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Ask a guy whose LGS is palmetto state armory anything.
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do they have a public bathroom there
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you can and probably do suck dick anywhere, faggot
this thread is dying like it should.

sage goes in all field.

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Regardless of how it compares to the AR-15 is this still a quality rifle?
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they are decent enough
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yeah, I guess

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I always see posts about handguns and gear but never really anything on actually shooting or accuracy. Was wondering what resources or tips /k/ uses to get tight groups. Also thinking about getting a Ruger MK4 for practicing, thoughts?
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Probably because people would have to acknowledge that .38 super is a pretty good round.
A .22 pistol like that Ruger is a great asset to practicing handgun accuracy. Find a good and stable stance (I prefer modified weaver). Get a good solid grip on the handgun perform dry fire drills (NOT with a .22 pistol). Really focus on that front sight and trigger squeeze. Start at a range that's comfortable, then work your way up to longer ranges. Aim small miss small.

>can make a 2" group at 100 yards with an SKS
>can't group for shit with a handgun at 10 to 15 yards

Everything just flies off to the right, and I'm a lefty.

I got an Arab friend who is really into S.T.A.L.K.E.R larping and wants to buy an AK... How do I stop this?
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Kill him
airsoft ak
Dont stop someone from owning guns, op.

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What are the essential tools and accessories you need for gun care and maintenance? Recommended buys for a first-time gun owner?
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WD-40 and paper towels
no god why
Ballistol and a cleaning kit for whatever caliber you are using.
Troll post don't acknowledge

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why the hate from fudds and cucks for this rifle?

Is it because they were once $100? so you assume it's a bad rifle?

what do
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Because it is a bad rifle.

Only a few million of the hundreds of millions were ever refurbished or rebarreled. They're cheap because they're shit and it isn't economically viable to sift through the shit for a kernel of corn.

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>crush is also into guns
Who else here is /lucky/?
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who else here is /underage/?
My wife camps, hikes, fishes, and shoots both archery and funs with me. Feelsgoodman.jpg.

She has MS and can't hike very far now, though. Her limit is about two miles a day. Feelsbadman.jpg.

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How does one in2 competetive shooting from the very ground up? like first time firing a gun to USPSA shit
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spend money on ammo, not more guns
lurk on brianenos forum
watch videos of shooting drills (actual ones for competition)
perform said shooting drills
shoot tens of thousands of rounds per year
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>spend money on ammo, not more guns
>Get one good gun and spend the rest of your money on ammo
>shoot at least once a week.

Pic related will be your best friend.
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If you fuck up at >>35198819 then switch to pic related until you can hit your dot and continue.Once you can do this and do it reasonably quickly simply go to a match. Make it clear that you are knew and they will make sure you are safe and help you through your first match. As long as you are safe you can compete in local matches and practice makes perfect.

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Hello /k/,

I have the funds, and the ability of purchasing a firearm. Problem is, I am only 19. I have shot all sorts of guns, and want to own something defensible.

I'm in Texas, which I know has lenient laws on shotguns and rifles, but how does one fully do this process? Just go to the store and buy one and go through background checks? I haven't bought one before. Sorry for the newfag questions.
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dumb frogposter
Dude. Stop being autistic. Go to the store with an up to date license or I.D and you will walk out of the store with whatever you decide to purchase except for handguns
>Just go to the store and buy one and go through background checks?
Yeah basically.

Make sure your state ID (or driver's license) is up to date. Example form 4473s are available online so you can see what paperwork you will need to fill out ahead of time.

After you fill that out at the store, they call a hotline (but I've heard that it's an online process now that's even faster) and they tell you you're good to go.

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Hay /K/ so I've had this bullet since I've found it in my basement about 4years ago and it's getting white around there, what do? ( no I didn't fucking put it in chalk)
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Lead does that, dont worry about it. It's not like you're gonna shoot it anyway.
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its white because of lead oxide you tripfagging retard
Why are you saving a random bullet? Put the bullet on then stove and then it on high then take cover.

It's fun, me and my friend used to do it all the time and then his dad beat the shit out of him for putting bullets holes in the celing

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