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I do not get it.
I was watching : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D84FYufHt1I

People rock up with 32kg luggage.
BA allows 23kg per suitcase.
People are asked to take some stuff out and take it with them as hand luggage.

What does it matter where people put it?
The total weight of the suitcase and hand luggage will still be on the plane.

Or are people taking shit out to not have the 'overweight' charge?
Doesn't this show that people can cheat the system and the check-in staff are helping?

Or have it missed the point.
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Put your bike in a hard-cased container to stop the air service staff from breaking it. They'll still find a way to lose it though.
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U dumb, bro?
Just place the Americans in the front seats

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itt: we talk about times transportation fucked us over

ever get cucked by a form of transportation /n/?
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Yes I have been cucked by public transportation.

The 123 bus service ran by Stagecoach East Kent has run late in the past.

>Pic sort of related.
Ever waited 45 minutes at a train station only to have the train blast past you going 60 mph? I have, the conductor was looking right at my dumb ass. Not a scheduled stop. Had to walk 25 minutes and wait an hour for a bus with a gay bartender in an apple bees. Public transit gets so bad as soon as you get even slightly out if the city.
One time I had to catch a bus that passed through a tiny stop in the middle of the highway at midnight, the bus just sped past, I had to sleep on the street that night

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holy shite .jpg
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*blocks your path*
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fuck cagers fuck racists and FUCK white people
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Psssh, nuthin' personal, cager

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Bicycle commuting in Britain is not healthy. I tried it once and my throat was sore for the whole day. Cycling is basically exercising and greatly exchanges the breathing volume. The exhaust fumes, tire dust and brake dust from cars and trucks is simply too much in British cities. Motorcycles and mopeds are even worse. These gasses are toxic make you feel light headed. The particulates damage your nerve system and greatly increase your chance on Alzheimer.

Not saying a car is much healthier either, but a) with a good modern car you have a great air filters
b) your breathing volume is much lower.

The train is still the best option for me. No car congestion and generally much cleaner air.

I would only consider commuting on a bicycle if you could constantly ride on country roads or independent cycle paths far away from car congestion, but the simple fact is you can't.
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I agree that train is best when available, but get checked by a doctor for EIA (exercise induced asthma) , I used to get that after cycling in the city until I was medicated for it, sounds weird but until I was diagnosed by chance I thought I was just unhealthy and air was bad.
It's still healthy for you.
could always use a mask

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What is the correct way to turn across traffic and why is it always the hook turn?

Seriously though stop using the pedestrian crossings to turn right.
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I used to do that before I got a mirror. Still do it on occasion in the winter when my glasses get so iced over I can't see what is behind me.

I generally don't make turns across traffic on busy streets unless there is a dedicated lane for those turns. Plan ahead and make the turn in a less shitty spot.
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Even where there is a dedicated turning lane, it's better to do the hook turn.
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What in the actual fuck is that OP? How does it make turning safer? Jughandles are way better

You have five seconds to explain why you don't have bike tassels
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I enjoy my masculinity and maturity as an adult.

Same. I let my beard and pit hair flap in the wind instead.
muh aero

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What do you guys think about bycicle forks with colors missmatching the frame color?
Do they make the bikes look more agressive, less classy, make the frame looks better, what are the best combos
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Whatever floats your boat, man.
Whatever pulls your train, dude.
I want some opinions mang, i have a bike like the OP pic but with a black fork, and im thinking of painting it.

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/PYBT/ post your bike thread

rides like a tank edition
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yea senpai, looking at stems/adaptors as i type
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>that fender fitting

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Where can I talk about BMX?
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bmxfag reporting in

my ride sucks and i suck at bmx cause i started riding late and i dont have constancy needed.

but i love the shits. wont let it go.


post vids you have been checkin out

probably reddit or something

don't get me wrong. I respect the trials skillset.
but holy fuck BMX riders are subhuman unmanchildren.
could you elaborate ? actually curious

anyone have any experience with belt driven bikes such as Priority or the new Ikea Sladda? mainly just looking for a bike to commute to work with and occasionally go to the park. Thanks!
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Looks gay
No experience but I do know that they work and require less maintenance than chains. They're not quite as efficient, and they require an exact alignment (so no external gearing) so derailluers are pointless with them.
Good for fixies or hub-gear bikes.
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absolutely dont buy the new IKEA bike. it weights a billion tonnes.
however, CANYON has made a commuter bike with beltdrive, that is absolutely stunning, albeit a bit more expensive.

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