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These were the blm and other alt left loons that marched from Charlottesville to DC and were hoping for thousands but ended up only getting a dozen or so. They wanted to create a month long occupy type protest. You probably didn't bear about it because these anti Trump protests are getting smaller and sadder.
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>these anti Trump protests are getting smaller and sadder
...because they're unnecessary when DumpTruck is burying himself

'Babe' the pig is currently being looked after while seeking a new home

'Babe' was saved from slaughter by a vegan advocate (Photo: Rekash Sinanin Facebook)

A vegan activist has rescued a pig who jumped off a truck that headed to slaughter.

Photographer and vegan advocate Rekash Sinanin saved the pig from her soon-to-be death when he saw 'Babe' - as he named the pig - running on the freeway in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Sinanin shared the details of the rescue in a live Facebook video, and he asked his viewers to help him find a suitable home for the pig.


Sinanin said in the video that he managed to save Babe because he 'was at the right place, and at the right time'.

"I managed to catch her before she was knocked and put her into my backseat," added Sinanin.

The activist asked his viewers to help him find a loving home for 'Babe': "We need to find her a safe home; we need to find her a place where she can be protected."

The pig was taken to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals [SPCA], where she will be taken care of until a suitable home can be found.

A spokesperson for SPCA said that the pig was badly bruised and very stressed when she was brought in, but added that "One of our vet’s are treating her and we hope she recovers."

Rekash Sinanin received praise on social media, with many applauding him and saying 'We need more humans like you'.


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Vegan saves pig part 2
I hope the farmer who owns the pig gets the vegan arrested for stealing.
Me too. I hope every pig gets killed tomorrow!


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He may be a slime bag, but at least he's a slime bag that stands by his decisions.
Hypocritical asshole!
What does climate change have to do with a flood? Do liberals actually think floods are a new phenomenon caused by fossil fuels?

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>One night in mid-March, Alan Malcher, a British military veteran, dropped into the Queen’s Arms, a working-class pub in north London. He took a seat at the bar and ordered his customary pint of Foster’s. Within a few minutes, a stranger sidled up, ordered a drink and started a conversation. He soon brought up Russian President Vladimir Putin and began saying positive things about the Moscow-backed separatist civil war in Ukraine.

>“He was going on about Putin being a strong leader,” Malcher recalls. “Somebody to admire.” The stranger’s comments, delivered with a thick Slavic accent, made Malcher’s security antennae vibrate: He had recently joined a Washington, D.C.–based think tank involved in combatting Russia’s stealthy infiltration of American social media. So when the stranger made passing reference to Malcher’s army service, he felt a twinge of apprehension. “There’s no way he could have known that except via LinkedIn,” Malcher says, referencing the professional online networking site where he and other critics of Moscow had been active in international affairs discussion groups. An expert in information warfare, Malcher reasoned that the Kremlin had dispatched the stranger to the Queen’s Arms with a message: We know everything about you. Watch your step.
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>Experts have increasingly called attention to Russia’s use of covert “propaganda factories” to subvert democracy, flooding Twitter and Facebook with millions of computer-generated bots posting under false names (often unwittingly picked up and amplified by supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump). But its battle on LinkedIn to neutralize enemies has gone largely unnoticed. There, however, Newsweek has found that pro-Moscow forces have put constant pressure on the company to suspend or evict adversaries, many with long, distinguished careers in the U.S. military or its intelligence agencies. Not only has this muzzled credentialed critics and damaged professional reputations, but if Malcher’s suspicions are right, the Kremlin’s campaign to combat its adversaries on social media may have moved beyond cyberspace and into the streets.

>LinkedIn provides a rich hunting ground for Russian agents. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, most of its estimated 500 million, predominantly white-collar subscribers use it to advertise their expertise, seek employment or engage with peers in expert-based discussion groups. To bolster their credentials, most—even current and former U.S. national security officials—post detailed résumés and recommendations from their colleagues. That provides fodder for Russian intelligence to gather detailed information on its most formidable critics and cast doubt on the truth of those accomplishments.
>“The Russian special services are for sure exploiting LinkedIn to gather personal information on certain targets and possibly recruit and blackmail them,” says a close Kremlin watcher at a university in a former Soviet satellite state, asking for anonymity to protect himself. “They operate under fabricated identities and credentials, while the Russian propaganda and trolling campaigns are widely applied on the platform.”

>The pro-Moscow campaign has recently expanded—and, in some cases, gone offline—allege some American LinkedIn members who have been criticizing Russia’s covert attacks on the West. A few days before Malcher was approached in a London pub in March, a former U.S. national security official who had been contesting Kremlin propaganda on LinkedIn says he was assaulted near his retirement home in France. “I was shopping at the local supermarket when I was stung on my lower-right thigh by something, probably with an umbrella,” Giles Raymond DeMourot tells Newsweek. An hour later, he says, a doctor extracted bits of “what seemed like a wooden needle” from the wound. Lab tests determined it was “impregnated with carbapenem-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa,” a potentially lethal “superbug,” he says, and he’s had to make several visits to his doctor for treatments. “I am still not out of the woods,” he adds. (DeMourot supplied a hospital document confirming the wound was caused by “wooden splinters” and that “only an outside intervention [event] can explain the infection.”)
>He strongly suspects his assailant was connected to Russia. Still working as a defense and foreign policy consultant for private clients, DeMourot had been writing exposés of alleged Russian intelligence front groups and agents in France and Belgium “with names, places and dates” on LinkedIn. And he had been relentlessly singled out for rebutting Kremlin apologists about the seizure of Crimea and subversion of Ukraine. “At one stage,” he says, “I received many…phone calls with death threats.”

>To DeMourot, the attack was a disquieting replay of a Cold War–era, Russian KGB assault on Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian dissident who died in 1978 after being injected with a poison pellet from an umbrella jab on a London street. Other critics have been attacked with poison too, notably an ex-KGB officer turned freelance investigator named Alexander Litvinenko, who died in London in 2006 after a Kremlin agent laced his tea with polonium.

>Paul Cobaugh, a former U.S. Army psychological warfare expert, says the accounts of DeMourot and Malcher sound right to him: “When I see influence operations, I know them.” Cobaugh, who retired from the U.S. Special Operations Command in 2015, has also been harassed by Russian trolls on LinkedIn after posting comments critical of Moscow. (In August 2016, he wrote to Republican Representative Will Hurd of Texas, a former CIA officer, urging a congressional inquiry into “Russian abuse of…LinkedIn to achieve a national security advantage over the U.S.”)

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What a happy face!

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High carbohydrate intake is associated with a higher risk of mortality, and high fat intake with a lower risk, researchers report.

An international team of scientists studied diet and mortality in 135,335 people between 35 and 70 years old in 18 countries, following them for an average of more than seven years. Diet information depended on self-reports, and the scientists controlled for factors including age, sex, smoking, physical activity and body mass index. The study is in The Lancet.

Compared with people who ate the lowest 20 percent of carbohydrates, those who ate the highest 20 percent had a 28 percent increased risk of death. But high carbohydrate intake was not associated with cardiovascular death.

People with the highest 20 percent in total fat intake — an average of 35.3 percent of calories from fat — had about a 23 percent reduced risk of death compared with the lowest 20 percent (an average of 10.6 percent of calories from fat). Consuming higher saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat were all associated with lower mortality. Higher fat diets were also associated with a lower risk of stroke.

“Guidelines recommend low saturated fat, and some recommend really low amounts,” said a co-author, Andrew Mente, an epidemiologist at McMaster University in Ontario. “Our study, which captures intake at the lowest levels, shows that this may be harmful.”

Current federal guidelines recommend a diet that provides no more than 35 percent of calories from fat.

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>healthy fats are better for you than simple carbs
unless i'm not understanding something, this isn't news
>An international team of scientists studied diet and mortality in 135,335 people between 35 and 70 years old in 18 countries, following them for an average of more than seven years.

The news is the scale of the study
And your point is?? Ya want us to chime for you or agree with it, be awed by it?? Why dont you say qhat you thinkbof it so we can fuck you in the ass? Js

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Wants someone or not, but the Agreement on the Association of Ukraine with the European Union finally and fully entered into force on September 1. Moreover, the event is more symbolic, because in fact the majority of the provisions of the treaty have already operated earlier, albeit in a temporary regime.

It is interesting that the news was mainly focused on the Russian media, which continue to frighten the scammers about the incorrectness of this choice of ordinary citizens of the young state, and the Ukrainian authorities, which obviously exaggerate their services to the electorate. Local media preferred either to keep silent, or to illuminate the accomplished action neutrally, without making a sensation out of it.

In exchange for joining the agreement, the Netherlands was required by the EU to adopt a "special position of this country". The European Union guaranteed to The Hague that the association agreement will not give Ukraine the right to apply for automatic membership in the EU in the future, that Kiev will not be able to receive funding from the Union's structural funds and will not become a participant in its defense programs, even though Poroshenko, without noticing these restrictions, voicing their hopes for this.

Experts note that almost from September 1 for ordinary Ukrainians little will change. This also applies to the situation in the Donbass, since the provisions of the treaty, which relate to cooperation in the areas of defense, conflict prevention, do not fully operate. And also in the areas of taxation, finance, migration, border control and the fight against terror.

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Interesting to me. Thoughts?

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