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ITT: overrated af anime series
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any and all isekai

Time for an excercise.

This is a Chihaya Idolmaster thread, post nice things about her!
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I love her flat chest.
Makes hugging 72% more effective.
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Tune in for the next episode of "Everybody Loves Iori!"

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I fell in love with this Aztec goddess

She's so perfect
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World Class for the win.
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Yaoi on Ice is the best anime made in the past 20 years.
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Wasn't even the best anime of its season.
You're not wrong

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Now this is just depressing.
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Whats happening here
surprise gay sex
Huh, this is pretty good so far.

I wonder how itll end. If itll be long running or short

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Let's have a civil Madoka thread.
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Magireco finally confirmed for August 22
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Why do I find the notion of a crossdressing Kyouko so cute?
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And posted the wrong one. Derp.

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old vs new.jpg
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Which one is the best?
HunterxHunter or My Hero Academia?

Vote: http://www.strawpoll.me/13557419
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Gon in the 1999 anime. 2011 design is legit trash
Deku wears autism shoes.
Anime design: Umakoshi >>> literally who? 2011 design

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Nyoron! Churuya-san.jpg
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google it

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What is the appeal of Krulcifer?
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>Perfect body
>Moderate breasts
>Cute personality
>Pure and innocent
>Sweet and gentle
>Loyal to one man only
Lisha-sama is truly perfect.
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she knows what she wants

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>MC about to lose
When did you realize that anime was for little kids?
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>its a green text and red girl picture thread
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>Villain is about to lose
how many anime actually does this nowadays?

Which anime OP/ED can you sing perfectly?
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This one, because I actually sang in it.


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Well? I can't fucking stand the fact that self-inserting fags, pedos and queers are taking control of the genre with their WOW GIRLS DO SOMETHING BANAL AND BORING SO EPIQUE and all /we/ get is battle shounenshit
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Because real men don't watch shitty childrens' shows, only delusional manchildren like you do. Real men actually do manly things instead of self-inserting themselves vicariously into garbage entertainment. And fat fucks like you just pirate shit anyway, so there's no money pandering to your delusions of self-worth.

Just neck yourself already and stop wasting everyone's time, space, food and oxygen.
>Because real men don't watch shitty childrens' shows, only delusional manchildren like you do

>Projecting this hard

Wow your self-loathing must be top tier, ell OH ell

>Real men actually do manly things instead

Hey sherlock, you know, I can actually, go to the gym, work as a paramedic, and... GASP... ENJOY ANIME TOO!! What a shock

>And fat fucks like you just pirate shit anyway
Says the Amerilard

Why isn't anime more NORMIE rather than catering to unemployed/minimum wage otakus?
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anime is kill.png
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Who is still watching this?

>not just buying electronic parts for $5 and making your own buzzer
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They probably will soon, did you even watch the episide? Also, the switches and housing is probably the expensive ones as they need to endure punch/slap and whatever player do to abuse them.
I'm currently watching it, slowly.
I really love the MC. I like how he isn't the generic nerdy MC who in a shittier show would be able to answer questions by learning random trivia from video games and anime. He is just a bookworm.

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>describe an anime character using only colors
>others guess who it is
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Just started to read My Hero Acedemia.
Chapter 15 and still no waifu Material.
Not a single girl with Cowtits.
I mean one piece has Nami and Robin,
Bleach had Orihime, Rangiku, Nelliel, Harribel and so on.
Even Naruto had Tsunade and Samui.

Whats wrong with the Mangaka?
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Cast is young. And you already have seen at least Momo and Mt. Girl.

Also at beginning for example Nami did not have cowtits.
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You need to try harder
Several of the girls are good waifu material, you may just have poor taste.

As for cowtits, there's Yaoyorozu. And one of the teachers who show up a bit later.

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