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last thread
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in that case
face of pic related was criticized for looking...'weird'.
what do?
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edit 1.png
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ITT:We draw Cartoon character as anime characters
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what does this mean
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like this?

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Hello /i/. One year ago I set out to do one drawing each night using Tegaki for an entire year, and as of this post I have completed that - bar two of those drawings being made in GIMP.
Above all, I would like to thank the posters here for letting me post my crude drawings without an issue for the last 12 months, and the handful of responses I've received have meant a lot to me.
I sincerely think /i/ can be one of the best boards on this website, and it's been very nice sharing it with you.

I politely ask that, if you do reply, you sage this thread as it would be sad to see a good thread die because of this one. If you have any questions or requests I will try my best to get back to them.
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That's a nice Keksandra.
Man why do people actually use Tegaki? I get "it's there" but any other program beats it.
Go reward yourself by buying one of those $50 drawing tablets.
Amazing effort

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New one since the last is autosaging.

ARTISTS: Post a sample of your stuff, and any rules or conditions.
REQUESTERS: Reply with requests.

REQUESTERS: Post requests.
ARTISTS: Reply with request claim/delivery.

Also feel free to chime in with suggestions and votes for themed request threads.

Remember to have fun and thank the artists.
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Here you go!
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Requesting Crysta nude and licked by the biker bug guy.
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Requesting more of these with your favorite cartoon/game, not anime.

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Share Your Party!.png
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We've been playing a lot more recently so I made these doodles to pass the time using templates and my poor art skills.
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Sorry don't have the time to color this at the moment, might come back to it though
Oh wow! That's fantastic!
Nicely done, lots of good detail!

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jissou-tan 14.png
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Can she do the funky chicken?

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how do i get good at draw pls help
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Draw it in your style
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Hi. I'm pretty new to drawing but I wanted to do requests.
I'll say yes to anything, just don't expect awesome drawings.
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Please draw Honey Lemon giving herself an auto-cunnilingus
Draw a pachimari
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request thingy.png
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Yes, looks nothing like her, pretty shitty, hope you like it though!

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