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what did she mean by this?
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Why does she sit like that?
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maybe her butt hurts

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Time to introduce our new best bros to our most time-honored tradition.

>stand up
>go hug your little sister
>tell her you lover her
>come back and post results
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Oh shit are we doing this... sadly I have no imouto.
I was treated with a "ok" when I did this to mine awhile back.

She's not someone I'd like to get into "that" kind of relationship with.
>that comic
gets me everytime

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Most people don't remember that he actually dreamed of being in a girl band.
literally this
I wonder how many athletes watch Fist of the North Star.

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hey /spa/
become meguca
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there's already a thread, Sayaka

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>fave anime
>top fetish
>do they cross over?
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Yosuga no Sora
Mind control/Hypnosis
Not really at all

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is this the greatest moment in anime history?
still cant believe it literally happened
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This is the greatest thing to happen to /sp/ since 2012.

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Quiz time: Who is the best Free?
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No question.

/Spa/ edition, no phones
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Two shows airing at the same time, sports show where both take place in the same universe. The last episode is a double length feature of the two shows teams competing against each other for the championship.
rising football star wins everything in club football but can't perform for his national team
meanwhile, he is reencountered with his childhood friend and a love comedy plays out
his main rival wins the euro cup while the MC loses his national cup

the next world cup, and his last chance at winning, is drawing near
troubled times are putting his team's qualification at risk, and in the darkest hour the MC gets banned from the competition

how will it all play out? stay tuned for the next episode

made by SUNRISE
CGDCT, but curling

curling is an ideal show for a cute girl oriented sporting anime

>Magic number of 4 main girls.
>possibly one coach, could be a guy, could be the 5th odd ball friend, could be an older teacher.
>could be intense with a tournament competition arc
>could be funny with learning to curl and falling on butts
>could be sexy with lots of fit butts and girls with brooms
>could be comfy with tea breaks half way through games.

its CGDCTs so a plot isn't even needed.

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How about a /spa/ts thread?
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do girls wear pantsu under them?

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Its not Tuesday, but we need /sp/ opinions on what matters most.

ToTT: would you work out with her?
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I would work out with her if I could brush her teeth afterwards.
you sure can anon.

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>yfw Japanese Moot merged the best board with the worst board
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Hey, /sp/ isn't that bad.
/sp/ is a shitty board always will be...only gay fags like to watch other gay dudes running around chasing BALLS
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I don't think /sp/'s the worst, but it's pretty bad

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ojamajo doremi circlejerk
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How long will /spa/ last?
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Silly anon, they were completely serious about permanently merging these boards
but im still posting on regular >>>/sp/ right now, don't get me wrong i hope it stays

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Sporting map.png
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>Wake up
>See this

Wut do?
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Watch some football apparently.
Watch the match
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>literal nigger sport

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