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Need money for gas. selling this lot of loose figures for $50 shipped!
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this is not ebay you dumb cunt.

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Is the Great Impact Gurren Lagann any good? I'm growing less and less fond of my Revoltech and it seems like most options have reached triple digits.
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oh oops i guess the one I'm looking at is just the IMpact Model, not the Great Impact Model.
i snagged it off mandarake for $20. its a nice figure. i just wish it had other hands/heads
its not as expressive as the revoltech but its much more accurate to the source material. the diecast version of the figure is the best out there imo, i just couldnt afford that one.
its nearly impossible to find reviews of this guy though.
That's the problem I've been having with it, there's like no info on it. I'm not actually sure if it's even articulated or if the articulation is any good.

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Anyone else here make this guy? As soon as I saw him in the show I was like "FUCK I NEED HIM" so I ordered a few more sets that I needed, watched a tutorial on youtube, looked at the official build to fix mistakes from the tutorial, and ordered the mask. Anyone else get this excited and build him right away?
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Is the mask 3D printed? I have every Boinicle g2 set (aside from a couple exclusive masks.) I don't know if I want to take them apart though.
Plenty of people made him, it looks great but the posabilty is bullshit. The skirt battle made him too hard to even stand, it's a good combiner I must say.

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You're at a bar and this guy comes and slaps your waifu in the ass. What do you do?
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mourn her death in stoic silence while the narrator rambles on for five chapters about my bug power
Pull out my nine and cap his ass. Homie don't play that shit.
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I think you're on the wrong board
Orrr are you asking us to sick our toys on him?

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So I got this 2 but with no instructions, any ideas where to get them? The hasbro site who have them all is gone and my google fu is useless, halp!
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Build them without instructions via trial and error!

It's like a lego set, but exteme mode difficulty.
Thanks anon! Now just one left to find

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There's a lot of difficult questions in life, like how Postman Pat has a fucking helicopter.
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sometimes you have to deliver mail by chopper. when a car can't pass through, when a boat is too slow, and when an airplane is unecessary
Postman Pat gains a helicopter in the newer seasons.
>he doesn't know about PP;SDS

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>Toys that only you owned as a kid

I used to have the entire Series 1 Rocklords
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ooh a dinosaur one.

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Can someone identify these? Something from the 80's? 90's?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Anyone here ever purchased model locomotives from Micro-Metakit? I'm reading up on them and even on the manufacturers website I'm having trouble finding the actual technical specs for them.

Are they DCC compatible? Do they have programmed sound? Do the steam locomotives have model smoke and steam?

I'm looking to make a new layout of a pre-WWI Bavarian town and railroad but before I drop $3000 on a model train I'd like to know if it's got all the bells and whistles. Model smoke isn't that important to me since it usually looks like shit anyways, but sound is important for immersion.

And yes I'm aware I could just use a generic steam locomotive sound board but I prefer it when they have sound tailored to that specific locomotive.
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The only way to have programmed sound on trains is if they're already DCC-fitted, and from the looks of it, the trains don't seem to have DCC soundboards.

Final countdown to use this coupon, probably ends at 3AM EST. I just bought $95 worth of stuff for $20, and got it shipped to me for free. Yay.
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>shitty marvel legends
>boring disney figures
>i fucking hate star wars

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