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post what you got
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Japanese comedy sucks.

They literally have to explain the joke or make a "funny face" so the viewer will know when he needs to laugh.
you are just watching shitty shows, my friend :^)

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How bad is this that no one is talking about it?
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OP, you just answered your own question
It tends to be the opposite
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Top or bottom?
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Top has niche appeal to the select few people she would want showing interest in her. Bottom has broad appeal to everyone.
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Rat fucking bastard.

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murder bunny.png
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>Is this nigga serious? Who actually licks the blood of their enemies?
Bunny isn't even an Yandere she's just simply batshit insane.
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They are not complete without a wicked sense of humor.

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If you could spend a day with any /a/ character, who would you choose?
Hard mode: don't choose your waifu
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A character with reality warping powers so they can bestow me some special ability, or change the world to my taste.
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/a/, why haven't realized who the STRONGEST MAN OF THE WORLD is?
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Rokka no Sales.
Garbage show.
How far are the LN translations?
Is the LN good?

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You know what modern anime is missing? Lots of little lines drawn on the characters' faces all the time.
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And noses.
You know what modern anime is missing? Simple but memorable animator friendly character designs.
modern anime is missing quality animation

nowadays we only get cheap shit. the market has shifted to making advertisements for LNs or Manga. Nobody actually buys the BDs because they are a quality product anymore. They only want the tickets or codes that come with them.

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Would you a flower?
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Not even a fat elf.
Nice, you are getting good at it.
Flower, Oni and maybe a Dark Elf.

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Utaha a best.

Eriri a shit.
Kill marry fuck

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Is there a bigger asspuller in the existence of /anime/?
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his broken genius in war is off-set by his Charlie Brown-tier luck
Yes, OP can pull way bigger things out of his ass.
Not even the biggest asspuller in that series. Not when Bittenfeld, AKA the guy who brought a knife to a gunshot and won, and Bittenfeld, AKA fuck your tactics we are the Black Lancers, exist in the same universe

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>A non-Japanese Asian character gets portrayed with squinty eyes while a Japanese character doesn't

How delusional are the nips about their appearance?
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They were buddies with Hitler so...
Honorary Aryans.
>>A non-Japanese Asian character gets portrayed with squinty eyes while a Japanese character doesn't
>How delusional are the nips about their appearance?
Squinty eyes is the universal way of how Asians portray foreign Asians.

This is the same between China, Korea and Japan. A narrative shorthand for "this is Asian but not like us".

But of course, Black Lagoon is a bad example, because Revy certainly isn't Japanese either. She just has "protagonist" eyes.

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Rin thread?

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Episode 5 in under 1 hour.

Based from the preview, it should be about 2nd year OT3. And maybe Iris will be involved too.
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>bullied flattie episode
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The relationship chart, if you're still unable to name all of the students.
Also the sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_RJn7ccViemBv7SxV6ZQtUlr3CZGOusickjZl2Emcxo/
Give me Kaede or give me death

>King Arthur is cute girl
>Jack the ripper is loli
>Frankenstein is a hot cutie
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No matter, people will stick dick in them if they were male. Look at Astoflo
Only one of those wasn't a shitty waifu gender bend.

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Akame is Kill.jpg
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Hey, remember when this mango got several threads with 1000+ replies in a row?
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I remember when I wanted to use Akame as cumrag. Oh, wait. That's still a desire.
The only thing she's good for anyway.
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a beauty.jpg
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She excels at it.

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