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How i'm going?
Some tips, first face.
>I'm making a low poly
>then subdivide
>and sculpt.
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model I want to do
You should practice topology first.
Refer to >>512966
They have algorithms that do better than you. Learn from them.
Don't get discouraged and finish your model.

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I want to understand what exactly happened to this book;

I've downloaded the pdf version and decided to buy it. Thing is, this book have 3 volumes. When I was digging into it, I've noticed the book is not being published anymore. At least, it looks so.
Then all I found was the videos from the 3 volumes and some guy trying to sell the new version of this book for 3000U$, what make me think that the publishers threw it away.
Or maybe there's no more book version, only the DVDs are being published

Guys, this material is crazy. It's really good.
And yes, I have the fucking material, and this is why I just wanted to buy the physical version with the dvds.
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>Guys, this material is crazy. It's really good.
Its not
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Books on 3D
you realize that video tutorials are horribly inefficient right? especially for rigging.

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Is this retarded or genius?


Basically you segment a bunch of preexisting meshes into a database that you can later query for patches that fit certain constraints and looping patterns. As a programmer this seems quite logical and brilliant to me but I wanted to know what actual 3D artists think about it.
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This is like zremesher on steroids and in real time.
I hope someone funds this.
It's pretty neat.
Could be useful if someone made this into a plugin.
If it cuts down the time an artist has to fiddle with technical aspects while producing great result, its fucking brilliant!

Hey bros, anyone know of a good alternative to crazybump that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars? That you've tried yourself or at least know someone who has.
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but why tho
I dont get what your trying to say :x
try harder

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I'm thinking of getting into 3D...I have 2 laptops. Which one would be better?

Laptop 1 (2008 Dell Vostro 1700)
Intel Core 2 Duo
16:10 aspect ratio
17" screen
1920x1200 resolution
NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
Windows 10

Laptop 2 (2014 Dell Inspiron 3531):
Intel Celeron N2830
16:9 aspect ratio
15" screen
1366x768 resolution
Intel HD Graphics 4000
Lubuntu Linux 15.10; Android-x86 4.4-r4

Which one should I install Blender on?

Pic related since I don't want to pay for anything.
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OP here.
Sorry, I messed up the OSs. The Inspiron has Win10, not the Vostro. The Vostro has Lubuntu.
laptop 1
why not just it on both and see which one gives better render times?

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'Sup /3/

I have no idea what i'm doing; Facil Topology Edition.
I'm Completly lost on the Eyelids and Mouth area. Would you mind to give me some help with this?
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You've already done it. What the hell do you mean you're lost ? It looks like the basemesh is taken from somewhere though
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Hey, thanks for the reply.
Does it looks done? I mean, are the loops correctly done?
If that looks done, I'll be okay with it. I'm just insecure that the loops are not correct or there are too many stars or some other shit.
I mean, I've looked EVERYWHERE but nobody has a close up shot of the eyelids.
I would like to make the eyelids pixar style

I'm not a rigger nor an animator, so I Don't know if they'll work properly. Also, I'm not sure if I should leave cavities for the Mouth and Eye Socket - is this common?
How can I make the eye socket fit precisely the eye?

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What was this and similar stuff made in?
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Probably some ancient version of Max or some other stone age program. This is fucking great.

>Clippy in the MS Word scene
Nostalgic as fuck.
he uses blender, but intentionally makes it look like it's from the 90s or something. he also passes his videos through a vcr to make it more authentic.

also, check out mr. muskel
It looks too old to be blender. And why would you shill your video in an unrelated thread?

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What does /3/ think of 3D Coat?
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more like 3D Nope
just tell me why you silly bastard

It's ok but you cant make porn with it.

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How do I fix this bitchass white outline? It happened when I rendered this from c4d. Not sure why. I'm a c4d newb, this is literally the first thing I've made in it.
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Photoshop -> layer -> matting -> remove white matte

That or catch the alpha with a noBackground plane/sphere that englobes the scene.
Thanks senpai
next time create a background object and apply a material on it.
In the color tab of the material, create a gradient. Click on it and switch to radial or circular and change the colors to your liking. No need to use Photoshop for a simple job like that. Do it in C4d.

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smooth mesh.jpg
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How do i model this with smooth mesh in maya.
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Use edge loops.

I'll be honest, That doesn't help me.

Then learn 3d modeling before asking questions about modeling specific things.

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fiteenth render.jpg
2MB, 1920x1080px
Hi /3/ this is a model ive made based off a tutorial ive been using to learn a lot of basic techniques with max, vray and the post processing in photoshop.

Any advice is super appreciated.
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>grass is too bright, grass usually have a dark hue to it
>no variation in grass height, even after its mown
>windows on the side should be capped with reflective mirror, one that's is affected by the sun but isn't 100% see through

none-technical (my personal view)

>render got no variations to it, you can add like kids toys,wading Pool,bbq etc
>sun is too bright, and if that's the case maybe add lens flare or change the sun color to more yellowish tint
>wood is rather orange and wood usually don't have orange color
>too much bump, if its node based try to reduce the displacement
what tutorial is this?
house wall textures are too big, make them at least half the size.
Either all the doors are too narrow, or the chairs are too big, something's off there.
Lawn seems really wobbly, usually people try to keep it as even as possible. Use varying grass lengths instead if you want to make it visually interesting.
The background seems very empty, there are a few trees standing around but behind them there's nothing. You could make the fence wall higher to hide that, or use big bushes as a background.
The side windows look a bit shiny to me, to the point where they just seem to be holes in the wall.
Not sure what material the door and window frames are supposed to be.
Also, the sky backdrop seems a bit dark for that kind of lighting.

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sculptris wont be updated ever, also
cant retopo
blender is constantly update and is more than just sculpting, also you can retopo.
I tried sculptris and it crashed all the time. Blender works beautifully and has a shit ton more features. just get blender

is working on 3d projects at home a waste of time and life? after many years of doing it on and off im convinced it is. especially with so many companies and youtube these days churning out shit you cant compete with.
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if you have a passion for it, no its not a waste.
>so many companies and youtube these days churning out shit you cant compete with.
So you are basically saying you have no ideas or stories of your own?
>not being good enough and not bothering to get good
>blaming the medium

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Anyone else misses the times when there was only one texture, a diffuse texture, and that's it?
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Also this was obviously meant in context of games.
i liked unreal 2 engine alot,quake 4 engine was easy on the system
Lazy cunt.

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I've been rocking an i7 920 for like 10 years and mi Mobo is starting to die, so i decided to get a new pc for 3D rendering mostly and for gaming,

Did i do good?

the graphic card will change once new DX12 shit comes out since nvidia fucks cant into dx12 propetly.

Also i choosed nvidia because of compatibilities with after effects, max and programs that use CUDA.
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Looks mostly fine, although I'd have gotten a Noctua D15 over a CLC cooler, especially one with a 120mm rad. Wouldn't want the pump to fail during an overnight render, RIP CPU, or house fire.

The 970 you'll definitely want to change sometime soon, in fact you probably should have gotten a 980 because that 3.5GB RAM might fuck you over if you use a GPU renderer and it decides to use more than that. 3.5GB is easy to burn through if you have more than a basic scene and high-res textures.

I'm not sure how relevant DX12 will be to GPU rendering, since raytracing already uses the GPU to its fullest extent, compared to games which do several unrelated tasks simultaneously that would actually benefit from parallel scheduling. CUDA is just so much more useful that I'd stick with Nvidia for Pascal, even if AMD holds its own in performance benchmarks. OpenCL can eat a dick.
ok you just scared me about the cooling,it has to have some kind of security system,and pcs normally shut down when they get too hot.
and i didnt though the 3.5 fail of the 970.

i can always say its broken and make them change it for another card since its marketed as a 4gb card.

btw its 1700€ wich is a lot for me so i expect it to be a monster.
Computers should auto shutdown if the CPU gets too hot, but when there's nothing but a bit of water above the CPU you might get a heat spike that's potentially dangerous. At least an air cooler can passively work if the CPU fan stops.

And yes, GPU RAM is important to pay attention to for compute, since game engines can adapt to the amount of RAM you have and continue to work, but stuff like rendering does not.
Of course it all depends on scene complexity, I think that studio or interior arch setups would fit into that much RAM just fine.

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