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In my DnD game last night, the players basically decided to become the bad guys.

So the premise is: dying world, the good gods are dead, all the evil gods are coming out of the woodwork to fight over the ruins of humanity. The rich and decadent southern city-states are centers of corruption, while the northern not!Germanics are the only uncorrupted people left. Its quite Conan-esque.

The players defeated one minor evil god and before he died, he revealed to them that his rival god was growing more powerful and would take over the world if not stopped. This particular god was a god of lusts that the players fought before and already saw some of his handiwork. It wasn't just sexual lust, but any kind of lust: battle lust, lust for gold, power, etc. When he takes control of a person they become his puppet and he wraps them up in illusions to control them, and they end up doing atrocious things.

So the players infiltrate his cult, fail, get discovered, and start murdering cultists en masse. After killing off most of the warriors, the fighting turns to loving as the female cultists can't help but admire the northmen's strength and virility, and essentially beg to be their willing slave and concubines.

The players receive a vision from the evil god, offering them to be the kings of the new world and rule over mankind in his name.

The players literally cannot see any harm in ruling the earth as kings and chosen champions of a god, with harems of willing slaves; and actually agree.

Which was entirely unexpected because now I am at a loss how to continue.
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The premise of the god is essentially that he takes over your soul. So I'm not sure how to push this on the players without taking away control of their characters.

On the other hand, I could just drop a Bad End, everyonr rerolls and starts a new campaign in 10 years fighting their own past characters as evil kings; which seems like a fun idea, but it leaves so much unresolves and seems like an unsatisfying finish to the story arc.
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>After killing off most of the warriors, the fighting turns to loving as the female cultists can't help but admire the northmen's strength and virility, and essentially beg to be their willing slave and concubines.
This is a great idea.
If you're lucky they'll think you set it up beforehand and did all that other stuff as a prologue to the REAL game instead of just reacting to how pathetically easy they were to sway.
When they make new characters, don't immediately reveal that their old ones are the villains, and make sure you show that the new villains are horrible, even worse then the last guy.

So I found a role playing group in my university. They got various tabletop games and they appear to have a designated GM, who invited me to join them but I didn't have the time at the moment

I feel like I'm too much of a novice and it would be a pain in the ass for them to teach me everything so I decided to come here and ask a few questions to be ready next time I go there. I've been browsing /tg/ for some time but it's the first time I find a group to role play with

They appear to have a Warhammer campaign going on. I don't know shit about it, where can I quiclky and easily learn what I need about the lore ? Is there multiple editions they could be playing or should the one I need to learn about be obvious ?

Also they seems to play between classes with anyone present at the time. I've heard about groups joining for a few hours session, but not things like this. How do you think they're doing it to play with only those presents at the time without others having problems with catching up ?

Thank you and sorry if my english is bad
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>So I found a role playing group in my university
I didn't ;_;

Man up and learn from them. They offered for a reason.

Read up on the lore at lexicanum.

I have no idea how they play. That's a good question to ask them.
Yeah I know but maybe they were just polite or thought it wasn't my first time. It would be better for everyone if I'm ready next time I go there, at least about the lore and shit

Thank you I will read this

Yeah I never heard about that idk how they manage to do it
Anon you've got to get stuck in as soon as you enter uni or you'll be locked into this social-anxiety prison where it's too late to break into any cliques without feeling really awkward.

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The Evil Overlord is reported to be a very kind and generous man to his nefarious henchmen, protecting their families and ensuring they live in comfort and saftey, offering numerous benefits for joining his evil forces such as promising their loved ones livelihood in the event of their death, ample health care, and regulated vacation time, and continually promotes meritorious deeds and gives fair and equal punishment based on the severity of failure, with at least one opportunity to redeem oneself.

This results in almost all of his men being fanatically loyal.

Meanwhile the Kingdom he opposes just uses its vast treasury to hire mercenaries and levy conscripts from their fiefdoms.
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Anime screencap about dark lord's minion expecting punishment dot joint photographic image group
Yes, and...? Sounds about right honestly.
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Sounds like a good guy.

Let's ignore chaosfuckery for the sake of the discussion.

bonus question: how would a fight between them go?
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Don't The Covenant have a big speed advantage when it comes to starships due to slipspace travel? Give them an edge in mobility and deployment and such?

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Why does GAME COMPANY tease WW3 so much?
I hope they don't blue ball us like they did with cold war
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On multiple levels the Jews are responsible for this.
Take it to /pol/.

WW3? That setting is shit.

I personally prefer WWminus 12

Y'know - with the Goat Lord rebellions.

Best setting.

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Nothing changed edition

Last >>55427979

>Daily Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asu5OuAckIE [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Death Guard codex (thank you Vladimir)
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First for orks.
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2th for ash waste nomads.
2nd for summoning after disembarking

Do tallarn desert raiders and death corps of kreig have their own stats and abilities or are they just there to be used as alternatives for conscripts? Newfag, obviously.
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Death Korps have several unique units, commands, and abilities. Not to mention Forge World exclusive.
Tallarn are stand-ins for your typical Guard unit.

Currently death korp of their own army list by FW.

Tallarn do not have any special rules but all new rules have had sub-faction traits, warlord traits and command abilities so expect a Tallarn/light infantry regiment ability in the next codex.

Tallarn used to have special rules and unique stuff but then FW didn't follow through and they're back to being turban wearing Cadians.

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How would a fusion powered creature work?
In my head I have an image of some colossal whale-like creature, huffing in air instead of krill and shitting out iron.
Would it be able to hover/fly due to the volume of lighter-than-air gases inside itself or would it be too heavy?
Would it be able to walk or would it be too large to support itself?
Would it be restricted to the ocean because of its size?
Would it even have bones?
How would it control the heat and radiation of the reaction inside it?
How would it turn the heat and radiation into energy to power its brain and muscles should it have them?
What would be the best size for one of these beasts? I wouldn't want one to die and destroy the planet.
Could plant life or algae live on a creature?
What about a creature that does the opposite, turning Iron to hydrogen?
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>How would a fusion powered creature work?
They wouldn't.
>How would a fusion powered creature work?

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>what is Godzilla

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Describe a tavern that players wouldn't even mind starting every adventure in.

I personally love how the Yawning Portal Inn in Waterdeep has a giant well at its center that leads right into one of the largest dungeons in the world, and it's all done in a fashion that you don't even stop to think about how silly that is.
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A large circular fest hall with lots of bright lanterns and plenty of benches in front of tables around a roaring fire pit. Pleasant wenches and friendly innkeeper, good, healthy food, and a friendly bard who plays upbeat ditties and will tell a story for an extra coin or two.

Never met an edgy tryhard who didn't hate the fuck out of those places of warmth and light.
A giant firepit with always something odd and exotic roasting in it (ankheg, owlbear, giant spider, etc.).

A witch who's set up shop in a corner, with a bubbling cauldron and plenty of potions and trinkets for sale.

Padded benches, pretty wenches, and some silly famous drink that requires a constitution save.
So i've told this before but a recurring element in many high-fantasy games i run (and a cameo in some non-fantasy ones as well) is a combined windmill/tavern/whirligig copter called Whirligig Sylph. It's essentially a tavern built into a windmill with a minotaur barkeep and elven barmaids of various subraces, with a hidden inner mechanism which flips the windmill rotor to face upwards, which can then be used like a helicopter rotor to fly the tavern around by the minotaur furiously pedaling on a small velocipede. Another recurring piece is a sylph who once fell for the party rogue who sometimes makes a token effort at hiding the fact that she's affecting where the tavern lands to help the party and restock seasonal/regional brews and foodstuffs.

I've sometimes gotten the core group to explain the premise of Whirligig Sylph to newcomers and flakes who rotate with each full game we play, who then invariably ask if the party could start in the Whirligig Sylph, preferably while in motion.

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Is it possible to play a half dragon and not be a snowflake?

Would you allow them in your games?
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'Snowflake' entirely depends on context.

In a game about half dragons, not being one would be being a snowflake.
I run dungeons the dragoning, only snowflakes are allowed
I'd play one as a Landsknecht, so maybe?

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