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What's our opinion on this? Are any of these workable? They're pulled from 4th edition.

>Dance of Sack
Storm of the gifling
Chorus of the dave
Song of the doom goom
Death’s Death’s Proud Bear
Shield of Farts
Ward of Snade the Pood Beast
Summon Storm Bear

Picture unrelated
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Full list:

>Mister of Light
>Storm of the gifling
>Song of goom
>Forceful Boor
>Chorus of the dave
>Maine storm
>Frames of Death
>Song of the doom goom
>Death’s Death’s Proud Bear
>Wall of Distraction
>Date wards
>Plant of Peace
>Shield of Farts
>Song of the darn
>Ward of Snade the Pood Beast
>Ice shop
>Primal Rear
>Summon Storm Bear
>Divine Boom
>Soul of the bill
>Charm of the dave
>Spirit of the Spirit
>Fire shop
>Song of blord
>Song of distraction
>Forceful Force
>Spirit Boating
>Song of the ball
>Hail to the Dave
>Crusading Disk
>Summon ass
>Call to the Daring
>Treeking of Star
>Grasping Light
>Clinging blade
>Primal Prayer Bear
>War Cape
>Find Strike
>Song of the Unworthy
>Gate Sail
>Icon of Thorns
>Song of the door
>Star warper
>Stone of Death
>Chilled arrow
>Storm of the dave
>Fark Mate
>Charm of the cods
>Death of the Sun
>Greater flick
>Curse Clam
>Claming Blow
>Cursing wink
>Conjure Mare
>Conjure Bark
>Darkworm Colt
>Daving fire
>Healing of Bat
>Mordenkainen’s lucubrabibiboricic angion

Some of these are actually pretty good.
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>Summon Storm Bear
I love markov robots. The ones that the MTG robot makes are amazing. Something Rosewater right?

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Graveyard Order Nazi Edition

Previous: >>55408393


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

Thread Question: What weird rules of the game do you regularly invoke?
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>What weird rules of the game do you regularly invoke?

>What weird rules of the game do you regularly invoke?
Interacting with things on the stack (Reiterate/Reality Spasm/sometimes High Tide combo for the main example), Rampage, grave order matters
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Meet my wife.

She's pretty young and doesn't quite know where she fits in yet, but apparently she's uber gifted. She's a major figure in the community, something like a celebrity, so I can get a bit jealous due to the massive amount of attention she gets. However she's kind of afraid of just how crazy people get around her, she's so damn pure.

Dear /tg/,

what are some popular game settings that come from non-English speaking countries?

or a least popular fantasy/scifi, which aren't just anime (since that's a whole different ballgame).

Like, Corvus Belli are Spanish and make Infinity. Symbaroum and Coriolis are made by Sweden. The Dark Eye is German.There's Cadwallon/Confrontation from France.

Russia/Soviet stuff always seems pretty strong for stuff like Stalker, Stanislaw Lem,

Germany does seem a bit "bland" though, like they really love tropey shit. I'm not sure where they're at with Sci-Fi.
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Degenesis is German.
France : Valérian, Metabarons
Spain: Anima - Beyond Fantasy

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>new rules make your favorite unit shit
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A failed morale check forces unit to roll Constitution check, failure means you douse the lower half of your attire courtesy of your body's own shame factory. Also your movement rate is increased by 3 ft since you are now noticeably lighter.
>realizing the company writing the rules has no interest in making a good game, and instead makes your old units shit and the fresh new models overpowered so that they sell more models
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vince reaction.gif
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>new rules make the new unit OP

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What kind of slower roleplay methods do you know of? I can't spare the time or will to participate in sessions with players concurrently present. However, I would like to RP. Do you know any RP methods for that? I have tried to participate in the Modern Nation RP'ing in Google Communities, but the lifetime of such RP's is as long as the lifetime of a butterfly.

Here are some I know of.

A scene set up in the main blog article and the action commences in the comments. A new blog article with a new scene is written when the action in the last scene reached a point where the cast decided to go to a different place.

A thread is set up with rules outlined and people post their character's or nation's actions one by one, over and over again until the RP dies.

>collaborative writing play
People will write a small chunk of the story one-by-one with no specific character defined to anyone. Each player gets a turn where they can write a chapter to advance the story based on what has been written before.
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Play by forum is good n slow.

I know some fetish rolepalying sites have notes where you can take as long as you like both to write and to respond, if you're looking for a serious story.
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I once participated in a play-by-forum After Action Report for Crusader Kings 2 with several people. Players would play the same save in an order. One player would use "Random Character" button to get oneself a character to play as and would play until that character died in-game. Then the player would post the save back on the forum with a detailed post about what happened with ample screenshots. Of course, RP was highly encouraged for participants.

We played Crusader Kings 2 until the end date, then converted the save into EU 4 and played it until the end in there aswell. Now the save is being converted into Victoria 2.

Seriously why does dungeons & dragons get so much hate? I know it's flawed in some aspects but so are many other games; why does everyone outside of /5eg/ think it's the devil incarnate?
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It has some jarring problems that rub some people the wrong way is all. 1d4chan.org has more, shoo shoo.
What, are we just not supposed to discuss it at all around here?
Because of the effect it has on the hobby as a whole.
3.5 and 5e are not only garbage, they're popular garbage. If they were only garbage, nobody would pay them much mind. But at present, D&D is still THE RPG, the one with the most marketing, the one that potential players have already heard of and that they're most likely come into contact with first. And in doing so, they are taught that all RPGs are inelegant and unfocused messes of rules that are a chore to learn and to play if you don't modify them. So most of them will never give any other RPGs the time of day, because surely they must be as unpleasant to learn and get to work as their first system.

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At what point does fantasy end and sci-fi begin?
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Sci-fi begins when it's set in the future or if it has technologie that doesn't rely on a magical mcguffin to work.
I'd say it boils down to how the power source for technology is explained. If it's a 4th dimensional creature they dragged into a containment field that is made of energy and can fuel a spaceship, it's sci-fi. If it's a creature from the lightning dimension that they dragged into a containment circle that is made of energy and can fuel a spacegalleon, it's fantasy.
How much of the settings mechanics can be explained to you without the use of 'it's magic, I ain't gotta explain shit'.

Would it work? What game would work best for it?

The setting of Patema Inverted is that in 2067, scientists attempt to harness energy from gravity. The gravity reverses, however, and nearly everyone and everything is sent flying from Earth. A few people who had their gravity reversed managed to escape underground.

Society then split into two separated civilizations. Those who live on the surface and those who live underground. The people on the surface live in a oppressively organized and fear mongering modern day society. They fear the sky because it swallowed all the sinners called Inverts many years ago. The people who live underground dare not venture too far outside their tunnels or they will fall to their deaths.
The military police of the surface world try to hunt down and kill all Inverts as they must be punished for their sins.

It's later revealed that the surface dwellers were the ones who had their gravity reversed. Their atmosphere and light are created by machines on the "ceiling". And going deep (down for the surface dwellers, up for the underground) enough into the tunnels reveals the desolate remains of the original society.
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Too further explain: It would work something like this?
It's pretty mundane except for supernatural elements. Any generic system that models modern days would do.

You are a Dragonborn commoner in an unremarkable human village, until the day a tribe of kobolds migrates nearby. Their shaman declares you to be a demigod descended from their ancient and long-dead dragon-lord, and the tribe sets about worshiping you.

What do?
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Get them cleaned up and put them to use with the farms. The tribe will probably turn to banditry otherwise to feed itself.
Then you can ease them into the merchant life as they sell their crops.
Immediately begin working towards Archdragon, Disciple of Ashradalon, and that other Dragon Pretige class which makes me a fucking Demon God Pragon of chaos and evil rounded up, next to the late 3.5 DMG Epic Destinies and become a fullbown Dragon Demon Deity.

Fuck rape murder pillage and kill everyone else who get's in my way.

Seek to Genocide all dragonborn and replace with Dragonkin

Turn vermin storms into Kobolds and Dogs into Kobolds to get Dogbolds.

It's brilliant

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>campaign starts by the town getting ready for a festival.
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Fine, you meet in a tavern. You happy now?
>there is no danger in the festival
>the goal of the PCs is to have as much fun as possible
>if they have enough fun in the festival they level up before the actual adventure starts

>How much fun you got?
>Uh, 47.
>Fine, then do the lottery and after that, buy aa ballon, that should bring you up to 60, so you're amused enough to take the rollercoaster.

Can't wait to minmax my fun.

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