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Looking for this old 90's ish pullback toy car that shot out a glider. Kinda feels like this batman toy in concept
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Do you remember the color?
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Used to have that when I was a kid, haven't seen it in years. Thanks for the memory jog anon.
There were so many of these Batman toys where the Batmobile would open up and reveal an emergency escape vehicle of some sort. I remember two kids meal toys from McDonalds and Taco Bell that did almost the same thing.

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Last Thread....was forever ago.

Stuff is out, stuff is selling. Buy, buy, buy!

I've personally seen Aliens series 11 and the last wave of Heroes of the Storm at a local TRU, and they actually sold right out over the week.

Also enjoy Nubbins.
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18" Jungle Demon has light up eyes. Neato.

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Old one hit image limit. Place for the discussion of hot wheels and diecast cars in general
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I'll also post my M2 L600 which just finished being loaded up with hay
Anyone have any luck finding the classic Nissan/Datsun M2 machines?
How's the quality on them?

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Need tips in stuff you could use for decorating Displays or really cool backdrops for your photos?

Go for Fishtank or Terrarium Decoration.

Srsly, its cheap, it looks fantastic. Its the best you could do.

type in Fishtank deko at amazon and i'll guarantee you - you won't stop until you reached the final page. from postapocalyptic endtimes decoration to egyptian setting, jungle, fucking spongebob. Fishtanks got everything.

Brotip number 2:

Cutouts and Papercraft. if you're going for displays set indoors, like a livingroom or something. you can, based on your papercraft skills, printout pretty much everything with a normal printer. the walls are basic and should be always done this way. also Carpets, posters, paintings. whatever. level 2 would be cubic stuff, like TVs,cupboards, or obviously: tiny cardboard boxes for your Metal Gear Setting. level 3, if you're really skilled: even a couch or a sofa can be done with papercraft. just lookup tutorials on youtube. its not as hard as it seems.

And the most obvious one would be Dollhouse stuff based on the scale you're working with.
there are official Playsets for Nendoroid, but Sylvanian Families stuff works just PERFECT for Nendoroid. it's the same chibi stylized look.
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*decor, not deko.
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>Fishtank deko
too expensive imo.
I wanted to do exact thing but...i dont know.
like for example picrelated anchor woul look awesome with my skeleton pirate but it costs like 1 regular action figure.
id rather buy an action figure or a smaller toy than a decoration this expensive
theres great fishtank decor for 5-10 bucks. i can't speak for that specific anchor, but most of the stuf i gathered was really cheap. though, i know there are some more pricey ones (And by more pricey, i mean at a pricepoint of 30 bucks max.)

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Gf helped me buy my first Godzilla figure. Post your Godzilla figs
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I can't tell very well, but I hope that's not the Monsterarts version, because it's getting a reissue soon and the purple atomic beam version was just released.
Did you steal her creditcard? How did she help you buy something? Did she pick it out from the store while you autistically bumbled through the aisles knocking over children?
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Why isn't no one talking about this figure? The quality far exceeds other black series figures and puts many expensive japanese toy lines to shame.
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Rey is a shitty character.
Mostly because it's two years late. I'd have 100% bought it if it was available when TFA was out. But sixty bucks is a hard fucking sell this far out for something that was window dressing for like a minute.

The rotj speeders were cool enough on their own, and even those shelfwarmed. Rey and luke's are infinitely derpier.
Back to the general anon.

t. wants one but can't be bothered to order it.

this. Fuck TFA Luke.

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So, did you come up with your own OC?
TR makes it easy to customize your own transformers.
Post here what you have, ideas, profiles, etc.
We all hate mary sues so I'm curious what we can come up with

>Old thread: >>6513786 → #
>Third party thread: >>6505508 → #
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>Really want Barricade
>Cheapest is almost 40 bucks
Sweden fucking sucks, is it worth it?
>is it worth it?
No, if he was bigger, had less back kibble and his chest clicked in place, maybe.
no, hes really just okay. wait for a sale or clearance at this point.

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What do you guys do to protect your toys from natural disasters? I've been collecting for about a year now, and I just remembered I live in California. Now I'm worried about continuing with this hobby.
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I've lived in socal my whole life and I never had to deal with this. The only precaution I've taken is to secure my shelves to the wall, to prevent tipping over, but that's good advice regardless of where you live.
Don't live in a disaster area.
Best bet is to:
Flood - Airtight containers that can float, but left in your house and tied together.
Fire and Tornado- Have a cellar that's deep enough to not be affected.
Earthquake - Good luck.

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>oh man, these teases are getting me so hyped, I can't wait to see all those figures that were already leaked about a month ago! edition

Old thread: >>6511220
Third party thread: >>6505508





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So who's the one on the bottom left, hungrr or one of the other dinobots?
Gib Archeopteryx pls
Will the POTP Leaders have Base modes like the TR ones do?

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Why didn't Lamilly ever take off the same way Barbie did?
She's basically a healthier version of Barbie.
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On the off chance this isn't bait...
Prohibitive pricing and shitty quality of the actual doll and clothes.

For further opinions you can ask on the fashion doll thread.
she's boring
Because mathematical average and actual 'average' are not the same thing and the creator is a fuckin idiot for going about it the way he did.

Ok so the thing about women, and humans in general, is we have body shapes based on our bone structure and genetic predisposition to accumulate fat and muscle in certain areas. Lammily's creator disregarded all that and instead just took statistics, ran them through his computer, shooped a Barbie to fit those statistical averages, and called it a day. Thus, Lammily looks like a fucking dwarf nude. She looks like someone took Barbie's torso, melted it somewhat, and put Skipper's limbs and head back on it. It doesn't look good nude and has to be very carefully dressed to not go full Quasimodo. Which is unfortunate because obviously the idea behind it was good, as Mattel is making a fucking killing.

Look at this chart, and look at the Fashionista line right now. Almost all women, despite how fat/slim they are, fit somewhere on this chart unless they are seriously malformed. And so do the Fashionistas. Tall Barbie is a lean column, Petite and Regular are somewhere between column and hourglass, and Curvy is a pear. All their proportions fit and make sense (barring the cartoon heads and small feet that all dolls seem to have). They even share some measurements between them, like Curvy and Regular having similar busts. You could see these proportions as being a regular human on a street and not think it weird, but if you saw Lammily you'd probably think she had some kind of major birth defect.

Plus Mattel did a good job of not only making the different body types but making many skin/hair/face sculpt combos available for reasonable prices. Honestly other than some wonky paint apps and fashion choices, the only issue anyone seems to have with these new girls is the lack of articulation, which seems like its Mattel's next step.

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