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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

>be me
>be 11 years old
>was at home with parents
>aunt visits us
>she brings the cutest of creatures into our household
>the moment i lied eyes on it, i knew it was love for life
>it was a Shiba Inu and I adore everything about it
>all is well, we spend a great time me and the beast
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damn that was fast
this explains it everything.

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Trips opens the box. Hint: It is strange porn.
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Honest Opinions on Muslims

I'll start

> Arranged Marriage is NOT in the Qu'ran.

> White Muslims are hot!
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>arranged marriage not in shitran
but fucking 9 yo cunt is at least divine
>white people are hot
cause theyre people not sandniggers
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In Islam you cannot actually be with a woman unless she has hit puberty first.

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This dude got nearly killed on twitch. By 2 black guys what are the odds eh?
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Surprise!! Violent niggers in the US. These fuckers are cancer. Think about it. Niggers function in society exactly like cancer.
>Guy goes looking for a fight
>Finds one
>/btards learn the world beyond their basement is not their safe space

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>just checked the rule of law-index
>my country in ranked in 4th place among the four nordic countries
>also ranked 4th globally

typical day in scandinavia
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Finland is Winland
Denmark >>>
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This only proves how subservient to authority your population is; this certainly isn't something you should be proud of.

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lets see your best cleavage pics
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tbh my cleavage isn't all that impressive and it's pretty hairy
Antone like??
then fucking shave them you animal

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What are you /drinking/ bros? also why are you drinking?

I'm drinking pic related because being drunk can get me through the day easily.
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I'm on my 3rd pbr tall right now because fuck it. Hate this shitty beer btw.
I need some drinks. Any beer whiskey vodka or tequila
>johnny walker red
My favorite whiskey.

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ITT: Post a picture of that girl you know that you reckon is a 10/10 and then everyone else roasts the shit out of them.
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Pretty cute. Why would you want to roast her?
Well she's good at make-up. I don't feel like I really know what she looks like, she's just made herself up to look like your average generic instaho
Fuck her in the mouth and I'll get her in the cunt and we'll spitroast her.

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Girls flashing in public
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thoughts on my daughters?
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they're cute
They're all Asian and female.
6/10 would still tounge punch their fart boxes

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rate my cock?
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Looks like a Saturn V rocket.

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Creepshot thread c'mon
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Tell me about the types of girls you (try to) avoid based on earlier experiences with them.

For me it's the choker-wearing, game-playing, anime-watching, thigh-high-wearing geeky chicks who play to my basement-dwelling past self and can just fuck around with my shit like they want to. Every time I think I'm out one of these skinny pieces of shit pops out from some circle of friends of a friend and makes me forget how good things were between them. It's always about how nice and different she is to the last one but I forget not to fuck with these bitches.

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Sad, but for me it's intellectual types. They always end up not wanting a family (in their mind having children is a curse from the past), and tending to do less and less at home while I have to work and cleanup their shit. It's like raising a baby of my own age.

I'd love an intelligent girl who doesn't think she's better than everyone else.
You just described me exactly exept im also trans lol
Ones who change their bastard hair colour every month.

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negro penis.webm
2 MB, 1920x1080
you can't compete whiteboi
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Now that's a real man's cock.
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lol, so long tight ass/pussy, it was nice knowing you

my ex from about 10 years ago. she was a scene cunt then. shes a pudgy lobotomy eyed fuck today. she always thought her fat ass was model material LOL. trips decides what i say next faggots
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I meant that you look more like you've got fucking nigger cancer.
I shoulda taken care fo you back in 'nam when I had the chance
I thought you could only get better with age, boy was I fucking wrong

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