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It has just turned midnight in Japan, which means it's 1st August.

That also means it's the 17th Odaiba Memorial Day.

It's 18 years since seven (eventually eight) children were taken from their summer camp and went on the most significant Adventure they would ever experience.

Digimon Adventure tri. part 5, Symbiosis, is released on September 30th.
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new PV
>September 30th
two more months

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The headquarters and foothold of bully kind on /a/.
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My back hurts so today will be going slowly.

72: Search for the wives
[Side] Search, the demons are lurking somewhere
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[Side] The advent of beautiful girls!?
"How's this!!"
Ogimoto house
"Kyaaaah, wow!"

"Her face was painted so weirdly"
"But this what happens when it comes off!!"
"We struck gold! We got this beauty for cheap!!"

"Train her, train her"
"To be more popular than the Kyougoku house's 'Warabihime' and the Tokito house's 'Koinatsu'"
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"But isn't this girl stiff for some reason?"
"A soft and fleshy girl would be so much better!"
"She's more stiff than plump though..."
I want to fuck this pig

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What does /a/ think of it ?
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I'm liking it so far though I don't like the tree guy
Its fun.
Why ? seems like the type to bow to no one, isn't that likeable by /a/ standards ?

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I haven't read the manga myself, but I always wanted to check it out since it seems to be a forgotten hit from the older WSJ times.
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Here's the cast.

Taikoubou - (CV: Kenshou Ono)
Bunchuu - (CV: Tomoaki Maeno)
Supushan - (CV: Takahiro Sakurai)
I wonder who will voiced Dakki.
One of those mangoes I saw warm shelves at the local comics shop but never got around to touching.

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>A-1 Pictures

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nice thread
the source material is garbage, doesn't matter what studio takes it
inb4 screencaps of the original Persona 4 anime with idiots thinking that A-1 Pictures animated it

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Remember foresh/a/dowing thread where Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashi and Golden Kamui anime were predicted?
It keeps happening. Dungeon Meshi is next.
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Excepted, it does well. Not sure which studio could do its style justice.
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>animeonly fags coming to these threads
I knew the day would come.

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Did you already forget about Izetta /a/?
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Hime looks super similar to the one in Princess Principal
I forgot about it about 2 hours after finishing it. Disappointingly average anime.
>literally gave it a 5

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Boob physics done right
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Fucking destroy this robot.
Despite everything else in this short, which is absolutely gorgeous, the thing that impressed me the most was that animated reflections outside the chrome RV.
But the shirt is silly skintight.

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What went right with Danganronpa 3?
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I think we all know what DR3 did right.

>it's a horse pussy episode
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Why they didn't do chapter 0 for the first episode to trick people into watching again, I have no fucking idea.
>not touching it
>Ever got the feeling that shit like this and monmusu are just 4chan tolerated furshit?
You are being stupid.

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How do I get into Doraemon?
Seems like a comfy series.
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Start at the end and slowly work your way to the beginning.
It has no canon end so here your comfy goes. You will read/watch it and be forever afraid for your favorite monthly or whatever read to end up just like that. F U N
It's really funny, Doraemon has all these weird inventions that does a whole bunch of different shit and the result gets pretty crazy sometimes.

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I'll start
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I dont remember guts banging anyone other than casca
Literally the first site.
funny, Conan does that scene at least once....

i also don't save shitty pages, thank you.

What is objectively the best shonen /a/?
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Rokudenashi Blues
One Piece. Only reason 4chan hates it is cause its too popular and not contrarian enough, but by its end One Piece will go down as a legendary manga.

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What do think of Kobayashi?
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My waifu
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fucking DELICIOUS i want to bend her over a table and SPREAD ALL MY MANHOOD ALL INSIDE THIS PINKY EXOTIC FLOWER and i want her to teach me how to program
Degenerate filth

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