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>be 10-11
>have only lived with cats
>desperately wanted a dog in my life
>loved everything I saw about them
>begged mom for one
>always said that once there was enough room, we would
>fast forward to today
>have four cats now
>get home
>big fucking dog there
>knew we were getting a dog, just not when
>feel absolutely nothing for it
>two sisters are the only ones excited for it
fucking hell, where did the dog magic go
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apologize for wasting 30 seconds of my life with this teenage blogpost.
Aw :(

That sucks OP, if it means anything you can't help but grow to love them

What kind of dog is it?

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Did you rename your dog? Was it hard to make them listen to the new name? Some owners give their dogs stupid names, hence I'm asking.
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i always rename them and it's always fine
you can trick them with the old name for a while but they eventually forget
My brother did it with a 6 mo old german shepherd. Took 1 or 2 weeks for him to learn it, I'd say. Since then it's been as if he never had a different name.

Your mileage obviously could vary with an older dog/less clever breed.
Sounds good.
Thank you!

What dis? Do I delet?
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rove beetle. not a house pest or harmful
They are in muh house biting muh dog. :/
*Concerned face

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birds are gay
anyone who likes birds is gay
you're gay
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Fuck off scale fag
birds are the best
go back to fucking your smelly dog you stupid cunt
back the fuck off??

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cat skin rash.png
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>inb4 call the vet (I have)

Anybody here use Seresto collars? Do allergic reactions look like this for them?

My cat has had food allergies (the vet thinks) for a while, but he's had two bald spots near his shoulder blades show up recently even on his 'restricted diet' food the vet recommended. Now this two-quarter sized waxy, scabby, flaky spot's shown up - but only on the back of his neck, near the two bald spots that are healing. It does not circle his neck, and I don't see irritation elsewhere. He's had the collar a week or so.

I come to /an/ because his case doesn't seem like an answer I can easily find online. Since we only see the bald spots near the back of neck/collar bones instead of his head, I thought maybe it's from a flea allergic reaction? So I'm stuck between leaving the collar on and risking it if it's the problem, or taking it off and risking a worse reaction from more flea bites.

The bald spots existed before the collar, but the two-quarter one did not.
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Have you tried a flea bath yet?
You gonna pay for the bill?

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My school has an tradition that certain group has to take care and maintain a small pine that grows outside our campus and they get thrown in to the see if it dies. Useally ppl just steal it but thats kinda old news so i though that i would poison it slowly and watch them struggle to maintain it over period of couple days with them knowing what is to come. Any advice?
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Each day slip just a little salt into the soil. Do this for four days. On the fifth pay a black man to steal it.
Put horse manure on the ground where the tree grows and water it every few day. The tree will soon die, guaranteed
Piss/puke on it every chance you get.

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I recently took in two ~7 month old cats, one is male, the other female. I got their rabies vaccinations yesterday, so now it's finally time to get them both fixed. The vet I've been seeing sent me the estimates this morning (pictured). I have the money to pay, this isn't an issue of not being able to afford my pets, but these numbers seem kind of crazy. It shouldn't cost that much, right? A quick Google search says a spay costs $200 max.

I was hoping you guys could help me clarify if this vet is charging way too much and if I should find another. I like them okay, but this isn't the first time I've felt like they were overcharging.
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Why don't you just neuter the male? There isn't a real good reason to neuter a female.

A neuter is cheaper than a spay because they just slash open the sack and rip the balls out.
>There isn't a real good reason to neuter a female.
Until it goes into heat and is annoying as fuck or gets an infected uterus from not carrying a litter and it costs 5 times as much to spay.
From my experience working for a local vet, yes, this is high. I'm not sure where you are located but that may have something to do with it. Something else you may consider: is the vet that gave you this estimate a 24 hour emergency vet? Is it a popular chain (VCA for example)? Both of those will charge much higher prices given their convenience and availability of staff at all times. My suggestion is to definitely call around and find a cheaper vet for the surgeries.

>breast, ovarian, uterine cancer
>annoying ass loud cat
>accidental kittens if she gets outside

You're an idiot.

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why don't nobody like dem ole catfishies? Dey's goo' cridders.
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My favorite fish are redtail catfish. I'll never have the room for one.
there are people that don't like catfish?
mmmmmmmmm don't believe you
Cuz they grow to be 8 feet long and they drown people and eat them.

There's something about being killed by a fish in murky, shallow water that's somehow so much more horrifying than being killed in the open ocean by a shark.

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Guys my dog does this everyday since I brought him home from the shelter.

His name is Bear.
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sticking to the ceiling is not normal behavior. you should take him to the vet.
>does this

What specifically do you mean by "this"?
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Look at him!? You're telling me all dogs act like this?

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