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I honestly don't know where to put this thread. But something tells me it's better suited here.

I need to raise the temperature of my house to at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 130-140 would be preferred. I have an unfortunate infestation, and I'd like to nip it in the bud before it takes a toll on my health and sanity.

I have a wood stove, and I go out and cut my own wood. I was hoping this would be the cheapest/ safest method to heat my house too the needed temperature.

Is there a formula on hand for how hot my house will get? As in, how
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depends on your isolation, you should do this with a software
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Op, too had an infestation and I considered raising the temperature but in my situation I would have had to do it with propane or electric. So I tried something different I put a 5 foot piece of pvc pipe on my shop vac, this let me vacuum every nook and cranny of my house floor to ceiling with with ease. I was able to eradicate my problem with my shop vac, give it a try if anything it will severely put a dent in the problem. Having said that what people usually do with raising the heat is they use a temperature monitor with probes in various parts of the house this will let...
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Find and caulk every hole in the house, then leave a few cubic feet of dry ice out over about a week. It should suffocate everything. If you want to be hardcore, buy a cannister of carbon monoxide and leave it on just before you leave.

WARNING do NOT do this if there is any chance that someone could show up. Leave warning signs just inside the house in case someone does.

DO NOT INITIATE THIS PROCESS WITH A DOOR CLOSED! Keep a door or two open until you walk out the door. Prop it open to ensure it can't...
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Hey /diy/ my girlfriend's stupid fucking dog tore a strip out of our carpet and I need to fix it. Besides throwing the dog out are there anyways to fix the carpet
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If you have spare carpet you can pull a strip out and dry wedging it into place with a blunt woods chisel. If no spare carpet or you own the house, put up with it and either way kick the fucking shit generator.
Self bump
You will have to buy some new carpet

I have a house built in the 1960's with two bath tubs fitted with hair traps similar to that shown. The drains are now slow and I can't snake them because the snake can't get through the trap. Liquid plumber hair dissolver helps a little but the drain is still too slow to take a shower without the tub filling.

The idiots who built the house didn't leave any access panels so I have to open walls/ceilings to get to these damned things. I managed to get to one through a closet to see what it looks like but I can't get purchase on the bottom plug
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>I have no idea if there is a strainer inside of _or_ if it works like a big P-trap.
>it works like a big P-trap
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>>it works like a big P-trap

except that proper P-traps are self-scouring, meaning they don't fill up with hair or dirt.

However, as seen in pic related, you can repair a drum trap by sawing the bottom off and putting a coffee can on it and sealing it up.

apparently they suck so much they are not allowed any more:


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I've been using my electric toothbrush recently to clean off small parts instead of doing it by hand and it works surprisingly well for removing things in small crevices. I was wondering if anyone had "repurposed" their toothbrush base into an oscillating tool. It seems like it would be powerful enough for to cut plastics and maybe soft metals, or as a miniature sander, if you had the right attachment. Would this be possible/has it been done, or is it a dumb idea?
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>dat feel when posting the wrong pic
I've heard lots of women re-purposed them as sex toys.
its incredibly common to use toothbrushes, including electric ones, for cleaning grease and stuff

id doubt its efficiency as a racker for lockpicking but theres no reason you cant get softer or harder brush heads for polishing and the like

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So I have this pipe wrench
Is it useful?
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aren't all stillsons ratcheting by nature?
Does it work? If so, yes.
Handle moves to clear objects a straight handle might not clear with sufficient room to swing.

I'd keep it. You can never have too many specialty wrenches.

I have this old radio with a vinyl player (turntable, pickup) module. It's from the 70s. I want to make it work again. The pickup module is working I lubricated the motor and you can hear sound from the cartridge (the thing with the needle that reads from disk) when a disk is played. I resoldered some detached joints on this board but it still doesn't manage to pick up the signal from the vinyl player and play it through the speaker. I would love to make the radio work too. So what else should I be looking for on this board? Also I checked some capacitors (the big ones and some other small ones) with an ohm meter and they seem fine.
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Is putting foil on a window to block all light a bad idea?

Someone told me it would make my room even hotter in the summer.
But I can't find any good info on Google
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OP, are you ok? Whats going on little buddy? You are loved.
You'd think it would make a great curtain due to its mirror like properties. The more light that is reflected away the better. Do it
I use an emergency blanket. They act like a one-way mirror though. So, at night people can see in if you don't have blinds closed. It doesn't make the room hotter.

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takin apart this fanuc,
sorry i had to start with out you, but i had to get it out of my dads truck before he found out, so i needed to lighten the load
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joint6 had a servo + harmonic gear attatched which is where the end of arm tool would go. my boss looted that gear before i got it, which sucks because it looks like that was the only harmonic gear in the lot
>takin apart

what for, anon? Is it still functional?
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this is the gear train for joint 5, not what i was expecting, but still nice, the next pic shows where the motor mounts

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Can somebody provide me with a service manual for Marantz MCR611 or MCR610? The only manuals I can find are paid ones. Thanks in advance.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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I've never really posted on this board but here it goes.

How difficult is it to change/fix a deadbolt locking mechanism? My front door to the apartment has a fucked up deadbolt that won't lock. The key can't be inserted at all and it looks like somebody might have tampered with it.

I live in an apartment complex and my property manager is a Puerto Rican asshole who takes months to respond to work orders.
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easy. Get it at a hardware store and you can probably get them to set it to your old key if you want.
fuck re-keying it, just replace it and go about your business. if the manager spic says anything tell them you needed it replaced and couldnt wait for them to fix it. they dont need to be going in your apartment at will anyways stealing your shit.
Same here, I took it apart and there's a small rotating part that just shattered under stress.

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so im looking for a tool cart and this harbor freight thing is exactly what i had in mind and i checked it irl and it doesn't seem that bad

anyone have experience with them?

i cant really afford a snap on or MAC right now

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Hazard Freight carts are fine, people like them
I have this exact same cart. I work at UPS on ground equipment and it holds a full compliment of basic mechanic tools and then some. I also pull it around our large warehouse bay. The drawers slide easy. The draw have a latch that keep each closed. The no slip pad that comes with then are junk. You'll need to replace them with something better. It is important to note that I have a tendency to slam my drawers shut. No complaints. Recommend reading reviews on the website for assembly tricks.

Also has 2 sets of keys. You can also by you small tray to attach.
>The no slip pad that comes with then are junk. You'll need to replace them with something better.

hey you got a recommendation for that? i bought a cheap toolbox that's mechanically ok but the non slip mats were all rotted out. i tried the cheap beaded? foam mesh for kitchen drawers but they still slip back

While I was growing-up, I loved the show "Junkyard Wars."

Because of that, I want to learn to create power-sources from junk.

I'm talking junk windmills, junk gasoline generators, junk waterwheels, etc.

I don't care about the fact that this is a fool's errand and the products would likely be wildly-inefficient. I just think it would be a fun novelty/time-waster.

Does anyone know of any good books to study?

How the hell do I start amassing components? I didnt't think junkyards just let you come in and buy shit.
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DC motors work as generators, so find a big one and build a machine to spin it. No need to get much into the theory of it, just find some parts and mess around. Here's a good video of what I'm talking about.


As for components, I've had good luck at flea markets, but otherwise just look for junk on the side of the road.
Permanent magnet motors are the easiest ones to get up and producing electric. The other types can be used too, but some need the stator charged to make the field and some need that plus being spun at around 10% faster than their rated speed to do it.

Creating your own permanent magnet generator is also pretty easy and can have much tougher durability than simply refitting a used motor.

>How the hell do I start amassing...
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Does anyone have experience with electric chainsaws? I need something simple just to cut up fallen branches and the like. Are they pretty reliable? Bonus points if they're easier to get started than gas-powered models. Any brands to recommend or stay away from?

Also, chainsaw general thread, I guess?
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you're not a man unless you own and maintain a 2 stroke chainsaw.

buy a small husqvarna and be happy.
I'm totally fine not owning a 2-stroke chainsaw. Not looking to upgrade my masculinity, only clear some fallen branches.

Know anything helpful about electric models?
no sorry. try >>>/lgbt/

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Hey guys! Looking to build a computer desk 4'x2'. I already have aluminum legs fabbed and welded but now I am looking for a wooden desk.

Preferably premade and not over 50 bucks.

Also, ideas regarding /diy/ will be taken into consideration. I have all the tools necessary minus a table saw or stuff like that. I love wood grains.

Pic unrelated but it's a Poulan chainsaw I took apart to clean the Schmoo out of. Anyone else take pics of bolts and where they go?
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IKEA sells beech desk tops for $80, don't know if you have them over there. Asking around for used tables might get you one but I'd imagine they all would need some work before looking good.
You should be able to find an old door to buy or pick up for free
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Go down to Goodwill or your local thrift store and find a desk/table with a nice top of the right size. Take off the legs and stuff, sand, refinish and fasten to your legs.

Or you could just .... (pic related)

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give them to me
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