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Sup, i have a question. When you all finish your models and are ready to texture them do you all just instantly put into substance painter,MARI or other shit like this or any of you use actually texturing/materials from your 3D Program? Like Hypershade in Maya?
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Hypershade is the name of the node editor in Maya, not a material.
You create your material in lets say Substance Painter.
Material in this case means a shader made up of several texture channels (albedo, roughness, normal etc.)

You export these textures and hook them up in the hypershader into a material of your renderer.

So lets say you use Arnold, you have to use a material(shader) from Arnold, which in this case is the Arnold Standard material.

If you use Redshift you have to connect your textures to the Redshift material.
What i meant is do you create your materials and apply them to your object using your 3D program (so if we talking about Maya then using Hypershade) or do you all just jump straight into Mari or Substance Painter and do it there.
No, if you have your unwrapped Mesh, it goes straight to a dedicated texture program.
Hypershade is just a node editor. You can't paint on textures there.

Where do professional texture artists get all their reference from?
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Real life.
Where do I torrent it?
Google image search > Tools > Size

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How the hell do i model this part in red? I've been trying and trying a lot, poly by poly, box modelling (the best but still weird result) but cant get good results, i will post what ive done in the comments below
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What's the problem? Box model the frame and normal map the green shit.

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So we all know "big" studios use programs like Nuke, Maya and/or Houdini, but what do they use when they actually have the scenes ready for the movie and they have to put together the movie + add the usual credits etc. etc. shit that doesn't necesarily require too much work.
I doubt they use Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas
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Not FX. Editing houses do that kind of final pass.

da vinci and Avid

credits is a job of it own.
I have heard that Cinema 4d is used often for titles. But more for complex ones. For credits... i don't know really.
>Being used

What the fuck i always thought it was a piece of shit

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Is CAD/NURBS-based modeling essentially superior to mesh modeling for hard surfaces, esp. ones that have a lot of gentle curves to them? Isn't it better to model in nurbs and only when done convert to meshes?

Which program is best at it?
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rhino or 3ds, not sure which is better
fusion 360 just to be safe
It's all fun and games until you need it for animation/deformation/games.

Then you have to fucking retopo the whole model.
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>when done convert to meshes
Yeah because that's just a one click process, right?

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I have been working hard on this. I am making a game. Do you guys like my characters?
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Here is the multicultural one!
the lack of any hard edges is really off putting. he looks like he's made out of clay. also the hair being nondescript blob is very gross looking. either way here's your (you)
>literally no design
>shapes are very cheap looking, no definition anywhere
>terrible choice of colours
>looks like a claymotion character from a 70s high school project made in 5min
>scanline render with hard baked occlusion?

sorry m8, look at some cartoon references before moving forward with your project, I don't wanna be an asshole here but I highly doubt anyone will ever take any interest in something looking like this. Practice much needed.

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You shouldn't be using it at all because it's inaccurate.
and yet sanic exists
I wish they would deprecate features more often in 3D.
There's too much shit in the average 3D modeling package that you apparently shouldn't be using but wouldn't know otherwise unless you were actively keeping up with the times.

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sort of new, was looking to make a model for an unmarked police faction donk for GTA V.

I looked at a few tuts and it seemed simple, just take the siren/lights model from the cop car, unlink move and link to the new car, nw thats what i did, heres how it look in zmodeler and open iv,, however when I spawn it in game, the siren bits are far off to the front (will post next) if anyone knows whats going on, help would be much appreciated.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Hey /3/.
I'm modeling Izuku from Boku no hero Academia.
I've already modeled the head, but I have no idea on how I should model the hair.
Help pls
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tell us how you modeled the head
>modeling some shitty anime
kys maybe
show us the model

Hey guys. Im looking for a good Sketchup pro 2017 patch.
If anyone could redirect me to a trusted link I would appreciate it a lot.

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sketchup is shit tier.
blender is shit tier

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