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Wow, we've come so far :)
All over that vintage stormtrooper
Saga legends and Vintage Collection were the best waves of figures. Don't deny it cause you know it's true.

do you guys have any bootlegs, i spent like all night last night checking out assorted league bootlegs on ebay and theres a good amount of them that look passable, has anyone really bought any of them, i bought pic related some time ago for 10 bucks. but does anyone own any of the statue shit bootlegs
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i'll keep that in mind next time i see you post in the BST
Nendos bootlegs, only bought once and I will always regret about it.

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I took the leap and bought Mikey from China. He doesn't look that bad for $30.

He's obliviously fucked up in the pupils, has mold markings, different paint and has flimsy arm joints. However, he still has die cast legs and works great.

Makes me think that I got a QC reject, anyone else ever order from China?
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>anyone else ever order from China
No, I'd rather not get lymphoma from lead contamination.
Are the feet still diecast?
If so that's impressive for bootlegs.

Yeah, I'll try to get more pics in tomorrow. It also came in the original box with all the accessories

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Pic-related and Mr. Miracle figure were the only good quality ones I could find.
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If you're cool with the classic designs then the DCUC figures are decent.
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I absolutely love DCUC's take on Kirby's aesthetics. Its not 100% but they reinterpreted it well, where it almost feels like the whole line is revolved around TNG until the latter waves.
DC direct did a cool series of real Jack Kirby influenced designs a decade ago, but there are only a few waves

With both of these, articulation is limited, especially on the latter, but they are cool figures. I kinda hope Mezco does more beyond Darkseid,but their fans like realistic/gritty aesthetics which are polar opposites of Kirby's style.
They also did a line that is based directly off of Kirby art.

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So my Aqua just arrived and I love it, but I think something is wrong with her forehead, it's too big
Anyway PAK general i guess, haven't seen one in a while
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Here are some more pics
Eh, doesn't look too bad but yea it doesn't look right. SASUGA SONY
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I'll post more tomorrow, oh by the way her left shoulder is fucked up

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>Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Wave & Fantastic Four Human Torch showing up at various retailers.
>Marvel Legends Sasquatch Build-A-Figure Revealed by Hasbro at FanExpo Canada in Toronto.

Previous Thread: >>6506987
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that pose is horrible
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>Oh la la la, oo papagenu, he's my sassafrass!


So, is he worth 75 bucks on BBTS? It's pricey but I want a little figurine to display alongside my Kubrick DVDs / Blu-rays and the aesthetic of the space suits in 2001 always gives me a major hard-on.
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It's 49$ before shipping on amiami.
Go either RSAL or Airmail for shipping and it'll still be less then BBTS.
Never buy non-domestic american figures of BBTS anon. The prices they give are garbage.
I'd say PO him on BBTS as backup, HLJ usually has them in stock after release for much cheaper.
>figures from 60s sci-fi movies

I want a Mafex Barbarella now

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When are they coming out?
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Never. You'll have to wait until a better company comes along to make them.
There are no better companies than NECA. Nobody else cares about TF2, it's dead.
Fuck NECA they are seriously dogshit

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Welcome to the Bionicle General,

Previous Thread: >>6495756

Thread Challenge:



>G1 Story Material

>G2 Story Material

>Misc. Media

>For builders:

~~OP pic by Slime from the Discord~~
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>referring to the op pic by his discord name rather than the username he uses on his flikr or just linking his fucking flikr
why do you keep doing this
Because he doesnt want people outside of the discord to know who he is?

He's the hero the Rebels deserve, but not the one the Rebels need right now. So The Empire will hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not the Rebels hero. He's a silent guardian, a Toxic protector. A Jedi Crusader.
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>people will still claim the Black Series is good
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with a little repaint they are.
>a little

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