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Feet thread!
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LOL thanks!
go to an image dump board

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Are Kaname's pubes blue as well?
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No idea; ask Sousuke
You mean Leonard
She doesn't have any. Leonard made her shave them. They chafed him.

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Requests open until 9PM, don't be dumb about it.

Google eden of the west
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Ending of Hellsing, Shine.

Thanks for helping me study.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OP
Hito Toshite Jiku ga Bureteiru
Sore Feet Song
Aimer - Hakuchuumu

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What's the greatest anime rivalry of all time?
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Fuck off back to >>>/vp/ you filth.

Even in the pokemon anime there was a better rivalry with Paul.
OP said "what's"

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Is the industry starting to move away from fanservice? It seems like there's been an uptick in wholesome programming and that it's also been enjoying some moderate financial success.
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Tokyo 2020 olympics will put the entire entertainment industry on the backburner as their government tries their hardest to cover up their shame for the 2 weeks or so that gaijns will be visiting their country en masse.
Comiket is cancelled for the summer 2020 season because the building was earmarked, and you can be sure that there will be no primetime otaku bait airing all summer.
Stop with this fucking meme already. The Olympics will change nothing you tinfoil hat retard.
I think anime is currently having a "normie appeal spike" after the huge success of Your Name (and, to a lesser extent, In this Corner of the World) last year. I could see that branch of anime growing in the next one or two years.

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>ED is sung by the VAs from the show
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Any show that does this is worth watching.
It shows heart, something that the industry needs more of.
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>the two main characters of the arc sing the OP
>it's the best arc in the show

This was so fucking good.

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>Draw a boy, call it a girl
>draw a girl, call it a boy
Which is gayer?
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The one with a dick, this shouldn't even be a question.
How would Astolfo react to harapan?

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>Generic Battles.
>Generic Quirks.
>Generic Motives.
>Generic Main Character.
>Generic Supporting Cast.
>Generic School.
>Generic Teachers.
>Generic Romance.
>Generic Willpower.
>Edgy Villains.
>Repeated Storylines.
>Tournament arcs after tournament arcs.
>Training arcs after training arcs.
>Nakama bullshit.

Why is this generic manga called creative again?
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>Generic bait
what a generic shitpost. sage
The frog´s design responded well with people.

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Is it ok to be bullied by a girl?
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only if you bully her back in a greater magnitude
Only the Doskoinpo ones.
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Only if you get to have your revenge in the most violently rapey way

What are even his qualifications that he was able to make a time machine?
> Did he major in anything? >What subjects does he take?
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He's just smart
I think that he was just dedicated. Later on he became smarter.
Intellectual more like it

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Once isekai implodes will the next anime/manga/LN fad be monster x girl (人外×少女)? We can only hope..
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When will the sports fad happen?
Monster x girl has a lot of gap moe and stronk women so I hope so too.
Sports anime/manga is plenty popular already

Ideas for a new series.
Have you ever had a really really good idea for an anime, /a/?
I have a few but since I'm not a nip it's literally never going to happen.
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What are those ideas you have? I am interested
a boy unable to...
>jamal gets shot while dealing on street corner
>wakes up in an alley
>cat girls staring at his 12" anaconda
>makes them his bitches
>medieval fantasy world
>jamal discovers how to create magical drugs
>becomes drug lord and runs prostitution ring on the side
>kills all the white knights with his nine that was still on his waist when he woke up
>op and ed is rap music by real american blacks

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ITT: People who did everything wrong.
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suimu chan dostedt

Be good in games, get all the girls.

Is that how the Japanese society works?
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That is how every society works.
Be good at stuff. Get bitches.
Crane games
>Is that how the Japanese society works?
If it was, Japan wouldn't have such a huge problem with declining birth rates.

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