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Every shonen series ever concieved seems to have a tournament arc.

Why is that?
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To stretch out content while boring everyone to tears.
With few exceptions.
One Piece doesn't have one.

I guess it's the easiest way to introduce and develop several characters quickly: two at a time.
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Because when I played football we went to multiple football tournaments.

If you practice any kind of sports chances are that you will go to a tournament soon or later.

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I unironically consider this an unique masterpiece. It can switch from comfy cutesy SoL to absurd comedy to life lessons to blatant fanservice seamlessly in timespace of few minutes and does it repeatedly without feeling awkward.

Can't think of any other anime that has managed to do it.
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pretty easy when it doesnt have a plot or storyline. Its a episodic mess thats all over the place. You couldnt even describe it to someone and make sense from episode to episode
Does the manga have more lore about the other world, or does it remain inconsistent with shit like tohru repeatedly hammering in that she can't go back, and that she almost died trying to escape and then she keeps casually popping back in to her world to pick up groceries, and then her dad keeps dragging her back in, but for what reason?

I should probably just watch it again.
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>Does the manga have more lore about the other world.
>does it remain inconsistent with shit like tohru repeatedly hammering in that she can't go back.
She can't go back because she wants everyone from her world to think that she's dead.
>she keeps casually popping back in to her world to pick up groceries.
That's because she a baka chorogon and isn't thinking before she does something like she does many times in the animoo and manga.

tl;dr read the manga you fuck

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Who is the mother of Sarada?
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Not really a mystery

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.
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samefish poster.jpg
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Oh shit.
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You forgot to post the link

Anyway, interesting to see in what direction Emma's character will go. Will she end up in a situation where she has to kill a demon or even a fellow human?
damn, this was a great chapter
also no cliffhanger which was good.
how to grow an ear

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love nectar.gif
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Truly, she is the best girl to end all girls.
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She deserves to be known for more than that part.
>She deserves to be known for more than that part.
True, but this particular part is probably the most important one. I guess half of /a/ watched that show only because of this scene.
I know her more for non free pizza

Family problems.
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Are we the only ones watching this?
>created the mess yourself
Wow, grade A cunt.
american family in japan?

ITT: Canon gay characters
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>Starting off the threat with non-canon gay characters
Are lesbians allowed?
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We're talking about Togashi here.
The guy who wanted to make a manga about football playing trannies.

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I want to fuck the chuuni.
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Laying on the foreshadowing a bit too thick in that last panel. Just like how characters were commenting on how cold it was before they revealed how Souma won.
Am I the only one who believes Giganigga will defeat Chuuni?

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>get home and see this on your bed
>what do?
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get a bigger pillow, this thing looks tiny af
Ask her if she wants a juice or something else to drink, she looks pleased to finally rest so she must be tired.
Then wonder how the fuck did a loli get inside my house.
Take pictures

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We had a thread but it didn't survive the night but nigga we got shit to talk about
Hopefully they see this
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If nobody posts I guess I'll see y'all Sunday and we can discuss imp pussy then
They should. The next episode is called "Why Are We So Bewildered When We Receive a Love Letter?" and I don't know what else that could refer to other than the opening chapter.
I made the thread for link related, it's called Chapter 0, and who knows

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The most exciting time of the week is finally here!
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Lyn can't draw for shit.
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Misaki gets her lifespan expanded
She sure fell fucking fast, she deserves to be placed on morning smegma cleaning duty.

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Dorohedoro thoughts ?
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Awesome. wheres the new chapters?
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last one was on june 21
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y-you too.png
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Cutest monstrosities ever

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What do you call a 40yo single woman?
Cake feels like an understatement at that point.
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French toast?
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I you keep making these threads, this poor elf will die!
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She reminds me of a genderbent version of Hank Hill in that outfit. Yamero.

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Characters that were originally supporting/minor characters but ended up both winning and being best girls.
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Chihirofag since day one. The threads about the ending were the best thing I've encountered. Nothing better than having an unpopular girl you're rooting for win at the end.
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She will eventually win.

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