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Did I waste my life when I made this?
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I don't get it. Are you hoping it will catch on and become a meme like ratboy genius or something, so you can become a youtube hero?

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Whats the best way doing normal maps concerning low poly models, smoothing groups, hard edges?

At the moment I make almost everything smooth shading and and add support loops at hard edges(the low poly model) but I think it would be better to make hard eges instead of adding support loops because of lower poly count.

But I have problems getting nice even bevels for my normal maps on hard edges. I just found pic related. Is this the right way to do things? Do you have any tips?
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adjust the settings
>I think it would be better to make hard eges instead of adding support loops because of lower poly count.

That's correct. I almost always end up doing multiple bakes, adding/remiving hard edges as I go. I usually start by hardening any edge that's getting a sharp bevel in the highpoly mesh. Makes it less work for the normalmap and less errors as a result. So far it always turned out pretty clean.
Oh, and make sure you're using a cage, too, otherwise you'll get ugly artifacts along every hard edge.

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i wanna fix this archviz, what is wrong with it?
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well the pixel density of the environment textures is lower than everything else, and the heavy handed depth of field is not covering it up.

The grass tufts next to the fire pit are super blurry while the bricks are crisp. Mr. Bald is so in focus he looks photoshopped and everything immediately around him is so out of focus it looks like it's all a million miles away. That is to say, everything that's blurry looks like it is all the exact same extreme distance away when surely come of it should be in focus. Especially if I can make out the texture of Mr. Bald's jeans.
tnx ill try to fix that depth
Who the fuck builds a place like this in the middle of nowhere like this.
The size of everything makes the building look like a shack. Granted, it is kind of a shack, but something about the scale feels way off. Like the people are too small, and the building needs to be bigger. I can't really put my finger on it.

Also, fix your fucking "O" in "Hostel", that shit is triggering my ocd so hard. It's so stretched and distorted compared to the other letters, and it has some sort of effect/bevel on it that the others don't.

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Is there a decent auto-rig thing for facial rigging in Maya ?
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On that note instead of making a new thread for a similar question:

Is there something like what he/she is asking but for Blender? Or perhaps examples how to do motion capture for facial expressions...
mate, this is dead easy. You create a series of blendshapes which cover diferent areas of the face. Then, you have a motion capture rig with dots for markers on the face. The movement of the dots drive the blendshapes
>dead simple
>vague explanation of the idea behind the rig

Does the movement of the dots just magically drive the blend shapes?

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i dont know what it's wrong with my gengar.
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Your geometry is fucked for heatmap skinning. Skin with a different method.
Try checking off the unused influences box
damm, thk man

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Hey folks, so something's been bugging me lately and I'm hoping y'all might just have an answer.

Essentially, I'm rendering in 3DS Max with VRay Adv 3.20.02, and I feel like even relatively simple scenes take a lot longer to render than they should. Granted it seems to mostly be the fault of things like reflective textures (pictured: example) and shadow mattes, and trying to increase the sampling rates a little to avoid heinous flickering in dimly lit areas (also pictured, but still super splotchy), but even so I don't think it should be this bad really, like 24 hours just for 150 frames at 960x540.

SO, here's my system specs; http://valid.x86.fr/ffit1l - Near as I can tell the CPU is where the system is bottlenecking, but I don't think the CPU is that behind the times really short of dropping $2k on a new one, so let me know if anything appears heinously misconfigured.

After that, all I can think is to mention the GI render engines - using Irradiance map as my primary, and Brute force as secondary.

Thanks, here's hoping I've been extremely stupid somehow and I'm not just completely boned.
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A nice Intel chip would definitely speed things up, but the way things are going future-wise, you should probably look into GPU rendering instead. Did you even try running this scene in VRay RT on your current card?
In terms of rendering power per $, a 980 Ti or Titan X would be considerably faster than similarly priced CPUs, and you wouldn't have to change your CPU/mobo/RAM.
I've kinda shied away from RT just because progressive rendering scares me, but I'll look into it. I'll definitely be doing some upgrading around April or so, and GPU will certainly be top of the list.
you have non-matching ram mate.

Also, you see better looking scenes in even realtime games like The Order or Killzone 4.I mean, you dont even have transparency in the scene and you don't even have correct gamma. Even unreal engine demo scenes like Kite are far more advanced than this, and render at 30fps. You are a noob


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I'm trying to rig a character using HumanIK. I create a skeleton but whenever I move the camera or interact with it, it messes up like below.

Has this problem been heard of before, can't seem to find anything on Google. Is there a plugin I should have downloaded/activated? Thanks.
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shot in the dark, but the nvidia driver from last week has been known to mess with mayas viewport. you could try a rollback if youre using an nvidia gpu

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>reading your resume
>it says you use blender
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"Describe your primary focus working in 3d"

> expertise in 3d programs ?
> poser/DAZ
> get arrested for being a pervert
BULLSHIT! Daz is used in the production process for VARIOUS mediums.

Here's just one example.

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I recently downloaded a free blender porn model and it appeared pretty flat 2D like in the render/viewport of blender.
I don't really know how to use blender so I exported to Max.

How do I do this in Max?
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I just want a 2D flat like render in Max.

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I'm looking for tools/plugins to help with with making buildings procedurally, I just need the exteriors ( interiors would be nice but whatever ).
I need a bunch of them for a game and I'd rather spend my limited time tweaking procedural buildings by hand rather than doing everything by hand.
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stop being so lazy
>spend my time tweaking procedural buildings

>Never heard of it.

Lol, who wants their game to be well optimized anyway?

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Are there any tutorials on how to make models like that? I know the process of modeling and texturing but my projects always turn out looking like shit.

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You could try this guy's tutorials
shit, nice tutorial, danka fuckers

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I need to 3D print a tessellated wireframe out of a solid (while keeping the outer surfaces ~3mm thick)--imagine this pic but with solid surface faces. Is this best done in meshlab after making the solid .stl?
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These are harder to print than just plain 3D objects
Generally, to do this you'll need a dual-head extruder that prints out support structure that can melt away when done.
i dont care about the printing difficulty, i need to create those tessellations

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Guys, whats this 3D porn being lucrative about?

People modeling 3D dicks and riggin/animating gives you tons of money? Where?
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Get an account on patreon and get known. no-skiller scrubs get loadsemoney with posting some screenshots with poser.
Tenacity is more important than talent when it comes to making money. The people who make it aren't the best of the best, they're the ones who didn't give up before succeeding.
It can be lucrative, before your shit is pirated. This is where for those who brag about not buying software where it comes back around to bite you in the ass.

I want to onion skin/ghost key frames but cannot for the life of me figure out how to select a rig's mesh. I've been searching the net all day. It's not locked out through layers or drawing overrides. Why do riggers lock out the mesh anyway?
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You should be able to select it in the outliner. It's hard to say without having the file.
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Go into the outliner and select whatever mesh you are trying to edit. Then go: Attribute editor>object's mesh tab>object display>Drawing Overrides>Display type. Change it into normal instead of reference.
yep, that's letting me select what I want but it's not letting me ghost like I have in the past with simple geometry.

If you want to make origami, like Paper crane model, Do you make it from square model and then fold it?
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no, you use planes.
planes? where were going we dont need planes

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