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>stickers are still here
>hollow parts are still here
>Moonracer is a complete shellformer
>Dinobots are practically just flimsy G1 toys with built-in articulation
>Dinobot combiner is... Well, I mean, the images speak for themselves here
>Prime's truck mode looks like a fucking mess from any angle that isn't flat frontal
>Primal is not an organic gorilla or even some form of cybertronian beast like in Earth Wars, rather, he's literally just Optimal's fucking hoverboard
>Hun-Gurrr, one of the most hyped characters and the centerpiece for one of the most promising combiners, is just a shitty remold from a shitty CW mold that somehow manages to have less cohesive proportions than the 1987 toy

So, this is the "kino toyline" we were stoked for. Fuck, does the future look grim for Transformers.

Old thread: >>6515187
3rd party thread: >>6525451




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>I love the cell phone and gameboy ones.
Strangely enough those two and Meantime were the only ones I skipped at the time, I wish I hadn't in retrospect just because I'm close to a complete set. I love Longview and Zoomout, they're such good little background nobodies that help flesh out their respective armies.
If Moonracer shelfforms, that means you can make a bunch of different guys out of the same skelley like Highbrow/Scourge/Windblade?
I have both, the Gameboy is actually sort of bland and lame (especially the Autobot version, the Decepticon one at the very least has some interesting colors to it) but basically all three versions of the flip cellphone are brilliant. I would genuinely recommend going after at least one of them if you're still into the line. Also,

>Longview and Zoomout

Muh fellow afro-american.

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Welcome to /lg/; do you like sausages?

Previously: >>6518023
Constraction Thread/Shitstorm: >>6522778
Third-Party Bricks + Bootlegs: >>6426196

>LEGO General Discord server
>Flickr Group (Currently accepting Icon and Banner submissions)

Weekly Challenge (Running 9/10-9/17):
>Take any set from a particular theme and use it's parts to build something for an entirely different theme (eg. Using a Star Wars set to make something for Elves). The more different the themes, the better.
Thread Challenge:
>Make something /y/.
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A dumped thousands in ethereum. Now I can't buy any more bricks because I have to save monies.

I don't know what's worse the fact that I put 8 grand into cryptocurrencies. Or the fact that I think back upon spent money as money that could have been spent on lego.

Old >>6524397

This is the best CHUG Hot Rod toy. Say something nice to him.
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"You look like a nice dude, its a shame you can't hold your Matrix with those hands"
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head sculpt really does look like it jumped straight from the screen of the '86 Movie
Hot rod looks good, but he's fucking huge compared to normal deluxes.

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Any /toy/soldier here from Florida?

Please stay safe.

I know all of us here in /toy/ don't get along sometimes
but we're still a community.

I hope all of you Florida anons are safe from the hurricane.
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Florida /toy/soldier here, Buncha trees came down but didn't hit our house. Thanks for the well wishes
Lost power pretty early in the night, so I decided to box everything up and store it to avoid any issues with the incoming humidity and heat.

Seems like everyone I've spoken with has gotten out of this fairly alright; I hope the same for others.
Daytona Beach area reporting. Lost power but otherwise no damage or flooding.
Looks like I'll be grilling until the power is back on.

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-less compatible brick system
-no clones to use with it, outside of the stud bricks
-minifigs only work with its own brand
i have many more knex related injuries than lego ones
The fuck's a Knex

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What do you fellas think about the figures? Sorry if I don't know the model I just wanted to build it. lol I got this at the dollar tree store.
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File: IMG_0896.jpg (743KB, 2592x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And the back.. i know I mess up the shield
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I'm always eyeing the wolfguy but I always forget to.
Similar thing happens to me with Majin Bone, I forget and the boxes are fuckhuge.

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Playmates is releasing a 16" classic Voltron with lights & sounds. Multiple weapons as well. What do you think /toy/?
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That's neat but after the Chogokin I think I'm tapped out on classic Voltron. I wonder what they'll do to put their own touch on it. so many companies have done their own take on Voltron. Actually, I still kinda want Mattel's, shitty as it may be.
They really based it off the soul of chogokin mold but they probably cut out a lot of engineering and articulation in favor of the electronics and budgeting.

Best to actually wait for reviews of these guys to pop up and see the inevitable fuck ups in the paint apps that Playmates does.
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While it certainly has it's flaws, I love the size of the Matty Voltron and the ability to put 3.75" pilots inside each lion. If only Matty had gone with a lights/sounds gimmick like these instead of that stupid auto-transformation nonsense.

If you had a million dollars to spend on whatever you want...

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nigga don't be dumb, if I get a million dollars I'm going to stretch it out as long as possible. That's like 17 years of $60k salary for literally no work
A million is way more than I'd spend on a toy. I would buy a house, get some quality display cases for my high end collectibles, and buy materials to make a bunch of diorama displays to set my figures in.

Imagining rooms full of G.I. Joe battlefields and 1/150 scale cities filled with Kaiju and robots. Glorious.

Though if I had a million dollars, I'd probably shell out for a U.S.S. Flag.
If I had a million dollars, I doubt I'd be in this hobby any longer. Toys are just a cheap emotional place holder to stave off inner reflection of my own failures and a means by which I can distance myself from bringing others into my life because of how "embarrassing" owning them happens to be.

Toys R Us might file bankruptcy in 2018


What are your thoughts? As a former employee, all I can say is it has been a long time coming.
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Big Box retailers have been on the decline for about 16 years, why should Toys R Us be any different?
I hope you fucked your female coworkers
So where the fuck are we supposed to go for Nintendo shit now? Target & Walmart have dramatically reduced their sections, Toys R Us is closing, Amazon never has shit online, ToyWiz overcharges tenfold, and we never get any release dates when something actually does come out

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anyone else considering backing the new kickstarter?
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Ayy lmao
>no joint holding hand

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