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Eye Rate Thread


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Only pic i have of my eyes -- pupils are a bit big though. Theyre normally green/blue/hazel
9/10 though

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The absolute worst board on 4chan got combined with one of the best
They left /vr/ alone, why did they have to shit this one up?
See you fags tomorrow
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>proving my point
attention whore

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I live near an area with a lot of small ranches and horse owning people (south florida).

Im interested in taking some lessons, but every place i find online has rates from 50-75 dollars per session, which is much too high. How could i find a more affordable option for horseback riding lessons?
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If I were you I'd arrange the lessons but ask them before hand what you're gonna learn. Study up by watching youtube videos so you do better than a regular jackoff and do like 3 or 4 lessons to get the time on the horse.
Some places have public stables that are way cheaper than private lessons
Also, if you are just going to ride western style, you don't need lessons. Just sit on the horse

I've been looking at bringing along a bow on some of my camping trips. Would something like pic related (or any takedown survival bow) be worth it or should I just buy a decent recurve bow and bring that along instead. I'm willing to spend about $150 but may go higher depending on recommendations.
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I have a question somewhat related to this topic, so I'll post here for a bump. Can I use 18 or 20 inch bolts in a cross bow that came with 14 inch bolts, given it has the correct weight.
Only just starting archery myself but the Samick Sage is said to be a great takedown recurve for that budget. How experienced are you with bows?
I bowhunted at a younger age but fell out of interest. I know the basics and I'd say a but more

Does anyone know anything about illegal cabins? Any collective interest here?
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>Any collective interest here?

actually I have a bit of interest. I'm in 406 and there are tons around but exploring them is a good way to get shot.
>illegal cabins

How? If no one lives in them 24/7 they are "out buildings."

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Yet nothing stays the same.
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I dont hike all too often and Id like to start doing it more.

What are some good places to hike in Michigan?
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Only one I've been to was Tahquamenon Falls. Beautiful place.

A friend and I did a two day hike along the NRC/Manistee River Trail. It's inland from Manistee about 40 miles, and was a nice two day hike with some decent elevation change and places to camp along the Manistee River. I'd suggest checking that out.
You can hike right the fuck out of my state you goddamned tourist

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From the first of April!
Flash Drive Kingston DataTraveler 101 G2 16GB
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But can you use it for batonny?

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trail horse camping
is this a thing? I haven't heard of it at all. basically what I'm thinking is taking a trail horse with some basic camping supplies and riding the horse out in the wilderness and at night tying it up to a tree or something. is this something people can do? I really like the idea but I'm not sure if it's plausible
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Sure is something you can do. Do it somewhere that you're allowed to though. In Australia there are a number of routes in the Alpine National Park that are fine, and many that are off limits.

Horses can have a serious degrading effect on the environment so keep to the trails and where you're allowed to be.
I went when I was a kid, although it wasn't like that. We'd come back to the same campsite every night after trail riding all day.

You couldn't travel solo with a horse for more than a day or so without an extra animal just to carry feed. They eat a lot more than you do.

You're not going to find anyplace "off the map" that you can take a horse, either. So that usually means you're stuck with normie campgrounds and trails that you're not allowed to sleep on.
people in california do it all the time. sierra nevada has pack trails all over it.

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Here's someone I never saw /out/ discussing... Lillian Alling. Long story made short: in the 1920s, russian girl moves to NYC to work but hates it. Since she's poor she decides to walk home to siberia. Goes to public library and charts the path she will take and then starts walking. She became newsworthy by the time she reached British Columbia and is known to have made it to the Bering Sea where by a lesser known account she apparently arranged passage across to russia with natives. She never accepted a ride and did all this solo with the exception of being given a dog for company for part of the journey. My vote for queen of /out/.
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Sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree with you. My vote would have to go to Agafia Lykov. She was born in a hollowed out pine washtub 3,500 feet up a mountain in the Abakan range in 1944 after her parents fled the soviet regime. She's only been to the modern world six times in her life and she's developed an immunity to deer ticks from being exposed to them for so long. The closest settlement to her is 150 miles away and the only access to her property is by boat, helicopter, or hiking in. In 1978, a group of geologists found the Lykov's camp by happening upon it by helicopter, making them the first outsiders the Lykovs had seen since 1936. She's been almost entirely self sufficient since 1988. All hail the queen of /out/.

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I have a dream of finding a location where you camp, or stay in a cabin of sorts, and have access to both hiking and swimming.
But without being at a campground full of annoying people. I know its a pipe dream

Where are some great places that have access to both? Here in Alberta the lakes are quite cold (for me)

pic unrelated i guess
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how about you go upstairs? your mom probably has a bathtub you could splash around in.
What is the point of this thread?
You can hike and swim lots of places
He has never been outside in his life

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What is the superior choice for being homeless?

Down by the river?
Crack alley squat?
Rape bus?

Inquiring for a friend
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Friends couch
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>Down by the river?
why not both?

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Sup /out/
So I have this question and maybe some of you can give real input to it. My go to campsite has a small course of water like pic related and despite having some fish there, it's all really small specimen, is it possible or viable, to introduce?? some bigger fish types there?
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1. If the stream only has small fish in it, that is likely all it will support

2. If you introduce non-native species and they survive they will negatively impact the local species and ecosystem.
op is an idiot
>ask something
>you're now an idiot
Thanks lad.

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What are some good podcasts about /out/ stuff?
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probably a bunch of liberal envoromentalist garbage
Paul Kirtley
British wilderness guide with some very interesting guests.

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ITT: Post wildflowers you've seen and photographed while out. Anyone else interested in these things?

Pic related, California poppies and other wildflowers are in full bloom right now throughout the state.
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Damn, wish I still had my wildflower project from high school biology. I took photos and pressed ever y wildflower native to California's San Joaquin valley.

We only need to do 10, but I had a lot of fun and a few extra weeks so I kept going.
I was driving through huntsville tx yesterday and almost stopped to take a picture at the sam houston monument. There was a perfect hill covered in buttercups leading to the statue.

Heres a pic of a half burnt clearing instead.
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Nice, how many total wildflowers did you catalog?

And what's the best place to check out wildflowers in the valley? Whereabouts did you find them?

These are from Antelope Valley, btw.

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