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You could post 99% of the movie transformers toys in this thread.

2007, ROTF, and HFTD lines were very good. It mostly went downhill with the DOTM line minus a few decent figures.
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Pretty much every female figure from Hasbro and Mattel pre 2016

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figma general OP251.jpg
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Previous Thread >>6487184

Toyline general info:

Max Factory figma list & blog

Reviews and news about GSC/MF products by Kahotan

Where to buy
>GSC Online Shop - some figmas only are available through their online shop
>Amiami - usual place for buying, to some people, shipping is a bit higher due to packaging
>Hobby Link Japan shipping is usual lower, but their prices are a bit higher, private warehaouse is available
>Hobby Search Japan - items stay in stock the longest
>Mandarake - search figma or フィグマ
>eBay/Amazon - only if you hate having too much money. Avoid bootlegs, you can spot them as 'Chinese version'
>http://jungle-scs.co.jp/ - Seems like you can fine some good deals here
>Check the BST threads, My Figure Collection for any offer/deal

Here's a link to the buyfag guide list of shops:
If you're getting into the hobby, there's plenty of other useful information to find on the wiki.

In case someone is interested in the printable backdrops/dioramas & other papercraft stuff that Max Factory have in the download section of their site:
here is a back up, Enjoy!

Short illustrated posing guide by Max Factory
>http://ameblo.jp/figma/entry-11564427757.html (in moonrunes)
The S shape is always good advice though. The basic idea is that straight lines tend to look stiff.

Do you have problems swapping part in your figures? check this little advice

Tomytec's 1 inch scale section (1/12 stuff, little armory, vehicles and others)
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>Release schedule:

>Kat 2.0
>Motoko Kusanagi: S.A.C.ver. (Rerelease)

>Corrin (Female) (Delayed)
>Hentai Kamen (Delayed)
>Iron Fossil (Delayed)
>Knight Fossil (Delayed)
>Kanan Matsuura
>Gwendolyn DX Ver.
>figFIX Umi Sonoda Cheerleader ver.
>figFIX Rin Hoshizora Cheerleader ver.
>Yukari Akiyama: School Uniform Ver.

>Ryuko Matoi (Delayed)
>Samus Aran: Prime 3 Ver.
>Saber/Altria Pendragon [Lily]
>Dia Kurosawa

>Kyo Kusanagi
>Iori Yagami
>Deadpool DX Ver.
>Kirito: with a new Hat Ver.
>figFIX Nozomi Tojo: Cheerleader ver.
>figFIX Maki Nishikino: Cheerleader ver.
>You Watanabe
>Shoyo Hinata
>Umi Ryuuzaki

>Ulala: Cheery White ver.
>Ulala: Exciting Orange ver.
>Guts: Black Swordsman ver. Repaint Edition
>Racing Miku 2017 ver.

January 2018
>The Thinker
>The Thinker: Plaster ver.
>Davide di Michelangelo
>Venus de Milo
>Vitruvian Man
>Angel Statues
>Angel Statue: Single ver.
>Otani Oniji
>Shielder/Mash Kyrielight

February 2018
>Rikka Shiina
>Racing Miku 2016

March 2018
>Yudachi Kai-II
File: Racing Miku 2016.jpg (181KB, 630x730px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Racing Miku 2016.jpg
181KB, 630x730px

>Shipping out on the 4th August 2017:
FREEing - figma Void and figFIX Ubik

>Shipping out from the 28th August 2017:
Max Factory - figma Motoko Kusanagi: S.A.C.ver. (Rerelease)
Max Factory - figma Mumei
Max Factory - figma Gravity Kat 2.0

>Delayed from July 2017 to September 2017:
FREEing - figma Hentai Kamen

>Delayed from August 2017 to September 2017:
FREEing - figma Iron Fossil
FREEing - figma Knight Fossil
Good Smile Company - figma Corrin (Female)

>Delayed from August 2017 to October 2017:
Max Factory - figma Ryuko Matoi


Racing Miku 2016: TeamUKYO Support ver.

>Reposting from the previous thread
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>Reposting from the previous thread

figma Kaiba & Playmaker

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Read the rules, ignore the trolls.

Remember! POST YOUR E-MAILS so it's easier for everyone to contact each other! You can also click the ▶ and hide irrelevant posts!

Previous thread: >>6483280
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WTS/Looking to sell these amiibos as a group.
Looking to get $145 (includes shipping)
Email = [email protected]
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So, I'm moving and have to sell a buncha stuff I really don't want to.

Pastebin is here https://pastebin.com/wUxePeYb

Includes an imgur and prices
does anyone have a revoltech raiden they want to sell?

i just need one for parts to fix a foot on mine.

I've been collecting Minimates for the past 10 or so years, but lately I'm feeling like I'm wasting my money. I dipped into 1/6th collecting for a bit, but it was a tad too expensive for me. Would you recommend Mezco's 1:12 stuff?

My tastes are mostly comic-book stuff, since I've been collecting them for 20 years now. Marvel, DC, Image, Indies, Eurocomics, whatever, all of it.
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>Would you recommend Mezco's 1:12 stuff
They're not bad. There's some that I could easily recommend.

But you don't really get $80 worth of actual quality engineering in them, though. The bodies underneath the cloth are pretty standard, and in some ways substandard. You're paying for a gimmick and good accessories, and an overly designed collector's box. And the fact of the matter is that they don't really erase the obviousness of how awkward cloth looks on figures that small. Fabrics will billow unnaturally like with Joker, or bunch up around the stitching like some of the characters wearing full-body spandex, or look baggy around the crotch in action poses where the legs spread apart.

If they had stuck to the $65 price tag like DKR Batman, then they'd be easier to recommend across the board rather than just an absolutely minuscule minority.
The only real engineering faults they have are worth noting.

Ankle pivot is lacking, due mostly to sculpt interfering with the range of motion.
Lack of butterfly shoulders on some bodies.

Sometimes limited ab crunch.

Overall their engineering is actually pretty good, they just aren't going to be doing what some super articulated figures do, which works out for most the figures in the line, but sucks HARD for spiderman. He's the only one I'd say the engineering is a real tangible problem for. I wouldn't touch any of their spiderman variants. I cannot believe they pushed forward with that crap.

I own 10 of them, and I can recommend every one that I own for sure.
I see. What other line would you recommend then? Should I just limit my purchases and buy fewer 1/6th stuff? I've looked at Figma, Revoltech and the like, and they don't seem to be worth their dollars.

>I own 10 of them, and I can recommend every one that I own for sure.
Which ones are they, if you don't mind me asking?

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Nappa (2nd version, 1st one canceled) [Web exclusive]

SS3 Son Gokû (2nd version)

Shenlong (2nd version, 1st one canceled)
SSG Son Gokû [Web exclusive]

Yumcha [Web exclusive]

Tenshinhan [Web exclusive]

Son Gokû (Kid Ver.)

Angel Son Gokû
Buu saga Vegeta
Gokû Black
Gotenks Absorbed Majin Buu
GT Adult Son Gokû
Son Gohan Absorbed Majin Buu
SS Gotenks
SS4 Son Gokû

Previous thread >>6474384
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Kid Goku looks good, and I'm glad the nimbus is an accessory.
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Goku Black Rosé, off-color clone Goku Black Rosé, Zamasu, Fusion Zamasu, Half-Corrupted Fusion Zamasu, Power Stressed Fusion Zamasu, Karoly Black, and Gomasu when?
Hopefully we can get some more DB characters if he does well. Roshi and Bulma would sell pretty well I think.

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I love Patrol car styled things.

Dekarobo, Patlabor, Police Ressha etc etc

So what are some cool police themed robots or transformers? I'll dump some images too
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I love samurai, but I can't find any good samurai toys. Post some good samurai figures!
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A fun little gadget to have if you can get it. Able to shoot toothpicks, nails and needles of a certain size. Better than fidget spinners. Who has any, and what would you think is the best one? wish.com still sells them if you want to get them quickly, I bought mine on there and its the enclosed one.

Mostly pulled off the online markets cause of Chinese parents complaining 'Oh a child is gonna get hurt, government government help!' 99% of them got pulled off eBay cause of idiots like these. Well fuck: http://community.ebay.com/t5/Member-To-Member-Support/Tooth-Pick-bow-dangerous/qaq-p/27140458



Two more eBay listings that still might have them fortunately:


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Double posted one of the links, but in other words what happened was parents in China complained then made a crackdown happen. So that most of the sellers/manufacturers of this thing has been taken out, as well as ebay listening to them and closing most of it. They've ruined it for the rest of us in other words that don't live over there who want to buy one.
Accidentally killed my cat with one. Getting rid of the body was a total nightmare.
>Accidentally killed my cat with one.
You don't accidentally kill something by aiming at it.

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Hello /toy/ thought about applying for Toys R Us. Has anyone worked here? Care to share some tips or stories?
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Interview Process is fun.
Didn't get hired because of my school schedule though.
I worked there. It sucks desu, but you don't really get challenged, so maybe it's not so bad. Just don't expect too much.
Worked there 10 years ago back when "R Zone" was it's own enclosed section. It can be fun, depending on where they put you. It's kind of hell on earth if they stick you out on the floor to collect birthday club sign-ups. I'm not sure how different it is today, but the 3 biggest deals when you're a cashier was (1)selling protection plans for electronics, bikes, and larger items. (2)Selling batteries - and you're basically always expected to ask customers if they need them regardless of what they're buying requires them. and (3) asking if they want to sign up for the credit card/rewards card or whatever.

If part of the interview process is them asking to to sell them a toy, remember to suggest batteries at the end because the toy they'll ask you sell will usually require them.

It's a very basic job with plenty of ups and downs. Don't stay there longer than 2 years unless you're getting into management because it can get soul-crushing.

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Could someone recommend me a good Doc Ock figure/model to display on my desk?
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Are you looking for specifically Spider-Man 2 movie Doc Ock? I don't really know much about what figures are available of that design, other than that they were Toy Biz and I know there's at least a regular Marvel Legends figure but I don't remember it looking that great. But I think they usually made several different kinds of figures of the movie designs. But for comic Dock Ock the Toy Biz Marvel Legends Series 8 figure is really really good. The only negative thing I'd say is his tentacles make him back-heavy so I always use a stand to help keep him upright, otherwise your poses are kind of limited to positions that can compensate for the weight.
My favourite thing about the toy biz doc ock is that he can actually stand on his tentacles.
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You know how Play Arts Kai does their weird variants on DC and Marvel characters? Pic related, they did Doc Ock a while back

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