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Hi, I would like to learn to animate using Blender ( but i'm also open to other animation medium ).

I'm not talking about rigging, IK or using shapes etc... but pure animation technics, for example to have a natural, realistic ( or cartoonist ) walk animation, face animation, combat animation, using objects etc... Well how to not have a wooden-stick like animation.

Thanks !
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Read the Preston Blair animation book. Everything else written about animation is a badly regurgitated version of it. Just read the source. AND DRAW (even if you do CG animation draw the poses first).

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Ok, i'm trying to model a basic chibi body and i'm at the part where i have to connect the leg to the body. I used a cylinder for both and leg (8 verts) and body. Whats the best way to connect the two using proper topology and deformation? Pic related
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Shift+F, subdivide the new faces, and then manually smooth it out
I'm using blender btw
>it's another faggot who thinks he could jumpstart without learning the basics

learn the fucking topology basics fucking dammit.
you can't shortcut shit. it will take you longer in the long run. do proper research and LEARN PROPERLY. youtube is literally filled with tutorials.

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cgi ship.png
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Hey /3/ so I cant find any info on how Genndy did 3D models for his Clone Wars series and was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction 5:50 in the video they show some


any help would be appreciated as I want to try and make a Warhammer 40k short in Genndys style.
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its fucking really old shit. he just used the basic shaped models with high res textures. everything else was fucking post production photoshop shit. also the style is not from clone war but its fucking taken from old dark white movies with long camera https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crane_shot animations filming main set as am non-stop unfolding and organic landscape. was very popular in after WW2 musicals.

warhamer would be great idea but be careful. the owner of W4000 is really mean fucking copyright owner. you will be not first fan, who got sued and fucked by the company for doing and publishing own shit. keep to something more tollerant and try to asked the copyright owner first about.

Guys I actually unironically like blender's Morse And keyboard UI

Am I.... Retarded? It just clicks with me, and everything else feels cumbersome by comparison. I started out in 3ds Max and Revit and supplemented that with SketchUp, and just picked up blender as I moved away from architectural and hard surface modeling. Obviously I miss some of the goodies that come with 3ds out of the box, but fuck. Z brush is next on my list to pick up.

Anyways this wasn't an ask for help thread or anything, just curious since I don't think I've seen anything but hate for blender anywhere I go on the web.

I still hate gimp though
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>Guys I actually unironically like blender's Morse And keyboard UI

i'll forgive the spelling error since you finally admit the superiority of blender's functional and intuitive ui.

keyboard shortcuts are where it is at.

anybody that bitches about blender's ui is retarded since they can't learn to press keys.

>g = grab
>s = scale
>r = rotate

just that alone is helpful as fuck.
There's one guy maybe two tops that is responsible for all the blender hate here. You can safely ignore them as they rarely contribute anything of note.
don't waste any time worrying about what other people think about the tools you use for your art.

"Octane Render is the first GPU-based unbiased renderer to be released to the public.[6][7][8][9] It uses the graphics card to calculate all measures of light, reflection and refraction"

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Is that a Truck of Peace or just a regular truck?
OP, that shit has been around for almost a decade now.

How fucking behind are you
Redshift is better

Okay /3/ i need your help I'm getting crazy,

How do you get hard surfaces?

I mean, i know blender and maya, but for example the subsurface method in blender plus edge loops looks like shit, and hard ops doesn't feel right ( i already have it), and in Maya 2018, I use smooth but it's the same, shit looks ugly even when the edge loops are properly added, if it's matter I'm build an ak but literally feels impossible to get the hard feel.

Short: Proper way of getting hard edges smoothing surfaces, etc, in any, or maya or Blender.
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watch these. He is our GOD


That's modo if I'm not wrong, well, i suppose it will the same as arrimus 3d.
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long story short, git gud.

i have seen many people, including from this board that make guns,cars and even robots in regular subD modeling.

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Redpill me on 3D-coat.
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its fascist
It has the best(at least for me) painting tools, especially for stylized work, top UV and Retopo tools.
I have never used it for Sculpting, but from what I've seen it has good tools, you can do negative spaces very easily and it was regarded as superior to zbrush because of hard surface workflow,
but now Zbrush brought live booleans, gizmo and deformers

as sculpting goes nothing can go even near to zbrush, if you really want to achieve quality.
for just mid lvl sculpting I think every soft is capable. every one of them has clay brushes, thin chizzle like brushes,move brushes and smooth ones. so....
I bought it because it has a hobby license which at the time was less than $100 (don't know what it is now). Love the sculpting tools and love the painting tools. Can't wait for Retopo to get the poly-fill tool.

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i am making a blender game and i want to add an uv to my mesh, but the mesh itself looks like pic related even through it is not when i use object mode/edit mode.
any ideas on how to fix this problem
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>I am making a blender game
It's an horrible idea because Blender is horrible but most importantly it's GPL licensed, which means you'll never be able to sell your game. Use Unreal engine or Godot, which worse but is BSD licensed.
i am not trying to sell the game it is a project i am making
recalculate your normals and reunwrap, make sure you're selecting all faces when you unwrap

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Why does it look like the scope on the awp from cs go has no smoothing groups? It has been bugging me ever since I first saw it
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It does have smoothing groups, but I suspect either their normals are fucked up, or they have the edges with two vertices turn into one vertices at the end (quad to tri). This would give the effect of bad smoothing/no smoothing.
i think their highpoly model had these fucked normal and it got baked on the lowpoly model
>they have the edges with two vertices turn into one vertices at the end (quad to tri)
knowing how most valve models in source engine games are i would say this.

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Can someone fucking help me cause i am getting slowly brain cancer here, so this is the first model i made and i am trying to UV him here, So i cut his arm as most tutorial say and then i try to unfold it but every fucking time i get this stupid ass error :

>Mesh has non-manifold edges. Clean up the mesh before using unfold.

I read about it a bit online so i cleaned up my mesh like 50 fucking times it doesn't have any glitch from what i've seen BUT ITS STILL GIVING ME THIS SHITTY ERROR PLEASE FUCKING HELP
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Okay i realized where the faggot cunt may have a problem, when i do the cleanup it completly ruins the back area of my mesh (or more like the wings connection area). Pic related the verts that get fucked up when i cleanup, this is pre-cleanup .What the fuck is wrong with this geometry that makes it have "non-manifold" edges? Looks ok to me

did you box model that? Might actually be simpler if you sculpted first. I find that reduces a lot of errors that can be made in topology.

He already mentioned that this was the first model he made, would be better to learn box modelling before sculpting

This is a 3 hour zbrush sculpt i wanna do the process till the end, retop, uvs panting normal mas etc.
any of you guys has experience in zbrush to?
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A golf game female model i seee
>3 hours
looks more like 3 minutes.
Don't do this.

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Need some reference pictures for making a 3D animation
I need to make a diamond shaped weapon and one of the tips has to open up, similar to this
Anyone can come up with pictures or videos matching what I said? That video isn't enough for me and I need more references.
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Have you played endless space 2?

what is /3/ verdict on renderman?

is it a meme? is it fast? are there alot of features?
is it competitive? (against redshift/corona).
hows the shadow/light system? any good shaders?
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It used to be good in the 90s to render toy story but now you should use Cycles
i dont think they used renderman on that
I don't think it makes any sense to shill for free products that aren't even good.

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People say to put all the details from my high poly mesh into a normal/displacement map and then put it into the lower poly version, but will that make the details that are put into those maps deform correctly during animation? I don't think so
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Why not? They both work in relation to the local normal of the surface, so if your UVs are good, they'll deform well also.
If you're talking about high-end stuff like making a brow furrow or skin folds collect, you basically sculpt & bake multiple normal maps and then blend between them - basically morph targets for normal maps. Then you just wire the blend state to the relevant animation. Various AAA games do this, notably the Uncharted series.
>local normal
stopped reading there
tangent space? normals arent always aligned to the surface afaik.

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That's L3WD.png
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In order to allow for artistic critic in line with /ic/ and to keep a professional face for /3/ and to keep /3/ from taking over threads on /aco/ nudes will be allowed on /3/ but it must be "spoilered".

Let's see your 250x250 SFW nudity spoiler for /3/.
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>nudes will be allowed on /3/ but it must be "spoilered".
Says who? Post a source citing official rules or a post from hiroshimoot
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