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what's the best 3d program to model and render relatively easy scenario? (i need it for interior design works, furniture of various materials in their context).

i need to find a good balance between an intuitive program and a performant one, a friend suggested me 3dmax studio, what's your opinion?

also, what's the best guide to learn basics of 3dmax?
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well you have fancy things like homestyler
but with 3dsmax you have more options and control but its obviously harder to use

take ur pick
what about rhyno, or maya?

i heard that they are program used a lot for models and renders, are they tougher than 3dmax?

also are there good tutorials/guide for 3dmax?

i have some very very basic knowing of alias, but not much
same thing. maya is more prone to animation

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I need some suggestions on what laptops can render vray pretty fast

like how do i go about finding one
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>rendering on laptop
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go homo.jpg
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>rendering labtop
wouldn't bother. pick a laptop for general usability and quality then spend the remaining money to build a tower to render over network or whatever

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pretty nice

for an under budget amateur PS1 game

For fucks' sake, apply yourself.

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garretts harp.jpg
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an old pic from the archieve made with blender
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super rabies.jpg
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yet another made with blender

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How do fps games mantain the same fov on the weapon but change it in the environment?

Do they use two cameras, and if so, dosnt this screw up the effects coming out in the front of the weapon because of different fov?

per example one camera with 60fov and the weaopn one with 30 all the time, its screwing my effects coming out of the barrel (per example a trail from the barrel to an enemy)

Thanks! I've been wraping my head around this
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>mantain the same fov on the weapon
it's clearly different, the effect is less pronounced because it's closer to the camera.
its a pretty good subject though. what degree of FOV is best for fps games ? MW3 in particular is a pretty good example.
You have a camera/layer that only renders the gun so you can maintain same FOV on the gun if you want and it prevents the gun from clipping through the world geometry since its on its own rendering layer.

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robot legs crossed.gif
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Have you seen this documentary /3/?


Its a documentary about computer animation both 2d and 3d, but mostly 3d, from 1988. Its definitely worth a watch if you are not familiar with old outdated technology and tools and where the 3d industry is coming from.

The process they went through to model and animate that guy at 0:70 seems totally ridiculous.
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oh wow. computers are autistic


meant 7:00
I used to own this on VHS! Thanks for the nostalgia

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Hey /3/, could use some help.

I'm working on a project that's going to have a stylized, rocky environment. I was looking around when I came across pic related and realized it was exactly what I wanted to accomplish. The guy has a bunch of info on his website how he accomplished it, but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it. Here's how I think he did it.

>sculpt rock
>bake high-res rocks' normals to low-res rocks
>apply hand-painted texture via triplanar mapping
>have a z-up for the sand

The problem I'm having is implementing a similar system in Unity. I'm just stuck trying to figure out how to go about doing it. I can set up a triplanar material in Shader Forge easily enough, but I can't find a way to overlay the baked textured and normal maps over the tiled textures/normals being projected onto the mesh via world space mapping.

Here's the guy's portfolio page where he says how he did it: http://www.digitaldracott.com/SubPage_Motiga.php. He did it in UDK, but I assume the techniques used can be done in Unity 5 as well with the proper know-how. I feel like I'm right on the edge of understanding how to make a shader like the one he made, but I just can't wrap my head around some of the process. Mainly how to "overlay" the baked normal map with the tiled projected map.

Any help would be appreciated. If this is damn simple and I'm missing something simple, I apologize for my slowness!
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Here's his explanation of how the shader works in UDK. I'm having trouble figuring out how he "overlays" the baked normals.
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Here are the three textures he used for all of the rocks. I understand how the first two are mapped via world space, but can't figure out how the third one comes into play.
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I also don't understand how that one baked texture created all of these rocks.

I tried looking around for tutorials to cover this topic, but came up blank.

An interesting conversation happened over on /v/ here: >>>/v/332409292. I was wondering if some kind anons could shine some light on the situation. It was my understanding that all companies looking to hire 3D or concept artists send out art tests. However...

>You're a retard and a sucker.
>Art tests aren't neccessary. The client looks at your portfolio and makes a decision. To hire you or not.
>Pussyfooting around with art tests and getting people to do work for free is a fucking scummy jewish practice that only happens because spineless losers like you allow it.

>I don't know what kind of art you make or who you've worked for, but I can promise you that 'art tests' are not legit at all. They're wasting your time. And I know that from experience, you're being used.
>Any legit company is going to look at your portfolio and your work experience and your online presence and make a judgement based on that. Actual talent isn't going to waste time doing art tests, and they know that. The companies that can't pick up the actual talent are the ones messing people around with art tests and ending up with low quality artists.
>Trust me, having self respect and pride in your work takes you much further than bending over for shitty companies who are promising you the big time.

Apparently that is not the norm? Can anyone confirm or deny this?
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While technically this anon is right, some "respectable" companies will do it anyways. Many of my friend have been scammed by Gameloft into working for free, and imho no one should accept such tests.
If the test is paid then it's a different story. But if it's not, it's a red flag.
Bottom line = don't work for free
I've never seen a studio that doesn't require an art test
well i've never done one and i've worked in a dozen small to medium sized studios. Not in america though

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Hi /3/

I work for a jewelry company and 3D print custom jobs (rings, pendants, ect) on a 3d resin printer from the company Envisiontec using a material called pic100. This stuff is great and casts really well, and the printer can get down to 25 microns of accuracy.

I want to print my own designs but can't at work. NOWHERE else seems to have this printer/material. I tried contacting the company but they are shit to deal with.

tldr; is there a service any of you know about that 3d prints your design in this material and resolution and ships it to your door.
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>>516849 (OP)
tried googling for online service bureaus to do this for you? If you want another jeweller to output it for you specific software forums of jewellers could help you with that.

I'm surprise you can't print it at work..I do that all the time, the grower allows you to fit as many designs in the print area lol, hide it between other jobs, I mean not that I even need to do that, but if you are trying to do your side business from work, yeah big no-no.
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OP here,

Thanks, I'll try out some forums. My boss who is also owner is actually crazy... Old and certainly has dementia. He sees everything as potential theft and i'd never dream of printing at work, since someone else tried and lets just say that ended badly. And I'd love to have a side business but of course it would be done exclusively on the side. The fact is that even huge companies don't pay very much relatively speaking. I'm not in poverty or anything, but want to do better than just getting by, and I'd need more jobs on the side to do that.
Sounds like we have the same boss LOL! My boss loves throwing around "I'll sue..so-and-so.." as veil threats.

cads draftsman anywhere doesn't really get a decent pay past entry level, unless you've been doing it a long time with an impressive portfolio. with the new wax growers coming out cheap, you can buy one yourself instead if you are really serious about it - spend under 4k at least. but the industry is weird has its ups and lately long droughts of down.

How to model this in Blender ?
I have roughly 300 hours in this program
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No you don't
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what were you doing jacking off to your shitty models?

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Can we have a second life thread? Anybody here make shit?

This is literally my first time making anything.
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Flag pole.png
1MB, 1107x1088px
And a flag pole. Soon I will update it to dynamically show ads
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A comfy and practical chair that would fit nicely in anyone's loungeroom
I'm sure there are a few lurkers making shameful amounts of money from rigged dicks but the SL train has come and gone.

Everything now is poorly ported from poser without properly reducing polycount.

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>Download Andrew Price's pro lighting skies demo
>HDRIs are at the exact horizon
>Only work for Cycles
>Literally cannot use them in any other renderer

Seriously who would do such a thing like this? Why would you only allow your customers to use them for only one renderer? The idea of having an addon with all these HDRIs is great and all, but what he's doing with it is fucking retarded.
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I don't think that andrew price is visiting /3/
Who in their right mind would?
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If you require any more than cycles, you should have moved on to something more professional than blender.

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First time posting here.

Been thinking about experimenting with animated movies. I want to learn the process and try it out to see how it is, but i have no idea what type of programs i should learn or really anything. Can't find muh online about it either, other than gaming engines and modelling software. Anyone know of some good resources on learning this stuff, and what types of software i should look into?
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Max / Zbrush for modelling
Maya for animation
Max / Maya for rendering.
You just gotta watch about 1000 tutorials and you're all good to go
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come on dude. You're a big boy. You can't do 10 seconds worth of looking around? Despite the fact that almost every board has a sticky? You know, the first fucking post in the board?
haha shit dude, i couldn't find anything anywhere

thanks man!

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Tips on UV wrapping buildings?

Here's a pic of a house im working on. Whats the best way/most efficent means of uv wrapping a building kind of like this?

I'm planning on hand panting the uv wrap after I get it all nice and clean/organized.
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if the house is symmetrical or have even pisces make a seam crossing it all in the middle, then unwrap
obviously everything else is gonna give you trouble, especially the windows then start to unwrap those individually and slowly arrange them.
if you are not experienced with unwrapping it might a while
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I personally unwrap the main structure into a single texture sheet, and then I unwrap things like the trims into a second texture sheet. I do it this way so that I can have unique detail on every pixel, it may not be the best way because I sacrificed extra resolution for that detail, but the detail is important enough to me that I'm willing to make the trade-off. Your use case may vary. A lot of modern games use tiling textures with splat maps over them for individual detail. It's just a matter of the methodology that works best for whatever artistic vision you have for your content.

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Hi /3/, I was wondering what are some good tutorials to follow for low poly character moedeling like pic related (I did read the sticky).
I want to know if there are some videos or books I can look up so I (and others) can practice and get better.
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This is great. Thank you very much!

a little bit more stylized

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