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September 3 will be my brother's birthday, and this is his favorite toy, years ago he lost his feet and now I'm looking for him to give it to you, do you know anything about him?
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Scroll to the bottom to see other instances this toy was used as.

The most recent version that's readily available is the one in pic from the recent movie toyline.
Sorry to hear about your brother's feet anon. Was it some sort of accident?
I hope he has a happy birthday
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right kids.jpg
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Hey guys what's the diameter of the face of a Bachmann HO scale Thomas the Tank Engine model? I'd like to know because I want to buy one but I also want to buy a Thomas toy with a Season 12+ face of an equal-or-so diameter because Bachmann did a shit job in the faces and there's no CG face redo anytime soon.
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Here's a Bachmann Thomas modded with a Wooden Railway face.
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green gordon.jpg
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i don't know but this stuff reminds me of people that build gauge 1 engines which is pretty cool. There are people on twitter that made replicas of the original tv series with eye mechanism and all.
As the other anon said, best bet is the pre-2017 wooden railway face. They fit rather well surprisingly.

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What do you guys think of my lightsaber for Mikasa?
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Still won't save her from the fall.
Good, good. Now put into Eren's ass till I see the tip coming from his mouth
Shouldn't she have Darth Maul's lightsaber?

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why don't they just re-release "discontinued" models and lower their prices? lego can't compete in free market
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If they re-release sets it'll stop people buying them for the specific reason that it will one day not be available.
>people buying things because they are limited
>not because they want them.

They've done it before, actually.

And LEGO has released thousands upon thousands of sets. You can't really expect the to have every set on the shelf at any given time.

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What's the rarest toy you own?

Pic related :
Apparently these were sold for 3 months during 1998, by KFC as a promotional toy but only in the UK and Australia
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is that the hand puppet?
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This and the Demon Carnotaur

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These are definitely the coolest toys out. Anyone found series 8 blindbags? I need that pizza dude
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I got my daughter a huge electric blue T Rex, and a Shark Pirate ship. I support this statement. Although the hasbro little guys have the better licenses, the imaginext playsets are better.
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I like all the unlicensed original stuff the most. These mummy dudes are crazy and I love the wild shit from the blindbags. The new giant Batman mech really inteterests me though.
I wanna get this one

Who else grew up with this game? What exactly is it called and where can I get a hold of it?
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Had one as a kid. We just called it the "fishing game." There are a lot of different versions now.
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Those things want to die.
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I still get randomly addicted to fingerboarding. Anyone olderish (20-25+, I'm 23 have a daughter, job etc.) here still every now and then have a urge to shred the mini board? I do. dropping pics of my deck and shit I've built to shred plastic.
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My Lego rail
what tricks can the slug do?
File: 20170827_223022.jpg (1MB, 3264x1836px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Other side

File: 20170827_191730.jpg (1019KB, 2560x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry to make an entire thread for one single question, but I am at a lost here.
I have these 2 guys that I found inside an old box in my house and I have no idea if they are part of some series or have any brand. I really want to know so I can buy more of them, maybe you guys can tell me.
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Clearly they're haunted if they can defy gravity like that.
they look like those porcelaine clowns every grandma had back in the 90's, it was quite a trend back then. From the little I know of, they can be quite hard to pinpoint as most of them where quite generic and never (for the most part) had a brand tied to it.

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I recently re-discovered the Dinozaurs/Dinosoldiers toy line thanks to this board.
I'm still trying to figure out this series of transforming insect-based robot action figures, probably Japanese. Any help?
Hints: It may have been based on an anime series. I remember there being a praying mantis robot and a beetle robot, that had these wings that opened up/were translucent.
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Holy shit it kills me that I know what you're talking about yet don't know the name either.
Legend of Nara Metamorphs
I got u, senpai


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