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>SHAFT WAS riding the co-tails of Monogatari, Madoka, Nisekoi and Hidamari as arguably the best studio in the industry

>SHAFT is now a monogatari milking studio
What went wrong?
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>riding the co-tails of Nisekoi and hidamari
>smug anime face
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>SHAFT is now a monogatari milking studio

Also, Hidamari Sketch was a pet project and wasn't meant to seriously turn a profit. I can't remember why exactly they decided to animate it, but it's not anything serious.


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Good ecchi is hard to come by.
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I think we should separate the more hardcore ecchi from series that are just panty shots and onsen scenes.
When is this guy going to do straight up porn with the girls?

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>character has dark skin

>Sh-she is on the swimming team!
>She's from Osaka!
>She's just a prostitute, I mean gyaru!

When will Japan ever stop this?
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Otherwise people won't feel like it's a natural way to include them in so people will think it's forced diversity.
Osaka? It's Okinawa you idiot

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Has there ever been an MC with more ridiculous hair?
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Remember, this is a deep and intelectual show.

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PV for side-project is out!
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Is that the movie?
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Good god i have missed that battle theme.
This show gave me a doll joints fetish
The format was not stated yet.

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What are you working on?
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I'm looking for work, semi-experienced HQ scanlator. anonscan at gmail.com

Asked before in there threads but got a few replies but no mails.
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None right now, unless someone accepts my bounty: https://e-hentai.org/bounty.php?bid=16744

What's up with Hox? He's been missing for a week now.

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*holds up bannana*
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Dude but it's just like Filthy Frank videos!
I couldn't even get through 5 seconds of this. It's just the girl making annoying noises and then getting hit. How could anyone find this funny or entertaining?
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So is Yoshiko the Satania of this season?

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Is she gyaru? I can't tell.
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God I want to show Megumi a real adult dick and ravage her tight, virgin pussy all night long.
She will be.

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i mean they're both similar
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Devil fruit
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I like Quirks. They're not super-complex like Stand powers are, but the non-generic ones (Momo, Kyouka, Frog-Girl) are pretty interesting

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So /a/ mind telling us your anime idea?
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>3 women, two of which obviously got into their positions by selling their bodies
>of the four men, 2 look as if they'd done the same
This is not a serious committee. Anyone trusting it is going to be disappointed.
I wanted to try to write out an isekai plot, but the better half of me couldn't do it. So, just imagine I wrote the plot to Isekai Smartphone. That's about how dumb I was trying to go.
So /v/ mind not being cancer?

If your waifu gets posted you go to bed.
No nu-/a/ you can't have more than one.
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>thread starts with my waifu for once
i can finally rest

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>oh yeah, this exists
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No, it doesn't.
I'm still mad about the ending
I think about TTGL at least once a week, frequently more.

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What kind of IQ do you need to fully appreciate Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?
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I'm a PhD candidate and I'm not smart enough for this anime
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This anime proves that lolicons are society's smartest members. I, for example, I've indulged in this masterpiece, in all its forms, as much as I have fucked my Chino daki.

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Why she doesn't look like a Mexican?
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She's Aztec.
Mexicans are literally the result of colonial Spanish sexing up the native population.
why do you?

Is your mom that busty?

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ITT: Anime disappointments.

I'll start.
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Disappointment implies there were expectations.
This series was more popular than mahouka. Do you really think there weren't any expectations?
Charlotte and Gangsta

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