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I don't suppose there's gonna be a season 2 that will fix this mess?
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There is nothing to fix.
That ending was perfect for the show.
What mess? The ending was fine.
Togamefags upset as usual.
Best girl won, ending was perfect.

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Will /a/ save the Queen?
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Every week I am amazed that people are still watching this.
I just can't get used to the fact that not everybody shares my tastes.
God bless the Queen.
No, she's our hostage now.

Give me a better isekai and you win
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star ocean 2
you lost brah

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Did she die a virgin?
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Undoubtedly. I'd say she may have had an easier time finding a guy that wanted her without Nia around, but after murdering two guys with her death kiss, I doubt any other guys wanted anything to do with her.
Didn't the guy drill her before dying?
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during his hobo years simon impregnated her and so he had offspring but he never knew.

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Your order sir?
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Green coffee please..
me me
Kill me

Little girls shouldn't be this fat.
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big girls neither
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I don't want to be rude but I'm posting Sumire.

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How come so many people liked this film? All the animu youtube people were tripping over themselves to sing it's praise, and it's the top anime on my anime list.

I saw the film, and I enjoyed it, but I don't get how it's still seriously being hailed as the greatest anime movie of all time. I wanted to try opening some discussion about it and pick you guy's opinion on the film, and if you have some thoughts, why people hold it in such high regard.
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I was really hyped to see this, and yesterday, when I did watch it, I felt a bit dissapointed. As you say, It's good, but it's not the best anime movie out there. I liked more 5cm/s than this one, and even The Garden of Words was better in my opinion.
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>All the animu youtube people were tripping over themselves to sing it's praise, and it's the top anime on my anime list.
Fuck off back to wherever you came from, newfag.
People who claim that Kimi no na wa is the best film ever made are as retarded as the ones who think that this isnt BY FAR Shinkais best work work. Both parties suffer from some severe mental disability

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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii PV Anime Announcement Trailer:

Anyone else excited about this?
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Looks neat, hope they manage to adapt it well.
fujo best girl
>that male to female ratio
Who's gonna lose?

Who the fuck has physical porn these days? This shit should be hidden under like 15 different folders labeled something inconspicuous
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How many fucking threads of this shit do we need? Read the fucking archives.
Nips still do. Especially the teens
Nips don't have PCs and looking at porn on a tiny flip phone isn't a very good experience.

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Wait, what the fuck was this dude's goal in the Fate route?

Like, in UBW, Gil wanted to use the grail to pour hate lava on people- admirable goal. In HF, Kirei wanted to see the birth of Satan- damn, on point.

In Fate though, that couldn't happen, right? The situation wasn't as optimal, and they only had a Lesser Grail. It seemed like what the two chucklefucks were doing involved Gil trying to NTR Shirou, and failing, while Kirei just played around with some mud.
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If memory serves, Kirei in Fate was just impressed by Shirou and just wanted to watch him do his thing.
Why did the church let in some psycho
Trained by his father, who was also a priest. Didn't act like a psycho until the Fourth War.

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Is this the endgame of kazuma?
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I mean.. makes a strange amount of sense?
well who wouldn't have similar aspirations in similar circumstances.
Is that rance?

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Why didn't this little piece of shit just piss in the god damn bucket?
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Looks like corpse party.
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It's the dumb bitch that refused to use the fucking bucket.
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Why was everyone so shit compared to Kishinuma? He was literally best character in the entire series by the end.

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>She literally has belts tied around her and to keep her jacket up
Why would anybody do this instead of just wearing it normally? Is she autistic?
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I never noticed this.
Not once.
It's called fashion, idiot

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final wish.png
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Tell me everything will be daijoubu
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Everythong will be daijoubu
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thank's friend, i feel better
even if you don't mean it
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Helck will suffer, he will probably have to sacrifice himself for whatever reason. I just hope that Vamirio will be okay.

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