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ITT, we share ways and ideas to play a comfy, classic RPG setting, with small tweaks that can add a little something while keeping most of the original vibe.
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The party is comprised of nothing but cooks going on quests for rare ingredients and have routine iron chef style showdowns with other NPCs.

No world ending threat, just coming up with great and unique meals. The bard hypes up the crowd during cooking events with showy techniques, the fighter/barbarian is the grilling expert and meat tenderizer, shit like that.

Halflings are considered naturally superior in this setting.
I'm setting up a classic high fantasy, heroes vs monsters/villains D&D campaign. My only twist on the classic is the inclusion of eldritch/old one/outsider creatures, who are completely oblivious and indifferent to the world that the PCs are in. They will not be antagonists, monsters, or involved in quests to any significant extent, their place is more just as catalysts for weird shit to happen.

The idea is that there are small cracks in reality that the most minor and unintelligent forms of eldritch creatures occasionally wander through. I intend for the party to first come across the old one equivalent of a small bug, which I've nicknamed a meta-snail in my notes, as their first eldritch encounter. It will basically ignore the party, but freak them out and break game rules. So far:
>Touching a meta-snail will randomly rearrange a PCs attribute scores for a couple of days in game.
>Attempting to attack a meta-snail will be confusing. They don't have HP, and will absorb projectiles into itself. Same with melee weapons subject to a grapple roll. The basic materials of said item will be described as rolling around within the headache inducing shape of the meta-snail.
>As mentioned, they don't have HP. Instead of taking damage, they have an allotted weight score, which the weight of each item they absorb is subtracted from. If the party manages to get this to zero, a statue of the strange, snail-like creator will be left, composed of a warped and condensed mixture of whatever materials it has absorbed.
>None of the creatures properties will be explained to the PCs, naturally.
(Might continue with other details...)
The game is very much intended to be standard heroes saving towns from goblins and kobolds, but they will encounter this weird shit every now and then, A) to keep them curious, and B) to remind them that there's always a bigger, weirder fish, that they really don't understand. They might also make unusual battlefield hazards that could catch an unwary player, or be used in an imaginative trap to bring down some INT 18, STR 6 necromancer that keeps kicking the parties arse.

I want to make them ferociously difficult to actually engage with, interact with, or understand. These things are absolutely not of this reality, and the laws of physics and game mechanics are just going to be passively put in a blender by these guys.

If the PCs really really want to murderhobo an eldritch creature, I want it to be a long endeavour, that will probably require a full level five party, upwards of half a ton of materials, a lot of trial and error, and some really really creative thinking to get it to notice them and engage, rather than just wandering 5 years into the past while they shoot at it, to kill the equivalent of a garden snail.

Apologies for the unrefined nature of this bullshit /tg/, I planned this, and wrote this post, drunk. Subject to editing when I'm a bit more with it.

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>That guy that presses his wife into playing war games with him

Be that guy
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>That guy that thinks 4chan is his social media website

Don't be that guy.
You just know she's thinking about the 6'3 football players that doubleteamed her in collage, and wishing she could be back there.
Wife is not a concern. Child, I would be worried about. Especially when they in the age of having enough manual dexterity to pick a gaming piece but don't have enough understanding not to put it in their mouth.

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Order gods.

>Opposite warp presence of the chaos gods. Are much weaker of course but not prone to chaotic nonsense. Work to instill sterile robotic obedience and determinism in the galaxy.


>Actually rule the vast majority of the webway and are invading realspace and are constantly working to subsume the warp into their own pantheon.

Space lizardmen.

>Live in a few absurdly sized Dyson sphere temples out in deep space after their great old one masters disappeared and they are only now coming back to sieze control.
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Bump of desperation.
>Paymaster Guilds
Tiny empires of rich planetary lords and such that have broken away from the Imperium, with armies made up of the finest mercenaries, xenos and human alike, that money/slaves/natural resources can buy. The Imperium wipes them out on a regular basis, but they're really more of a nuisance than anything else, so when there's more pressing threats to deal with they mostly leave them be, even allowing Rogue Traders to deal with them.

What went right.
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Long girl is long.
Also thicc?
>Inclusion of trap cards
>Summoning sickness only lasts until end of turn as opposed to start of next turn
>Can specifically target AND defend defense position monsters, giving you the ability to target combo pieces instead of praying they don't have any or you're running removal
>Removing Mana locking/flooding in such an elegant way that you can almost just copy and paste it to magic without really trying, minus some card effects that get fucked over

What went wrong
>Power creep that went batshit crazy only 4 sets in
>All of the good cards were straight up in Red and Black always
>Release of cards that straight up not only destroyed the meta, it also hampered the core design principals of the game
>Too many cards with cheap unstoppable effects, such as any card that could be tapped and sacrificed in response to being attacked/destroyed to get their effect off anyways, or tapping before start of turn to guarantee getting the card effect, possibly twice in a turn
>Kept changing rules over and over again alienating confused player base
>Outright banning earlier sets because of removing a core gimmick

Basically, the game had some fantastic ideas that were implemented really, REALLY well in the first release of the game, but then it all fell apart due to very obvious lack of playtesting.

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My first meeting for the wargaming club (let me be honest, it's mostly just 40k) I started is tomorrow, and I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for any small- scale (The meetings can be no more than an hour) games of 40k. I've made about twenty to thirty "20 power level" lists out of the miniatures I have in my collection, but I remembered how GW sometimes makes fum"mini-games" out of their existing models for special events at their stores; such as the 20 poxwalker challenge, a game where players bring their best hq model to face off against a unit of 20 poxwalkers, the player to survive the longest rounds wins. Are there any more "mini-games" that you can think of?
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Shadow war, if anyone remembers it exists
People play Shadow War in my store every single day.
Lucky you.

So I've often heard that once Orks touch a planet the planet is tainted because you can't totally get rid of the spores. But wouldn't burning the bodies and the surrounding areas do just that? Or what if the spores were in an area where they couldn't grow for lack of nutrients? I mean I know Orks aren't exactly your average fungus but they still need like, stuff, to live, right?
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Yeah but assume that you have 16000 different landings all over the planet, some of them you aren't even aware of, and the people running the cleanup process are illiterate, inbred, traitorous, or all 3.
It's permanently tainted insofar as the cost of removal is astronomically more costly than it's worth. It's much less expensive to just repopulate the planet and keep a small garrison of soldiers to periodically cull the ork population before it gets to any sizable number.

The only group that seems to systematically remove all traces of the orks are the Biel-Tan, which is why they hate orks so much, because the removal is such a fucking pain in the ass.
Or Necrons. Cause they don't leave the spores behind with Gauss flayers.
Guard when on deployment do burn ork bodies, to make the fighting easier. Its simply too difficult to wipe out the entire population. After all the Orks are designed to be impossible to remove by the Old Ones.

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Sup /tg,

I've booked the upstairs of a pub for gaming on Sunday the 24th of August? Want to come down and chat/game/drink?
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>for gaming on Sunday the 24th of August
Are you a cute girl and will you murder/rape me?
I am such an idiot

Not a cute girl, not into murder or rape either

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How competitive are the new support cards from the Legendary Duelist sets?
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I only skimmed them because I honestly couldn't give less of a shit about yet more Yugioh DM legacy support but I didn't notice anything insane I don't think, though I'm sure it's great for that deck if you are interested in palying it.
Its not going to make any dents in the competitive scene.
How is the metagame? Is Truedraco still dominating? Did Links actually changed anything?

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Hey guys! Im planning on at some point starting my Starship Troopers themed Imperial Guard army back up so I was wondering would a Mobile Infantryman from the movie be mor equivalent to a infantry squad or conscripts?

The army is going to be mainly infantry horde focused with a few air and armor pieces. Thoughts?
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Go look at the Only War rpg for regiment creation tips.
In the movie the soldiers were supposed to be well trained but the movie itself came from a time prior to having your actors trained by operators to have them behave like they should, plus the army being retarded was kind of the point. Veteran formations were obviously more effective and it was shown. The downside is that you didn't get to see the cool toys, and no power armor, but you can work around that.

Have some veterans accompanied by either conscripts or standard infantry, if you want to push the power armored dudes angle you could use the old badab list and field marine units alongside the guard. Or just have allies.
I meant for 40k list creation. Fluff is all laid out.

I meant would the soldiers in the movie be statted as conscripts or as a standard infantry squad

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D&D Sessions that pissed you off
>Make a cleric cause I want to try out spellcasting
>We're inside a dungeon with a mummy lord that we banished last game
>He's still banished so the team comes up with an idea to surround the mummy lord in a wall and just shoot off spells inside the one crevasse of the wall
>Meanwhile there are some naga assholes behind us that haven't been aggro'd yet.
>We come up with an idea of what spells to use to utterly annihilate this mummy lord
>I decide that I fire off a flame sphere while another guy casts a cloud of daggers.
>Actually kinda proud because my dumb ass was able to come up with a somewhat decent plan
>I'm pretty far from the group but I can make it in a few turns
>Meanwhile the DM's 5 year old goes and aggros the naga's with his snake familiar
>I'm the closest and I can't move away from it fast enough because of my stubby dwarf legs
>mfw the chad naga beats the shit out of me so hard that I'm down from 58 HP to 0 in one turn
>The wizard eventually comes over and freezes the chad naga solid in a wall of ice
>mfw we had to nigger-rig the plan because I couldn't do anything but move.
>mfw I couldn't play or do anything at all that entire session.
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>Playing a monk.
>Put innocents at risk to defeat a villain.
>You fall, anon.
>I'm a monk, not a paladin. Monks don't fall.
>Starts screaming and calling me a cheating munchkin and kicks me out of the group.
Oh dear a DM that doesn't know the abilities of classes

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>he brings his kids to D&D sessions

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D&D 5th Ed. General Discussion Thread

>Tortle Package

>Unearthed Arcana: Eladrin and Gith

>/5eg/ Alternate Trove:


>Resources Pastebin:
http://pastebin.com/X1TFNxck (embed)

>/5eg/ Official Discord

>Previous thread:

Are you playing or running Tomb of Annihilation any time soon? If you are playing, who is your character? If you are running, what are you must excited for your players to do?
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Half-Orc Barb, Totem of the Bear

3 level dip into Long Death Monk if you're feeling frisky.
Repost since sudden new thread:

One of my players wants to try his hand at DMing, which is a welcome change. I am a bit worried he will try to make things a lot deadlier than the norm, though.

Any suggestions for an "unkillable" character build? I was thinking maybe Half-Orc Barb going for Bear bonuses mainly. Or some kind of Paladin.

I like it.
Paladin will make it a fair bit harder for him to kill your party, BarBEARian will make it a great deal harder for him to kill you.

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How would you build an RPG set in the age of strife?
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Dark Heresy probably has enough to go off of as-is.

You could even do a wargame of the Age of Strife with the 30k rules.
for starters it wouldn't be 40k, but rather 27k
Would the players be Thunder Warriors or just normal humans?

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Perturabo and Huron Blackheart BTFO by Death Guard edition

>Typhus and Blightlords coming up for pre-order next week

>Top 5 Squigs

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Death Guard codex (thank you Vladimir)
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1st for Sisters a QT !
Wait.. thats not a..
You can summon after dissenting.
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REAL men of the Imperium coming through.

A little less than three years ago, we came together and produced a decent ruleset for this British young-adultish fantasy setting. Is anyone still around? I assume the continuation of the playtests is a long shot.
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I'll drop what art I can scrounge and the old archive links, at least.

WIP Google Doc;

Thread 1 : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36261395/
Thread 2 : https://archive.moe/tg/thread/36343881/
Thread 3 : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36420920/
Thread 4: https://archive.moe/tg/thread/36501450/
Thread 5: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36636588/
Thread 6: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36766823/
Thread 7?: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36788078/
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If I remember correctly it had a ridiculous level of complexity. Like requiring lookup tables for the completion of simple tasks. Could be wrong though.
I could try and get another playtest together, just would have to convince people to play it.

I think the biggest issue we had with the system was trying to figure out the health system.

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City Edition

What sort of adventure hooks might show up on a huge city's jobs board? Share what you got!

>Local bandits are recruiting. Good pay, chances for promotion.
>A pack of displacer dogs are roaming the streets at night, phasing through city walls and compromising security. Bounty set at 50gp per head.
>New drug has hit the streets supposedly made from powdered goblin. Concerned citizen will pay well for more goblins.
>Monster hunt outside city, pages and spear-holders wanted.
>Need work? Talk to Vern. Combat experience a plus!
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Monkeys have infested the royal vineyard/olivegrove/melonfield displace them

The daughter of a local richperson has gone missing, find her and bring her back (she has eloped with the royal jester)

A barbarian horde is camping outside of the city. The local potentates are looking for extra security.

Local wizard has displaced the local hospital to the elemental plane of air. Help the wizard bring it, and its occupants back.
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>big port city
>city job board in the town square
>newest job is exterminating rats
>next job... exterminating rats
>every job on the board is to exterminate rats
>it's weird because the town doesn't seem unclean, to anyone not looking it looks like your average high fantasy human metropolis
>however a lot of people are experiencing rat swarms in their basements
>take one of these jobs, the highest paying one is in an abandoned mansion
>underneath is a laboratory and a shadowy entrance to the sewers and catacombs under the city

>players have to find diary entries of the mansion owner while slowly encountering the society of feral rat men underneath the city, and possibly stop these monsters from invading the surface

This is a plot hook I've been sitting on for a while. I like it but I don't know where it'll fit into my campaign.
>Taverns and Inns across the city are experiencing huge amounts of theft and drainage of mead and wine barrels, with no evidence left behind. Some believe it is an act of deliberate sabotage by rival taverns, however there is more than meets the eye to this mystery. The players enter a surprisingly complex web of city inter-tavern politics.

>The city guard are secretly searching for someone who will be able to successfully infiltrate and expose the increasingly popular yet elusive underground opium (or whatever drug that might be illegal in said city) community who manage to nomadically create dens and black market trading across the city.

>A fierce teenage nobleman is deeply in love with a similarly young noblewoman, and wishes to win her affections and marry her. However her family has promised her hand in marriage to a another nobleman belonging to one of the city's most powerful and influential families. The nobleman stalks the unsavoury areas of the city, searching for a sellsword or assassin who can "break up" this arrangement. However, the complexities and influence of these families make this quest go beyond a simple assassination job.

>Years ago, the city came under siege from an army of religious fanatics The army was crushed, it's soldiers executed and it's faith publicly desecrated and mocked. However in more recent times, rumours have begun to emerge that fanatical survivors of this army walk the streets, and plot the city's destruction in secret. The Regent/Monarch of the city has sent the players on a quest to find out if these rumours are true, and if so, break up whatever plans the fanatics are drawing up.

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