of shitposting for a single chapter of new content. Every thread is the same inane meme spamming over and over and the resident autists are anything but /a/nons.
Repeating digits, now kill yourself.

Why are many Japanese anime so inhuman?

Why are they so obsessed with surreal, unsettling, nihilistic and ugly settings that mock or deny the beauty of god, christ and human dignity?
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If you want to bear witness to God's beauty, then I don't know, go outside?

You're watching anime in order to experience something unnatural and surreal as it is different from what you see daily.
That is the only way that art can be made under the constant acceleration of post-industrial deterritorialization unique to neo-Japanese capital structures.
Meanwhile in reality: The average anime is about a catgirl going to highschool with a talking pet or something.

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ITT: Characters that remind you of yourself
For me it’s Satanichia; intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.
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What show is she from again? Already forgot it.
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pre-ghoul ken kaneki

stupid gullible introvert faggot with like 2 friends total

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>mfw just rewatched Bake
>that entire segment with araragi, Senjou and her dad in the car

Remind me /a/ hates Senjou again?
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Because she doesn't do anything after that episode
Monogatari thread?

I've just bought the first Bakemonogatari novels and I'm a hard time believing anyone signed off on this as an official translation. It's just so fucking bad. It's incredibly literal to the point where most of the sentences sound totally unnatural in English, and it's got huge amounts of glaring grammitcal errors. It's just so low effort I can't believe it was published, and it's a shame, as someone that loves monogatari to see it treated so badly.
So how is it compared to crunchy and commie? Also wasn't nisio supervising the novels or was that only Kizu?

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>no retard thread
>retard thread
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Waiting for the doujins where dirty old men, smelly otaku and thugs take advantage of her retardation.
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Who is the dumbest girl of 2017?

Why isn't Aqua the Konosuba winner?

She has the best dynamic with the MC.
Most comfortable interactions, they even share the same bed.
Hardworking during the day, fun at night.
Her strengths complement the MCs weaknesses, making the best team.
Obviously, beautiful

So then why isn't she winning?
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Does she even want Kazuma's Chunchunmaru?
Did you really need to make another thread to ask this? There are 3 Konosuba threads on /a/ besides yours.
You'd probably get an answer if you asked there.

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Why are your thoughts about backs?
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i dont like them
Oh look another shitty template thread that belongs on /e/. Fuck off.

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Why does it feel so good to see this slut getting DESTROYED every single episode?
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Don't bully, she's cute and best girl.
I'd destroy that slut, if you know what I mean.
God , the way she is suffering just make my love for this crappy serie greater.

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