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hi 3d CG

so whether you believe or not is up to you

here is one of my latest images, i did for sony. it is the new xperia x whatever phone

Thought id get some of your guys feedback on it, as i havent really had any outside of work.
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>feedback on it
boring, I guess.

>the new xperia x whatever phone
So you got hired by a company to do a 3D model and in all your conversations with them about the product, you never quite managed to catch the name of the product you were modeling?

It's good, all the materials are well defined. Are the corners meant to shade like that they kind of draw your eye to them.

thanks, yeah the corners are a bit weird. But the lighting was quite complex for this scene. The thought is to get the curved feeling across.

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What do you guys think of Ornatrix? Is it better than other alternatives out there?
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ornatronix is impossibe to find on any torrent sites
Not even CGpoors?
nope. no torrents in peerz. a couple of request threads but no deliveries of this amazingly useful little thang.

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Screenshot (83).png
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Hey /3/, I'm using 3DS Max and I ran into a problem.

I'm trying to get a bunch of cylinders to follow a spline using the spacing tool so they can simulate an ammo belt.

That worked, but I'm trying to have a gradual rotation along the belt, with the last cylinder being rotated 90 degrees from the first cylinder.

I tried fooling around with the spacing tool settings but I couldn't get the result I wanted so I ended up using soft selection. The result is pic related. I sort of got the rotation I wanted, but now most of the cylinders are deformed.

TLDR: Is there any way in 3DS max to clone objects along a path and have a gradual rotation?
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So I don't know if this answers your question but go to...

> animation > position controllers > path constraint

...and then...
--> select the object you want on the path
--> select the path
...this will add a path constraint to that object + keyframes for that object moving along said path from start to finish.

After that in the motion panel, under "Path Parameters" check the "Follow" box. This will cause the object to follow the bends in the path (NOTE: if the object acts janky you may need to adjust the path handles slightly).

After that:
--> Turn on auto-key
--> Make sure the object is selected (not the path), and make sure you are on the last key (it will have already been created).
--> Make sure your rotating locally and not from view, and rotate the object so it looks like it fits.

After that go to...

> tools > snapshot

...and in the dialog:
--> choose "range"
--> "from" needs to be the starting frame of the objects animation
--> "to" needs to be the ending frame of the objects animation
--> "copies" is the amount of times the object will be cloned along the path (this will vary and you will have to play around with it)
--> make sure "instance" is chosen at the bottom & hit ok.

What you should get is >pic related.

Make a path > use path constraint on the ammo > use the snapshot tool to make copies along the path to create the illusion of an ammo belt.
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here is a clearer angle of what the result is
O shit nigga it worked

Thank you so much.

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Hey, just a quick thread for a quick answer..

if i have a pirated copy of solidworks 2015, what do i need to do to keep it safe from being caught? ive had it for a few days but i just got a weird warning and had to agree to another license agreement randomly and i am not sure what that was about. any ideas? i have the solidworks.exe blacked from the internet on my firewall, but there are so many other programs within in, i dont know what else may be communicating with it.

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its already too late the fbi has you down.
probably a shitty crack.
block the entire folder off the internet and search for a better crack.

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I tried downloading inventor 2015, but I shut off my computer during the installation process, me being the retard I was chose to believe it was on Autodesk's end so I tried instead installing Inventor 2016.
Now, when I try to open either, I get the age old re registration error.
I've decided the best thing to do at this point is a clean uninstall, but whenever I try to delete the appropriate folders, my computer says the files are in use. I tried using the Autodesk uninstall tool, but not everything was uninstalled. I also tried using Microsoft Fixit(Ayy lmao) and that didn't work either. Pls help, I need to get to work on a jet engine
Note: I am on Windows 7
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Try deleting autodesk related things from your APPDATA and PROGRAMDATA folders.
Also stop stealing.
>implying I'm not using the student version
How dare you call me a pirate fag
try seeing if any scripts are running and kill them.
also you can try deleting the smaller stuff first then the bigger stuff

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What's a good, relatively cheap mouse I can get (<$40) for 3D modeling in Max and Maya?
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anything that you're comfortable with, i have a first price microsoft mouse myself.
I used to have a mouse designed for 3D, with a stick on the side that you can map to navigate in the viewport, it's somewhat nice but not really necessary, plus expensive and unreliable (mine broke less than 1 year after i bought it).
I also have another 3D mouse, like pic related, that i was given, but i never used it and never felt the need to.
tldr, any mouse that fits in your hand will do
Yeah, I don't need anything too fancy. I just thought I'd ask here since walmart always has only shitty mice, so I'd like to buy online this time.

Mice like the picture you posted look more like toys than actual tools that help you work, though, which is why i've sorta been avoiding them.
A gaming mouse with lots of programmable buttons can be really handy.

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Hey /3/

Can some anon help me and make this models walls 0.3mm overall? I was trying to print them but I can't, it gets broken and I can't print it in less than that wide.



Any help would be appreciated. Pic kinda related.
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Anon, I don't know where you got this shitty models from, but both have shit geometry and can't be made with walls easily, they need rework, mainly because of the inside geometry on the exhausts. Now, let me ask you the proper question. Why don't just you print them solid, they are just fucking 3.6 and 5 centimeters big?
I think I explained myself badly, I did print them but the wings and ailerons broke because they are too thin... I meant making all the model 0.3mm or bigger. I got em from a guy that made a mod, he said he printed them in 10cm but I want them for a small scale wargame, that's why they are so little.
The tips of the wings are the most problematic zones. They finish in a bevel and that way the printer cant do it and breaks them.

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Name one program better than Autodesk Inventor.

>Easy to use for Beginners and Still has the tools for Professionals.
>Many Engineering Companies use it.
>Literally god-tier
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for engineering, not artists
>engineering isnt an art
It isnt art. And inventors creates either nurbs or decimated meshes that are way too dense for no reason.

There are specific reasons why maya/houdini/max are used instead of inventor. And how you dont see the obvious is concerning

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android Game.jpg
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Okay, lets make an android game!
anyone interested? bump.
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why mobile game friend
Why not?
Even though I'd love to participate, I dont understand if that's feasible? I remember we tried to make a game based on mad max fury road, but I dont think that went well.

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Was releasing them 4 years later part of his plan?
That's a big render.
That was probably the duration of his NDA.

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Anyone know wtf is going on here?

I work for an architecture office doing some model building. I've modeled some buildings in Rhino like I always do, then exported them as an STL file to my 3D printing software (Zortrax).

All the mesh options are set to default (has worked flawlessly every time), there are no naked edges, no open surfaces. Everything is a closed polysurface or a closed extrusion. I've modeled the buildings simply by extruding the curves I got out of the DXF file, then drew a closed polyline for the roofs and simply scaled and extruded it to get the roofs. Then I boolean union'd them to move them around more easily.
The scale is fine too, the Rhino model is in 1mm, just as the printing software.

I've done this before, just like described above, and it has worked every time. So what teh fuck is going on? Why is it fucking up like that?
When I use the flatshade command in Rhino, the model starts to warp like it does in the printing software, so I'm guessing its a Rhino problem. But I'm still a nooblord and english isnt my first language, so I have no idea what is happening..

thanks for help
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Another example with a bit more complex model.

Everything is closed, and the rectangular things seem sort of allright, but everything curved is just fucked up.
I just created a simple cylinder and sphere and even those get fucked up hard.

please help, this must be something wrong in Rhino
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its similar to how remesh works in blender
maybe the program automatically converts the mesh, possibly you ticked something in export options
I'ma look into that, thanks.
I didn't consciously change anything like that tho. Maybe Rhino imported some weird ass settings from one of the dxf files I used?

I can't finde a project in the Internet, can you guys help me? :|
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for a good shekel
İ can model a detailed one with rigged dreadlocks and all
Only for 499 dollars :^)

So Ive been using zbrush for quite a while and I'm wondering, whats easier? Model a T-pose character and then rig it in another software or jumping over all that work and start modeling a pose already?

What do you guys do?
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The answer is simple, if you're 100 percent sure you're not gona pose him, model the final pose.
T or some symmetrical pose it's far easier.
zbrush doesn't have posing and like a shape states system?

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starship genius.jpg
82KB, 870x649px
the new ratboy genius video is out
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How do I achieve this effect and style with 3D models?

I've been working on a project for a short film and I'm intrested in achieving this character style but there seems to be little info on what this effect is called. I love the cell shaded art style and I want to replicate this in a way that I can animate a specific character.
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> there seems to be little info on what this effect is called
> I love the cell shaded art style
>what this effect is called
>cell shaded

Two-tones, one light, one shadow. Each dogeman there may have their own light sources. Their shirts are shadeless for effect. etc.

NPR work is pretty much entirely, a: knowing what you want, b: getting creative in order to achieve the desired effect.

Math skill are probably extremely useful here.

If you want some professional insight, there is great translation of a breakdown of how the artists of the video game Guilty Gear Xrd did their stuff out there. It shows off a bunch of little tricks they pulled to get their desired look.
flat shading. easiest thing to implement to almost every 3d program out there.

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