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I have been working hard on this. I am making a game. Do you guys like my characters?
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Here is the multicultural one!
the lack of any hard edges is really off putting. he looks like he's made out of clay. also the hair being nondescript blob is very gross looking. either way here's your (you)
>literally no design
>shapes are very cheap looking, no definition anywhere
>terrible choice of colours
>looks like a claymotion character from a 70s high school project made in 5min
>scanline render with hard baked occlusion?

sorry m8, look at some cartoon references before moving forward with your project, I don't wanna be an asshole here but I highly doubt anyone will ever take any interest in something looking like this. Practice much needed.

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You shouldn't be using it at all because it's inaccurate.
and yet sanic exists
I wish they would deprecate features more often in 3D.
There's too much shit in the average 3D modeling package that you apparently shouldn't be using but wouldn't know otherwise unless you were actively keeping up with the times.

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sort of new, was looking to make a model for an unmarked police faction donk for GTA V.

I looked at a few tuts and it seemed simple, just take the siren/lights model from the cop car, unlink move and link to the new car, nw thats what i did, heres how it look in zmodeler and open iv,, however when I spawn it in game, the siren bits are far off to the front (will post next) if anyone knows whats going on, help would be much appreciated.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Hey /3/.
I'm modeling Izuku from Boku no hero Academia.
I've already modeled the head, but I have no idea on how I should model the hair.
Help pls
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tell us how you modeled the head
>modeling some shitty anime
kys maybe
show us the model

Hey guys. Im looking for a good Sketchup pro 2017 patch.
If anyone could redirect me to a trusted link I would appreciate it a lot.

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sketchup is shit tier.
blender is shit tier

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I'm attempting my first "serious" asset creation where I take it slower than usual and try my best and actually complete it. It'll be my first portfolio piece if it's good enough in the end.

I'm worried by how long it's taking me though. The pistol in my pic for example has taken me about 5 hours so far. How long would it take someone employed in a game development company?
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pull off the grip pattern and the engravings.
other than that, not bad
The shape of the grip looks fucky but it could just be the FoV + angle. If you based it off a side view of the real thing it should probably be fine.

5 hours seems on par to get this much stuff done, assuming you're doing it with subd modeling (control loops everywhere) and are actually trying to get clean geo and all your details. It might be a bit slow to get to that point but you'll pick up speed with experience.

Good assets take a lot of time to complete. Two weeks would be a rough estimate of time to fully make a detailed first person weapon, or complex hero prop in a game (from initial high poly to final textures). Most of the time will be spent on your HP and texturing, with a smaller (but almost equivalent) amount of time to make the LP, UV it and bake.

To the Blendfags out there who have it, any download links to Auto Rig Pro? Preferably the "complete" version? Too much of a poorfag to get it myself and the free/light version looks shit.
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>not rigging manually
I bet you also eat pineapple pizza.
if you have IK its best you to make the controllers yourself
And that's a fair comparison how? I despise Hawaiian pizza (and Hawaii and pineapples in general). I'm just fucking shit at rigging.

How close are we to a "make art" button /3/? When will we become nothing more than button pressers with little to no input when it comes to building a scene or making a character?

pic unrelated
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It will never happen. Please fuck off.
Unless you want to talk about AI that is smart enough to do this on its own, in which case >>>/g/
Probably like 100-200 years minimum.
lol no

10-20 tops

most 3d objects, including characters etc will be created just using neural networks using photos and keywords as guides

you can probably already automate every /3/ process in theory, it's just gonna take a while for the infrastructure to get aligned

also applies to rigging, animating and what not

File: 1437399459552.png (1B, 486x500px)
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A question for the blender people

I wanted to fix some stuff in my mesh so deleted a smaller part of it and now I want to fill that hole again.
The thing is, I was pretty much done with the whole model with textures, UVs and all.

I thought deleting some faces and filling the hole wouldn't be a bigger problem but apparently it isn't as easy as I thought.

Do I really have to do the whole UV AGAIN just for a handful of changed polygons?
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blender noob here but ill at least bump you and give u a suggestion.

it would be easier to assess your problem if we could see it, but im pretty sure blender wouldnt make you redo the whole damn thing, maybe just something small. i think the "stitch" function might do what you want it to do after unwrapped the part of the mesh you just remodeled, but if its something that stretches out like a bear hide it might be a little dificil
you already made this thread. Yes you have to Unwrap the UV for the polygons that you change, but you can keep the unchanged ones by pinning the vertices in the image window with P. Check the Blender documentation for further info.
is this a thing now? will this thread be around for years to come?

I'm a blender babby who makes models for games, not art, and I've got a model I'm actually using for an art project for once

I'm trying to make geometry-based outlines (akin to GGXRD or JSRF) and I want to render these outlines in Cycles

the outlines themselves are just a fattened duplicate of the mesh with the normals inverted, but no method I've been able to find works for the problem I'm having and the render always ends up rendering the backfaces of the outline leaving me a black silhouette of the character

pic related, how would I go about making geometry-based outlines render properly in cycles? Am I just too babby for this?
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I too tried recently to render a character with the inverted normal hull method in Cycles, but i failed.
Might be my lack of knowledge of Cycles, or it isn't possible.
It works however flawless in Blenders old Internal render.
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i want to avoid using blenders internal render since i already have shaders set up for the cartoon-like shading im going for

pic related, old render but all of the shader settings are in place

if nothing else works, what I could do is render the outlines as an alpha layer in Blender internal (white outline mesh, black duplicated makoto mesh, black background) and then superimpose that over the outline-less cycles render, I just want to know if theres a way that requires less work
Lets just hope somebody with more knowledge comes around and tells us.
I am really interested in an NPR anime like style, but if all fails i just render in C4d's sketch and toon or Mental Ray.

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>Have a pretty complicated humanoid like mesh
>Start doing uv's
>Give up halfway trought because trying to edge selection the smallest details that don't unfold properly half of the time for half a day makes me want to kill myself
>Just do automatic projection on half of the mesh, layout it automatically so no tweaking the size or anything.
>Put the mesh into substance painter (and also my first time using the program)
>start randomly coloring it
>No glitches or anything, everything works flawlessly.

Why do people hate doing uv's so much when there is literally one button that does everything for you? Am i missing something?
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>no glitches or anything

don't worry, they'll come.

also try Zbrush's automatic projection

it's still bad but better than maya's or whatever you're using for organic meshes

>don't worry, they'll come.

Like what? Genuinely curious
>still not using PTEX
its like you want to fail

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My first face ever after starting up 3D modelling one and half week ago, is the topology ok for low tier animation or did i i fuck up somewhere
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you fucked up somewhere.
google a "face topology" picture and rip it off.
It's a very low poly head, the topology is more or less correct. Just fix that damn nose.
Also the cheeks looks like they're sucking on something

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What does anon do for extra money? I've seen people post models on CG trader and they seem to do ok with getting extra cash. I also remember reading about the unreal marketplace, What would be some good stuff to bust out quick to make some extra cash? Also anyone know any other sites to post stuff on?
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Lots of people in my hometown don't know shit about 3D yet everyone and their grandma wants it. So local commercials, churches, music videos for people. I also am a filmmaker and musician so I composite little things for my shorts and I use 3D live with my music.

I tried to get into the unreal marketplace but I didn't stick with it. No matter what, you are spending time on something that may be worth nothing. So keep that in mind not to be discouraged through marketplaces and stuff online but I've had way more success with people/groups in real life.

Everyone wants 3D but they either don't know what they want, demand months of work and expect it in a week, or become fucking cheapskates when you bill them for your time.

But it's decent money. Branch out to what you feel comfortable doing and gather experience from there. Practice every fucking day as well.
Cool thanks for the advice
I work a real job.

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You guy all know them mirror modifier in Blender that has the clipping option right? Well where the fuck is this clipping option in Maya, i duplicate special my second half of the object but its not connected and its fucking up my project this fuck please help.
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You have to do that by yourself retard, combine both meshes, Snap each border side vertex to each other, go to edit mesh and merge them(0.05). (Obviously all of this after dup special with instance)
>You have to do that by yourself retard,
Is that a joke? Is Maya really THIS far behind? Autodesk fags on suicide watch.

Whatever guru

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Thinking of buying a new workstation for Solidworks here are the specs:
i7 7700K (4,2 GHz)
Corsair DDR4 Vengance 2x16GB
Corsair H100i
Fractal Define C
PNY Quadro M4000
What do you think guys?
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>t. poorfag with tiny penis
better ideas?

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