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>post any toy that makes you (very) angery edition
>AKA "There isn't anything that's new coming out in 3 weeks" edition

Old Bread: >>6506558
Third Bread: >>6505508
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>post any toy that makes you (very) angery edition
These little shits on the pic, I don't care that EX God Ginrai will be cheaper than buying both Super Ginrai and Godbomber, I don't care that they anounced it in the same day I got Godbomber, but why the fuck are the jr Headmasters exclusive to the bundle?

>There isn't anything that's new coming out in 3 weeks
Slugslinger should be avaliable out of Asia/Australia by then.
>Out for dinner
>Stop in at tesco for a few things
>"Fuck it I'll see what's in the toy aisle"
>See this
>Legends class at full price
>Voyagers at full price
>Surely it's a mistake

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Old thread
New Spidey leak:
>Doc Ock
>House of M Spider-Man
>Scarlet Spider
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Is it me or are the superhero/comic threads slowing down? Mezco, Marvel, DC all seem to have been crawling.
Yeah the last Marvel one just seemed to suddenly die. With the DC thread it's probably just that there's barely ever any news to discuss
I haven't noticed. It's natural for threads to slow down when they're on the later pages past the bump limit.

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Old thread is on autosage. Continue here.

What are your favourite aquatic Transformers, /tfg/?

Old thread: >>6503950
3P thread: >>6505508
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That manta guy from the beast show.
There's like, what? 3 aquatic transformers post-Beast Wars.
Depth Charge

Of classic transformers, Octopunch for the tentacled divesuit monster look.
Of beast-formers, Transmetal Cybershark/Sky-Byte
Of newer gens, I like the large CHUG hovercraft but not as Seaspray, and the smaller boat-guy from PCC.

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So I finally decided to try Nippon Yassan to grab an exclusive I wanted. Is it just me, or are their shipping rates fucking ludicrous? I'm just ordering an average HGUC, for the price they're charging for economy I can nearly get EMS over at HLJ! And that's not even getting into all the other comedically priced options for if I want tracking, faster shipping, etc.

How do you guys put up with this shit? I heard N-Y was the new place to go for exclusives, I didn't imagine it would be like this.
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>I heard N-Y was the new place to go for exclusives
It's not.
>overcharge for shipping
>sometimes ask you for extra money when your order gets in even if you paid your preorder + shipping upfront
>will never help you if something goes wrong with your order
okay, so where would you recommend going for exclusives instead?

Well you can't get exclusives at hlj so comparing to them is rather pointless. Mandarake is another option but you'll have to hunt for what you want since it's second hand.

I think the shipping might be expensive there as well if your order is under 5000 yen, unless they changed that.

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This thread is for astronaut and cool space figure.
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I love me the cold, unforgiving vacuum.
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On the 1/18 scale front we've got planet green valley coming up sometime.

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I'm looking for miniature American cars (or cars sold in America) for my model train layout. I looked online, but I'm only finding cars found in Europe or cars from the 50s and 60s.
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What scale?
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I'm new to the whole thing, so I'm not sure, but here is a nail clipper to scale
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I think he's referring to your train's scale.

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Is there any hope we will get some good quality toys of the dragons from Game of Thrones?
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Technically thats a wyvern. Dragons have 4 legs + wings. Wyverns have the wings connected to the front legs.

Also HBO seems hell bent on throwing away money by not licensing their properties for collectibles beyond cheap cups and book ends.

>Why would you get good quality anything from Game of Thrones?
Oh look its one of those "anything popular sucks" people. How original.
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>Technically thats a wyvern
Technically artists all over the world from the middle ages up until today don't give a shit about Gygax D&D definitions.
Dragons in Norse mythos come from worms anyway.
>Toys of the dragons
Why ask questions that you already know the answer to?
You'll get statues and that's it
GoT is an "adult" show and most people think all adults want Funkos and statueshit
There was a 7 inch Line and 3.75 line but they have hardly any effort

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One of those threads...
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toy gore 3.jpg
290KB, 1536x1226px

Still one of the best ones because of that fucking Ghost Rider.

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What is the best figure of Meryl from mgs1/mgs2?
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play arts kai.
>recommending pak

top kek
It's the surprisingly decent PAK vs an ancient McFarlane staction figure. Not much competition.

just got this huge shiny BBC for $50 at a con yesterday and I'm amazed

Does Gentle Giant still make these? I heard a lot more were planned but cancelled.

What are some other large scale soft vinyl super hero toys besides GG or the Medicom sofubi series??
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Shampoo bottles general?
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Yeesh I thought Mezco was bad with its symbiote Spider-Man

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