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Amagi Brilliant Park thread
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Prove it.
Look at the sky
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What are your five favorite things about Galko?
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1. her butthole
2. her butthole
3. her butthole
4. her butthole
5. her eyes
1. I haven't watched her show.
2. You can't force me to watch her show.
3. I can hide Galko threads.
4. One day people will forget about her and her show.
5. She's kind of cute.
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1. Hairy butthole
2. Stinky armpits
3. She poops!
4. Her stinky feet
5. Her love for little boys!

Since this is Kaede's year, does this mean we've reached the Cake Era? Or do we have to wait for 2025?

Either way: anime and manga cakes.
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Cakes won't win unless they realize that men their own age don't want them and they start actively hunting shy schoolboys before some undeserving gyaru slut can take their purity.
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Silver Link 10 year anniversary original anime "Two-car" about side car racing.

Starting in October 2017.

Original Story: Nikoichi
Director: Tamura Masafuni
Series Composition: Takayama Katsuhiko
Character Design: Tiv
Animation Character Design: Sawairi Yuuki
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There are cute girls?
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it's shit if not GAR
Synopsis (Google TL):

Yuri Miyata and Megumi Meguro of Miyake girls' high school
The appearance and personality are just confronted with the opposite
Such two people are sidecar races
With pretty girls in the side car section across the country
Compete to aim for the nation's domination

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>start out as a violent edgefest
>become the most mindnumingly boring series on the planet
How did Ishida do it?
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it's pretty edgy unless you mean post the most recent time skip which was like 15 chapters ago
I still enjoy reading a bunch of chapters in one go but this shit has been so hard to follow for the past year.
the issue following it for me is that (other then the clear unplanned twists he keeps throwing in) the art style or way hes drawing shit just doesn't help in understanding whats going on at all and half the characters look almost the same and the main difference is their hair which also just changes.

>next chapter is the 1000th one
W-what do you expect?
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absolutely nothing to be resolved or discovered
Detective boys chapter
Ai's butt

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Just finished reading through the VN. How much did the anime cut out?

Also best boy.
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The only good thing about this trash is the title.
Is the second new season of [email protected] any good? I'd watch it for animal girls I suppose.
Play the VN instead. You can grab it on PS4

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>Tarantino : the anime
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Guess I have to watch it now.
When people compare things to Tarantino on this board do they mean it in a positive way or a negative way?
Tarantino has more faux-philosophy in his movies and little to no fantastical elements

I just finished Prison School. Is there a chance of season 2?
And who has the best body
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read manga
What chapter does the anime leave off, or did the anime skip a lot so I should read from start again?
how the fuck am I supposed to know that

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30 episode into this , when the fuck does it get better ?
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It doesn't, if anything it gets worse when the angst and shipping bullshit starts in the late 40s.
>getting baited by literal autists and pedophiles
ob course it doesn't get better
why would anyone think that this slut loli is better than shinubu ?

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>make a perfect designed character
>put her in the shittiest story imaginable
>give her the shittiest pesronality possible
>make her want a brat who's balls will never drop
>kill her off like a soap opera reject
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You forgot

>Make her the hardest jobber that ever jobbed.
>perfect design
It's just an unmemorable ginger.
Well it's not often that you see that - nearly every single statement you've made is wrong.
> it's a great story
> her personality is really interesting
> she has virtually no interest in Shinji
> she doesn't really get killed off

I wonder if you're one of these "internet trolls" I've heard so much about on the news.

Why only bad BL get animated?
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There are good BL?
Cause the amount of good ones is so low
Because fujoshits eat up everything. You do make a good point. Why not go for the good ones? I guess fujoshits can't into subtlety.

So her name is literally "cousin"? Why would they name her like that?
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different kanjis probably
絃子 doesn't mean cousin, it just sounds the same
Homonyms, bitch.

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do it fgt
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So why did 3hz decide to fire all their writers mid-season?
Nobody was fired and it's pretty normal to have several writers for a show.
but /a/ told me they fired everyone?

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Why do i feel sad when i re-watch this?
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Because you have shit-tier taste.
I felt sad when I first watched it.
Everyone in that show is working through loss in some way. It's quirky and fun, but that also just feels like a coping mechanism for deep sadness and loneliness.
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Because you read a long post on reddit about how deep it is when its really just an ova to show off top tier animation and the story is irrelevant
Also you're probably like this fag >>160350247
and listen to vaporwave like all other underages

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