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>Dive!! - 04 [720p]
Time for some gay diving.
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>not waiting for memesubs
>water reflection
The fuck with this, fucking every time.
How meme-y are theirs? Sometimes the meme are just alright to keep around.
Where the girl olympic hopefuls at?

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How does /a/ feel about the yamato nadeshiko character archetype?
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They're always hit or miss but mostly boring
I often like them.

Episode 4 is out. Get this as HS is very late:
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Where my /convenience store bros/ at?
They usually get everything faster.

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>it's a saitama kills the big bad ultra giganigga 9000 and gets no credit for it episode

oh wait, that's every episode. how is this shit popular? it's like watching torture porn
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>it's like watching torture porn
Look where you are.
Porn turns me on.
>it's like watching torture porn
Is there something wrong with that?

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Will we ever see a 4k rip of anime movie of the century? Or will it always be in 3rd world 1080p?
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Who cares? If someone scammed you into buying a 60" 4K TV and you have 20/20 vision, you have to sit within 2 feet of the screen to see a difference between 4K and 1080p. It's your own fault for wasting your money on a shitty gimmick because BIGGER NUMBERZ!
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Was it even animated in 4k?

I've never heard of a 4k release for an anime. There's a lot of movies I'd love to see in 4k but I think they'd have to be remastered for that.

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Why does /a/ hate him so much? He just wanted to help people overcome their everyday stresses and insecurities.

I think a lot of you would benefit from his help.
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occasional reminder to report spam
But /a/ idolized him.

the newfags have turned /a/ against him. It's really sad to be honest.

Give me your lunch money nerd!
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Okay if you will sleep with me
giant dykes are scary mang

L-let me teach you about commas.

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jungle slut.jpg
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I thought miyazaki hated anime?
Why does he have so many top-tier waifus?
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He doesn't hate anime, just the people who make and watch it.
>so many top-tier waifus?
You don't know what waifu means. Fuck off and kill yourself.
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Why do permavirgin pseudo intellectual NEETs always shill Lain?
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You just answered your own question. Also
>begging the question
Because they think she's cute
Why do permavirgin pseudo intellectual NEETs always diss Lain?

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>Wake up
>Nothing about best girl's birthday
What fucking shitty /a/ am I on?

Happy birthday Taiga, post your happy tigers, post your angry tigers, post about your love etc
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>best girl's birthday

That's not even the best grill in her own show.
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Happy birthday, Taiga.

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>tfw you find a new manga and the releases are dead as fuck.
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Or some untranslated RAW's with no releases.
>I can grow you one
That is a girl?
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>Set up incredibly interesting premise about a boy finding out he is just a copy of a person that is already dead that could stop existing very soon falling in love with a being that hunts metaphysical monsters that feed on the essence of existence, overall very bleak tone as well which was rarely seen creating an interesting overall feeling
>Lol just kidding its actually just a generic high school rom com Chuuni pandering series complete with tsundere love interest and bland MC, and btw the MC has a secret power that basically makes him an immortal god
Has a series ever squandered so much potential so quickly?
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There's generally very little romance and school in SnS, unless you count fillers.
Like 90% of Second was Shana and other girl pining over Yuji.
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Did you just insult a series that was blessed by Rie?

Apologise at once!

What would have happened to the world of mecha anime had Gundam never been invented?
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There would be no Eva
Dougram would become the most influential mecha anime of all time.
it would be less g-y but also completely uninteresting

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Who achieves her goal first?
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Left is Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu if anyone wants to know.
Right is Komi-san wa komyusho desu.
I started reading left, it's a nice, comfy series.
This one kinda hard, Bocchi has the pacing but Komi win in chapters (since it's weekly). I'll go with Bocchi tho.

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How did /a/ react to the last few episodes of TTGL when it aired?
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i remember there being a lot of moefags shitting up the threads because there was this divide between GARfags and moefags
I think Lucky Star was airing at the same time so it went both ways.

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