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Shingeki no Yuri.jpg
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What did they mean by this?
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I wish this was a love story between hot cakes instead of a rendition of twilight.
Probably the opposite of what your pic's filename suggests.
i.e., I have a chance with Sofiel-sama!
If they were the main plotline, the writers would shit all over their romance, which remains pure and untouched at the moment.

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RAWs are out!
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Lyn can't draw for shit.
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does /a/ like knights and magic? i just started watching it and i like it very much, the only thing i dont like is that he is a reincarnated guy, it adds nothing to the story
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>it adds nothing to the story
It just shows from where does he get his ideas, nothing else.
Not OP, but you could pretty much do the same with "he's a genius." So in this case, it really does seem pointless unless this aspect gets more development later on or something.
It's shit.

Anime when? I want a gamer anime that actually has games in it.
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>I want a gamer anime that actually has games in it.
That's probably the reason it won't happen because copyright.
They already tried to make it before and instead it got the manga a 2 year hiatus
>instead it got the manga a 2 year hiatus

Holy shit, what happened?
>introduce another girl
>immediately obvious she has no chance at all

For what purpose? I love this manga but I just feel bad for her.

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Explain how a human beat a demigod

It doesn't make sense to me.
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It didn't make sense to Nasu either.
The idea of a human challenging his superiors is the basis of the traditional adventure story which has accompanied humanity for thousands of years. How can it be beyond you?
It literally explains it

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Baki will stop the fight by catching the blade with his ass cheeks
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Will Kiyoshi get raped in prison? Will he ever catch a break?
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AM soon.
Annie is shit.
Is he going to prison for real?

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Which Akashic would you record
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Pig girl, oink oink.
I've never seen the show but I'd go with the blonde one because she seems to have the largest breasts.
Making piglets with Shirobuta!

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Happy Birthday to the best girl ever, Tsugumi!
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Tsugumi may not be my waifu but she will always have a place in my harem.
Happy Birthday
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I love my waifu!

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Two things break.jpg
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Something broke
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Useless dog!
Fuck you, Chris.

Why is he so unspectacular, being able to get exactly identical borderline passing grades on his tests?
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Because Sociopaths excel at blending in.
>being able to get exactly identical borderline passing grades on his tests
Literally me and all my friends
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Kushida a best. A BEST.

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It's out. /lit/ proving again why she's best girl.
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Where's the chapter dump?
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Before the thread dies
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Time to post them 10/10 anime episodes.
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>10/10 anime episodes
>OP start with a 1000/10 anime episode
Anon, please.
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nekopara ova.jpg
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Release date when?
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What's the point if it's not porn?

Is it marketed toward ironic weebs who only played the all-ages version of nekopara on steam and don't even realize it's a porn game?
Don't you want to see the girls in motion, though? Even without porn, I think it's worth it just for that. I hope they keep the original VAs, at least.
Careful now. If it somehow becomes popular, it might just go mainstream instead of being porn.

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Time for that monthly dose of a cute gyaru doing cute things that may or may not be related to cooking. Dumping fresh Chapter 11 right after this post.
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