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hulk ragequit.gif
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Hey, Unity3D/UE4 developer without art skills here.
Often I commission 3D modelers when there're no assets on the internet to use or buy, however, I'm having trouble finding someone that can properly model a kid character that looks anatomically correct rather than an uncanny adult midget.
Why it's so difficult? Most artists have a really good artistic background and can model a realistic adult/animal without flinching, but as soon as they have to model a prepubescent male/girl, you can already sense they really don't have an idea how their bodies work, even in many AAA games.
Unfortunately I'm a perfectionist, so I searched child model pictures on the internet to send them as reference, however, all I happen to find is barely legal pedo stuff that's too creepy to send them as references.
I'm raging really hard, even Poser/Daz3D models don't look very anatomically correct desu. If there was such a thing as a 3D scanned child model without baggy clothes that covers them, I'd buy it asap and use that as a base model. I need them as less covered (the clothes will be added separately) and realistic as possible while keeping it legal and not creepy. If there're some T-pose photos from different angles that would be perfect. What would you suggest to do?
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You're part of the problem why artists suck so much with kid anatomy: Fear of being labeled as pedos.
I'm sure Disney is full of pedos because of movie in pic related, look how realistic they wanted it, those sick fucks.
Thanks society for making it so hard to do something that's supposed to be so simple and normal.
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Why don't you take a seat over there.
So how long have you been "studying" underage anatomy.
And how much underage "reference material" did you download to "practice" 8 year old kids ?

how the fuck do i get this trim to follow around the corner. shits driving me up the fuckin wall.
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I haven't used google sketch up since version 5, but i believe if you want to copy something you'll need to take that entire side and then rotate it 90 degrees and then stitch it in.
> a360
Use Max or Maya or atleast Blender jesus fucking christ. All of them are free to use now.
using inventor cuz my employer uses it and i can get a key from them. why not right?

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low poly char 8.gif
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I'm thinking of biting the bullet and finally investing in a proper wacom tablet since I've wanted one since high school. What do you ZBrush folk recommend? Is $300 enough to get something not garbage?
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I use a 16 year old Wacom Bamboo, any wacom and a good number of other tablets will be fine
$100 13" bamboo tablet is fine
I actually wanted to spulrge a bit but if I don't have to I won. They don't sell bamboo anymore, is this $100 intuos comparable?


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Girl or Boy?
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Looks like a boy from this angle, but who cares.
the correct answer is trash
where are the legs

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CGpeers could not proceed with registration
(Error: 0xE4000005)

What do? I want some sweet CG torrents
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Seriously tho what do I do?
look up on torrentz.eu

What kind of graphics card does /3/ use for modelling?

I am currently using an AMD Radeon HD 6700 just because I haven't felt the need for anything else. However, now I am moving onto photo-realistic rendering so I'd like a card with a shit ton of cores so 3Ds Max doesn't spontaneously combust on me.
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I have a Radeon 7990 HD 3GB, but mostly for the VRAM when I am loading multiple 100+layer PSD files as textures in Maya.
What kind of processor do you have with that?
750 ti, card of the gods

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Why doesn't any thread on modo? Is it shit
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Modo indie did nothing wrong.

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Quick /3/ i need tutorials on animating in unity. I have 4 years of experience with maya but this new job i was offered uses 2d image plane based rigs in unity.
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Hi /3/, i've done this low poly rendering but something doesn't feels right with it so its feedback time.
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hmm make the bot more centered and bigger

maybe fix up the model more, add you shine to some parts of the metal maybe, and add mo samples to reduce the graininess
thank you, will try

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Any easy way to get the 3d models+textures from unity games like Rust?
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Ninja ripper.

or xentax forums
If you know what to look for, Unity Studio is by far the best option.


At first it's kinda hard to use at first since most developers use acronyms or other types of nicknames for their models, but after a while you'll start to notice similarities that make it far easier.
Probably not the most efficient method, but you can always run it through qapitrace or similar. Record a traceback, forward in the trace until the texture is visible, then use the texture browser to find it.

Might take a while though, there could be many many textures.

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newfags can't coneforce
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I looked up a tutorial on line, hope this works
File: coneforce.gif (1MB, 500x311px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here we go
File: cones.png (129KB, 960x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What happened to 3d Buzz? I used to get training from them awhile back but I just checked their forums and it's dead.
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Too much paid content.
Here is one of our weekly free videos. "How to launch notepad on windows machines"
no, what happened was there wasnt enough CURRENT content and Zakk joined Epic (with all the other failures that work there, like a pea in a pod)
So they don't produce tutorials anymore?

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Some game ideas , pl0x ?
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Here are my top 3 ideas:

1. Kill yourself after realising /3/ is not the appropriate place for this thread

2. Go to /vg/ and find /agdg/ so you can shit it up worse than it already is

3. Go back to /b/ and kill yourself slowly you fucking 'pl0x' using faggot
no bully pl0x
2d platformer with pixel graphics

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shoulder prob.jpg
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Wassup peeps,

I'm currently modeling a human body on maya just to have a base model for any animation i might need, the thing is im having some problems with the shoulder, as you can see on the top image, which is the raw mesh, and the lower image the smoothed one, it creates a circle around those vertices. Is it because i merged it? should i use something else for connecting points?

Not new in 3d, but i stopped for 3 years and i'm quite rusty
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were you any good then?
merge the vertices that are close to each other. they are creating extra supporting loops around the creases because there are more than one vertices there.
i was decent, but i want to be better now.

alright ill try that, thanks!

I can't seem to fix this goddam problem and its frustrating me so badly.

Whenever I try to export from Zbrush, the model is automatically smoothed. Right image is the original in Zbrush, Left image is the somehow magically auto-smoothed model. This is specifically for OBJ exports. When I export anything else, it usually works fine. I can only export in OBJ for my task sadly (its retarded, I know).

Can anyone help?
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I did. What about? It doesn't have any solution to my problem.

Dont tell me to google, because I did, and not a single result explained my problem. The problem that 99% of the google searches have are import into zbrush, from maya/max/etc.

If you are going to point me to the sticky, point me to something useful in it.
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