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I have been practicing stretching my boipussy and now it won't close. I keep shitting my pants. What should I do? I have some bondo and some fiberglass epoxy.
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I don't see a problem here
I have no sensation when I have to shit..it just falls out of me when it pleases. This has created many issues. I used bondo to repair my foreskin once. I wonder if it will work as well on my anus..?..?
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Again I'm not seeing the issue here

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>tfw gay
>tfw just finished lifting weights
>tfw hanging out in a coffee shop
>tfw im that creepy smelly fat guy that hasnt shaved in months
>tfw watching anime and kind of dancing in public slightly to the music and openly on 4chan shitposting
>the headphone jack unplugs
>everyone looks at my fat autistic hairy ass stop dancing and try to fix it

If I wasn't a shameless autist I might have actually felt the human emotion of embarrassment.


Fuck normies
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Kys faggot
Go to bed dodo... Ya gotta wake ip early to chase trannies amd pretemd you're a girl

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Ok I really wanna bf but I have to have a knife on me where I live. I figure that if i get a gun I will feel safer where I live. I am what you would call an expert with a weapon.Thousands of hours with weapons. I just feel if I get into a gay relationship then I need that extra protection.
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Assuming you are white, you aren't any more likely to be targeted because you have a bf. They just think you're an easy target because you're in the wrong neighborhood. A gun and good spatial awareness so you can avoid situations where you would have to use said gun are the best self defense tools you can have

Also remember to obey the law regarding firearms in your state and practice with your firearm of choice regularly in order to minimize risk to yourself and maximize your effective stopping power
The bullets don't work if they miss

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reminder that if you're a tranny and go to school/work/have a social life, everyone and their dog knows already, and heard about you from a friend of a friend in 10 mile radius

doesn't matter if you are boymode, or you think you're stealth

once someone mentions to someone else that something is "off" about you, the gossip hell begins and you're outed.
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I only go to class in oversized boy clothes, I don't think anyone can tell

sometimes I do feel like people fucking stare at me in a way they didn't pre hormones...but that's just in my head right?
>boymode mtf in a year hrt
>go to work in skinny jeans and a hoodie
>sometimes get mistaken as a girl

If people still can't tell, I don't understand how

A good friend of mine I grew up with is getting married in 8 months. He has asked me to attend his wedding. The problem is he is marrying another guy and I am a closet homophobe who is opposed to gay marriage. The thought of gay marriage sickens me, I don't think I could manage attending one. But if I don't go he will notice and it will probably be the end of our friendship. What do I do?
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>a closet homophobe who is opposed to gay marriage
Oh, so you're a repressed gay guy who doesn't want to recognize it. Got it.

I'd seek help for that before I lost my good friend. It'll be obvious even if you manage to show up, you know.
>this post
>with the same pic

Go be bored elsewhere.

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I blame the animated Dickgirl Futa porn for all the MtF trannies spamming this board.
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Don't watch it. It will turn you into a tranny or give you tranny fetishes.
how? most mtfs want to be rid of their dicks

I found the theme song for AGP:

What about HSTS?
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>be me, 13
>son of couple my parents were friends with comes over to your house
>first time meeting him, he's my age
>parents leave to hang out with the other couple, we're left alone
>guy takes over my computer
>puts porn on
>convinces me to watch it with him
>we both get hard
>somehow convinces him to give him a handjob
>do it
>he cums on my face (I was on my knees)
>never see him again
>never tell anybody about this
>think about this for the rest of my life and occasionally masturbate to it

Am I gay or did I get """raped"""?
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Also men can't be raped, sorry.
But I don't have any interest in men and haven't done anything with a man since. I only have a mild interest in dick and I assume it's because of that incident.
Pretty gay and you didn't get raped. I mean, you did give your consent at the time.

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>not sure if I'm a boy or a girl
>not sure if I like boys or girls
>almost no sex drive
>almost no drive of any kind whatsoever aka why live
>always been like this

literally fucking send help thank you
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Are you asexual maybe?

Are you attracted to feminine traits or masculine traits? both/neither?
mostly androgynous traits, not feminine or masculine

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Daily reminder that you degenerate faggots will either kill yourselves or die of aids. Better to just do it now
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