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How can Cycles be improved?
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I think you misspelled "removed"
they should make a better config file that's not bloated with 100 different options that slow down your render.

for the engine itself, they need to improve the lightning system,and make a lamp that is specific to portals, the portal hack some guy made for blender is shit.
also make quick post effects, just like in corona and iray.
and improve whatever is causing all that noise
this is also a good option, unironicaly.

just kill cycles. and insert a modified version of renderman. it won't bother the devs with improving rendering anymore

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Hi guys !
I'm learning new 3D technics, specially for the skin and I've just made this image.

What do you think ?
I'm using Maya and Vray
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I only used textures from the game (Uncharted 3)
It looks alright but something feels weird, I don't know what though. Oh and his beard looks like he smeared crap on his face.
it looks good, but definetly its not something "human", its more like a toy, plastic toy. Maybe because theres not much of SSS and maybe because the glossiness is high. I dont know, but this is what i feel

How to have a healthy family life in this industry?

I know young'uns are willing to work unpaid overtime out of 'passion' (idiots), but it's not a legal requirement, right?

I'm perfectly happy wrapping up work 1 or 2 hours at the end of the day, but I'd hate to be forced into overtime with my job on the line, trading an evening with the wife/kids, instead to stress myself over a project that doesn't mean anything to me, it's just a product to make $$$ in the end. Seems exploitative.
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You forgot to tell us what your job is !
it depends.

in a small company you are more likely to be pumped and dumped, shit contracts,revshare,shutting down the company without notice etc.

it depends on your skills level and how far you can get.
also you have to be adaptive, some areas are more lucrative than others
When will you faggots realize that his "industry" is saturated as fuck?

If you don't have superhuman amounts of luck, talent and experience you won't get anywhere. Even really good ones have it hard nowadays. The train left years ago.

Try to become an allrounder in video editing, some 3D stuff, marketing etc. and then apply to your local shitbox advertizing agencies and shit.
Also expect to be underpaid like fuck.

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What are the most respected degrees in the industry?
Pick unrelated
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Comp Sci, Physics, or Mathematics + a good showreel.

Don't waste time on an actual degree in creating stuff in 3d. You don't need 4 years at school to learn that
I spent 7 years on a fucking game art and design degree anon. 7 fucking years. Do I have any projects that I can show now? nah. Did I learn how to model and light things? barely. I got what was basically a bunch of crash courses on industry software, useful if you have no access to the internet or a computer, like I was for quite a while, but its just not worth it. I couldve left, but I naively thought that itd get better. Worse even, since the local games industry is pretty much in its infancy over here, there were a lot of colleges that offered "game design" degrees the one I assisted in was the oldest, having been digital art focused for a few decades. bah.

That said I made some good friends, got a girlfriend and some friendly connections, but I couldve spent that money elsewhere. I think I learned more during the final stages of the degree, ie: the capstone project, than I did all those years.

Just learn how to do something that you cant learn online anon. don't chain yourself unnecessarily to debt like I did.
no such thing as a respected degree.

MAYBE with mechanical engineering and aerospace you have a guaranteed job for life. but with everything else is like gambling in the stock market. 50% of college graduates don't work in their field of study.

what you should do is start working now and invest, you are wasting time with government funded scams

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Can someone please help me, So i got Zbrush 4r8 and holy fuck this shit is hard, i started following some pluralsight tutorials, They are decent but not enough and 99,999% of them are outdated. What are the best up to date tutorials for this program?
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why looks fine to me
where did you render it in?
Not mine,random image. I wish i could do shit like this
just start with Michael Pavlovich:


and never forget: JUST DO IT

I am modelling a human head. And I deleted some unnecessary loops around the mouth area. Now every time I do a full render, I see cracks around those areas. I don't see anything weird in the model view or even in the preview render.

Does anybody know what is happening?
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What are you rendering on?
Maybe you fucked your UVs by modifying the topology
I thought exactly the same

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Is it better to use a 10K terrain and tesselate the fuck out of it to get this kinda detail or is it better to use a few million polygons and use little tesselation.
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what is it, 2008? Nobody tessellates anymore. People that want to be profitable develop for samsung phones (VR apps). Normalmaps only. 120fps minimum.
that terrain is bad terrain.
you should get into micro-displacements and then bake.

that terrain is what happens when you only use one level of displacement.
Please give me some learning sources for this. I want to achieve bumpy geometry like that on my terrain because using just normal maps looks ok only when viewed from top, but from the side it looks like a flat terrain with a texture on it, i.e. like trash. How can I do this properly in unreal? Every tutorial used a tesselated terrain where tesselation distance is controlled by the camera.

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Arnold (left) vs Redshift (right), default settings on both with default maya materials.

>The fucking state of Redshift


No but for real, why does Redshift looks so shit.
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I don't get it, materials are different, e.g. the floor is a lot more reflective, also the lights are dimmer on the right. What are you trying to say? Why not just, like, tweak them to look the same and then compare?
>materials are different, e.g. the floor is a lot more reflective, also the lights are dimmer on the right. What are you trying to say? Why not just, like, tweak them to look the same and then compare?
Nope, i fucking deleted it because i am retarded but the materials were completly the same, i literally just rendered a frame with arnold saved it then switched to redshift and rendered it again, i am genuily curious why it looks so shit cause i'd like to actually switch to Redshift so i can use my 1080.
what about the lamps?

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So there are billions of ways of modelling a 3d Face, some start from creating polygon after polygon around the eye/mouth and then jaw and connect those, some use box modelling and then just move the vertex/extrude to form the parts of the head, some just sculpt the whole thing and retopology it after. But what about you? What do you do? Also whats the easiest way in your opinion?
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Never ever use faces captured with fish eye lense on camera.

I do box modelling. I model so rarely that I usually use same model I made year or two ago and edit it a bit.
Use a mold made of plaster that you then scan in
depending on the level of detail you are looking for.

if its just a simple mesh + diffuse texture then use what you are doing now.
if you want pimples and skin detail use zbrush

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>tfw literally cant do shit in Zbrush/Mudbox unless i don't have a base model done in Maya

Anyone else? Working with Zspheres Dynamesh is so fucking cancer i just do the good old box modelling and then sculpt.
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Yeah, I mostly use ZB for detailing my high-res bakes, but I guess it just depends on what you want to make and how comfortable you feel using the program.
For full-on organics and Geiger-esq monstrosities it's probably a sound idea to start in ZB as dynamesh offers pretty good flexibility and it's easy to go wild with intricate details.
For anything solid, I just poly model it, throw on chamfer and turbosmooth modifiers, export to ZB, send back the high-poly and original unmodified mesh into Substance painter and bake.
It's all just one of many ways to go about doing things and there's no reason you shouldn't stick to what you're used to if you get the same result faster.
> Working with Zspheres Dynamesh is so fucking cancer

i agree its cancer but the way i got around that is to inflate/deflate more in the block stage.

i saw a pro guy starting to block out with clay buildup on a zsphere model and i stupidly copied him and it hindered me

first do inflate/deflate then run over to clay buildup, then start doing your subtools etc
all with dynamesh of course. fuck base meshes
stop fucking whining and do the work, the only way to learn is to put yourself in this kind of situations, don't cry because its hard, cry because a fucking program its owning your ass.

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