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Zakmonsters is toch een spel? editie

Welkom: rekenaars, Wissel
Niet welkom: Spelstation 4, IksDoos Één (1)

Wat is je favoriete spel, /nederdraad/?
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Wie van jullie heeft een wissel?
Hoe duur is ie trouwens?
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>Wat is je favoriete spel
weet ik niet
wat vroeger mijn favoriete hobby was doe ik tegenwoordig nauwelijks meer.
hoe krijg ik het oude gevoel weer terug jongens?
Ik had 'm bij een vriend van me gespeeld, we speelden 1 2 Switch, was best lollig oetz

Op mediamarkt verkopen ze hem voor 330 euro

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So.... why exactly is it Australia can't into making videogames?
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Too busy shitposting
Normalfag culture.

Ah yes, international video games!
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Where is the leaf character

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Let this board be proof that every shitposter on /v/ is a leaf.
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Which European nation has the best tastes in vidya?
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wtf I love latvia now
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Why do Germans love work simulation vidya so much?
I wouldn't really care what my leader did on his/her free time in his/bedroom.

Problem is, any homosexual seeking leaderpositions is always a flamboyant faggot and has to use their gayness as a merit/argument.

Also Binland has shit taste in vidya. Everyone just plays shitty mobas on their toasters and thinks this makes them "ebin masterrace".

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Why are there no good WW1 games?
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rise of flight
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Verdun faggot

>its a france trysand fails to rebel episode
>its a cousin you sent to take the vows is gathering an army episode
>its a byzantines call you into a war against a muslim 30 stack episode
>its another vassal tries to invade england episode
>its an eldest son dies leaving his depressed alcoholic brother or his infant son in line to inherit episode
>its an germany sets up an antipope and gets immediately blown the fuck out episode
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I've fapped more to CKII than I have to most of the porn games I've played

Tribalism was a mistake
>when you take your 16 year old attractive genius niece as your concubine
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wrong one

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Is there any nation where teenagers aren't horrible monsters?
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south korea maybe?
No, they're all idiots spending more than half their waking hours trying to fit in and looking for attention.
north korea

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why are swedish games so fucking perfect?
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Swedish society is a lost cause, so they have to channel every ounce of effort and skill into video games to distract themselves.
How many refugees can you let into Sweden in these games?
The sequels for 3 of those aren't that great.

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Does /vint/ like Monster Hunter?
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No MHXX was fucking shit. MH4u and MHFU are GOAT.
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You bet your burger dick

Is this really the last piece of Dark Souls we're ever going to get?

What will I look forward to now? ;_;
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Lego worlds
What, it has Dark Souls combat?

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Are there any good RPG games with co-op that came out in the last ten years or so?
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I fucking wish. The only thing I've played with someone else was Diablo III on a console, and then it takes so much longer for each menu because you have to wait for the other person.
As far as ARPG go, there are:
Grim Dawn
Vikings: Wolves of Midgard
Van Helsing
Titan Quest remaster thingy
Path of Exile

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>Level takes place in your shitty irrelevant country
Best /vint/ feel.
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It's an unknown kind of feel
>east euro level
>either very cloudy or snow or night time rain
>russian choir starts playing

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>thought this place would be even shittier after the merge
>things have been surprisingly comfy

I kinda want this to stay
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It seems like they left all of the april fool's boards as hidden boards. I wonder how long it will last
same tbqh, although I would like /v/posters to be +20, but I can't complain
If the admins leave this place alone, I'm sure it'll develop its own distinct culture from /v/ and /int/, maybe it has long term viability.

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Are there descendants of historically famous people in your country?
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Genghis Khan
Leopold II

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