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I am modelling a human head. And I deleted some unnecessary loops around the mouth area. Now every time I do a full render, I see cracks around those areas. I don't see anything weird in the model view or even in the preview render.

Does anybody know what is happening?
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What are you rendering on?
Maybe you fucked your UVs by modifying the topology
I thought exactly the same

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Is it better to use a 10K terrain and tesselate the fuck out of it to get this kinda detail or is it better to use a few million polygons and use little tesselation.
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what is it, 2008? Nobody tessellates anymore. People that want to be profitable develop for samsung phones (VR apps). Normalmaps only. 120fps minimum.
that terrain is bad terrain.
you should get into micro-displacements and then bake.

that terrain is what happens when you only use one level of displacement.
Please give me some learning sources for this. I want to achieve bumpy geometry like that on my terrain because using just normal maps looks ok only when viewed from top, but from the side it looks like a flat terrain with a texture on it, i.e. like trash. How can I do this properly in unreal? Every tutorial used a tesselated terrain where tesselation distance is controlled by the camera.

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Arnold (left) vs Redshift (right), default settings on both with default maya materials.

>The fucking state of Redshift


No but for real, why does Redshift looks so shit.
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I don't get it, materials are different, e.g. the floor is a lot more reflective, also the lights are dimmer on the right. What are you trying to say? Why not just, like, tweak them to look the same and then compare?
>materials are different, e.g. the floor is a lot more reflective, also the lights are dimmer on the right. What are you trying to say? Why not just, like, tweak them to look the same and then compare?
Nope, i fucking deleted it because i am retarded but the materials were completly the same, i literally just rendered a frame with arnold saved it then switched to redshift and rendered it again, i am genuily curious why it looks so shit cause i'd like to actually switch to Redshift so i can use my 1080.
what about the lamps?

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So there are billions of ways of modelling a 3d Face, some start from creating polygon after polygon around the eye/mouth and then jaw and connect those, some use box modelling and then just move the vertex/extrude to form the parts of the head, some just sculpt the whole thing and retopology it after. But what about you? What do you do? Also whats the easiest way in your opinion?
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Never ever use faces captured with fish eye lense on camera.

I do box modelling. I model so rarely that I usually use same model I made year or two ago and edit it a bit.
Use a mold made of plaster that you then scan in
depending on the level of detail you are looking for.

if its just a simple mesh + diffuse texture then use what you are doing now.
if you want pimples and skin detail use zbrush

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>tfw literally cant do shit in Zbrush/Mudbox unless i don't have a base model done in Maya

Anyone else? Working with Zspheres Dynamesh is so fucking cancer i just do the good old box modelling and then sculpt.
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Yeah, I mostly use ZB for detailing my high-res bakes, but I guess it just depends on what you want to make and how comfortable you feel using the program.
For full-on organics and Geiger-esq monstrosities it's probably a sound idea to start in ZB as dynamesh offers pretty good flexibility and it's easy to go wild with intricate details.
For anything solid, I just poly model it, throw on chamfer and turbosmooth modifiers, export to ZB, send back the high-poly and original unmodified mesh into Substance painter and bake.
It's all just one of many ways to go about doing things and there's no reason you shouldn't stick to what you're used to if you get the same result faster.
> Working with Zspheres Dynamesh is so fucking cancer

i agree its cancer but the way i got around that is to inflate/deflate more in the block stage.

i saw a pro guy starting to block out with clay buildup on a zsphere model and i stupidly copied him and it hindered me

first do inflate/deflate then run over to clay buildup, then start doing your subtools etc
all with dynamesh of course. fuck base meshes
stop fucking whining and do the work, the only way to learn is to put yourself in this kind of situations, don't cry because its hard, cry because a fucking program its owning your ass.

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I know how to use blender 'pretty well'. (I know hotkeys and I got the UI down), But I'm complete shit at modeling I've just been piecing together youtube tutorials to get where I am.

So Where should I Start Learning. My goal is to make game assets. any good youtube channels or websites where I can learn good habits and such?
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for modeling habits

>goal is to make game assets
>learn good habits
texture bake tutorial.
you can make a simple cube look decent in a game with just textures if you know how to bake.


also, what game engine?
blender engine?
>i fucking hope not unity
source engine?

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Could any anons here direct me towards a tutorial or website that I can use to learn how to create hard surface objects? I've been trying to make a few things, here and there after scraping some info from some images I've found and youtube videos but it still just feels like I'm spinning my wheels here.

I do not feel confident in my ability to make something as simple as say, a panel on a sphere without there being any pinching or stray hard edges all over the thing and it drives me mad.
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Check out Grant Warwick (Mastering CGI)
He has stuff on Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, some content you have to purchase, or browse your favourite torrent website (he doesnt mind)
Boi, you need rounded edge workflow.
SubD is a thing of the past, it's tedious as fuck, hard to iterate on, and even the simplest operations take a lot of time and planning.
If you can't wrap your mind around SubD modeling, definitely consider giving rounded edge a go, it lets you boolean whatever the fuck you want and use a shader to add bevel magic.
I like Tim Bergholz tutorials for 3ds max

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Where are all the entry level cg jobs? All I ever see posted online are jobs that require years of experience. Are companies negotiable about experience requirements?
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In the '90 everybody wanted to be a rapper. Today everybody wants to work with computers.
>Where are all the entry level cg jobs?

no such thing unless you're a woman

Does anyone have the Dragonlock set? Looking for the files that include the new dragonbite clips or any Dragonlock files
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You can find them on their kickstarter

Have you tried not being poor

can someone give me (or direct me) to realistic camera angles,realistic fov's and realistic resolutions? seems like its an important thing i never got to learn
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I love making real world things unrealistic by shooting them at weird angles. Really makes them feel like they are just 3D models. And when I shoot with the widest FOV, I'm able to literally defy the laws of the physics and stuff suddenly gets super unrealistic. Because what makes them realistic is not a combination of their dimensions, textures and lighting, but their position in a 3D space. One time I photographed my gf from her left side and her skin literally turned to an aluminium and her hair looked like plastic.
comeone man, cut me some slack

some arcvhiz guy said i need refs for realistic camera. i was wondering what he said
Photographer here. It means to use settings that would have been appropriate had you photographed the place in real life.
If your software has physical camera settings, just reference actual photography and use similar parameters. For example, typical lens focal lengths are 24, 35, 50, 85, 100mm, etc. so when selecting an AoV you may want to pick one that fits a standard within the lens world.
The aspect ratio of most digital cameras is 2:3, but most photographers end up cropping their images anyway, so you don't have to keep to that standard, just remember that with a 1:1 ratio a 35mm camera would now have a film gate of 24x24mm, but if you render at 1:1 and keep size at 36mm, you're actually rendering a 36x36mm frame.
Aperture settings typically range from f/1.4~f/16, with most photos generally being shot in a narrower range between f/2 and f/8. In actual photography it's a trade-off between having everything in your scene sharp (something that comes inherently in CG) vs. having enough light to capture the scene (which you also have unlimited amounts of).
Since the question here is about architecture, most photographers use any means to capture as much depth of field as possible before diffraction kicks in, so a working aperture of about f/11 for most cameras.
Focal length is mostly a personal choice, but generally you want something in the range of 14, 17, 20, 24mm since in actual arch you're basically selling the house on how spacious it is, even if it means using wide lenses to make the interior seem cavernous when it's a closet.
Same goes for picking camera angles, you want to stay mostly realistic by placing the camera within a range of angles that a person could actually make use of, but not much is really off the table in arch photography, you end up sticking the camera right up against walls and extending the tripod way up high just to get the perfect angle.

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Whats your opinion on PTEX? Is it the future or is it just a little sidestep? I think for CGI animated movies it should be the standard
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ptex is dead and its been dead over a decade

worth a read
anything disney or dreamworks comes out with is total shit tier stuff beside their animation.

mats are shit.
lighting is shit.
models are shit.

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I know /e/ hates RWBY with all their heart.

But how would one go about creating a stylised character like RWBY? I'm especially curious about the joints, what would it have to look like topo wise for animation to not look weird?
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just look at any mmd model on deviantart and import it into blender or 3dsmax
That's kind of what I'm doing. Was just wondering if anyone had a genereal stratagy or something.

Or one for normal human models even.
you could probably use Makehuman to generate a few base models and tweak them into animu

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tfw nobody knows what you're talking about
£D printing is a waste of time and money anyway. They guy who scammed you may have done you a favor in the long run.
Did you try to make a capital three or do you really like the £ symbol?

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where the FUCK can i find fps arm rigs
seriously i want to practice first person reloading/aiming, etc animations but i can't find any fucking arms rigs that aren't total trash or blender exclusive
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Create the arms in makehuman, rig them yourself (easy as fucking a dead corpse with legs wide open) and start from there.
basically rip the arms off any 3D character model and do the rig myself.
I'm pretty bad at binding skin correctly especially at places like the elbow, but i guess this is something everyone has to do

i'm pretty surprised because there are a ton of free character rigs ready to go for people who want to practice animation but basically none for fps animations, I was kinda hoping there was just that one website i didn't stumble on yet

thanks anyways

I started 1 week ago learning mudbox trying to build anime cell shaded characters. This my progress. Yellow is first days, pink is today. It is the rough blocking sculpt with some mixamo animation (I manually adjusted the hips on the pink one but not much, just to give a more feminine look) in Unity. What do you think? I think there is something wrong with the shoulders in the pink one.
Any suggestion welcome I wanna finish the basic blocking of a feminine figure and go into details and painting.
Next post is my reference. My goal.
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What the hell! Dude, you can't use a picture like that as a reference.

I want to do a concepting work as well. I want to approach the feminine look while concepting in clay. The image floods with feminine action hero elements and feminine exagerated parts.

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