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Alright /tg/, I want to immerse myself in the jank. Is there a way to turn planeswalkers that are in your hand or graveyard into creature or artifacts? How would Mairsil gaining planeswalker abilities even work? Am I just an idiot and is this completely impossible?
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Pretty sure it's not possible. While Planeswalkers can become artifacts or creatures (see Mycosynth Lattice or every Gideon ever), they have to be on the field in order to do so. Effects that mess with card types usually only apply to permanents, while Mairsil specifies exiling them from your hand or graveyard. There are cards that alter the color of cards not on the battlefield (like the aforementioned Mycosynth Lattice), but as far as I know there is no card that can let you alter the card types of cards in your hand or graveyard.
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I think you're right
Man, that makes me super sad
oh well

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Today's the anniversary of my first campaign as a DM
>long time player of 3.5 and pathfinder
>usual perma DM transfers colleges
>well shit
>I decide to take a wack at it can't be that bad
>decide to run an elemtal themed campaign
>hook was that the players would find a genie in a lamp who would enslave
>players find the lamp after a few sessions
>"guys we really shouldn't open this unless we need it"
okay that's fair
>apparently "needing it" never happens naturally in a campaign
>a year and two pc deaths later they still haven't touched the damn thing
the hours of work I spent on content is pretty useless now
being a dam sucks
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>enslave them*
>being a dm sucks*
Just crash the plot into them, bruh.

Some Air Giant with a mask hijacks their city into the sky because he needs slaves and servants.

Maybe the Earth collapses under them and they have to team up with the Poor Rodent and Bug folks who were losing against some giant Earthen Fox.

Then just tell them they have something with them that could help...
>NPC Thief steals lamp in party's sleep
Bam. Done.

I'm building an blood angels army and i'm not sure what to get next.
I have 2 tactical squads of 10, a Baal predator, a venerable dreadnought, 3 bikes and a terminator captain. what do you think I should get next /tg/?
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Death Company Reivers
For removing moldlines with all that edge
Awkward time to start a non-Primaris army, imo.

Fill out the bike squad and get Rhinos for the tac squads.
I discovered the archived Gordon Slash thread earlier this week. It was fun to read.
Thanks for the reminder.

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Hey /tg/ I'd like help making a winged hussar, or janisary in pathfinder. Have any tips for class, feats, etc?
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I'm pretty sure there is a Cavalier or something. It's a class that revolves entirely around mounted combat.

Janissaries are a bit trickier due to lore reasons.
Can't help you, since I don't play Pathfinder. However, have charging winged hussars.

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Standard General

Deck advice, ask anon what he thinks about X card, bash standard players etc
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Does this have a home after rotation? I really want to force it, but I'm not loving it without Deep-Fiend to munch it.
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champion of wits.png
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Great start, forgot pic
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If you like it then there's nothing wrong with forcing it in there. Personally I'd rather use the card slot to glimmer/pull/etc during my opponents end step.

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Tell me your opinions on the morality of war, killing, and... rape in your setting.
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Rape increases your experience points.
Depends on my setting.

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Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Bought the core book, field guide and "Fortress tomb and tower" out of curiosity recently, and hoping to run a game soon. How does it hold up in the long run? How much of the optional rules should I use? How fun is it?
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Holds up really, really well. As for optional rules, use whatever the hell you want, anon.

And it is a lot of fun!
I'd say the best optional rule to use is the GP for XP rule, otherwise your players are going to be spending a lot of time slaying orcs to level up.

I also just got this game and the field guide, it's quite a lot of game for such a tiny price for the physical books. Think they were like $5 cad each.

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Historically what has been the reason for the subhumanity of the knife-ears?
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They don't exist, for one.
We got enough elf threads in the catalog right now, and this one is the worst of them.

I don't understand what happened with last update of Legacy Compendium... + GHB 2017.

In the last issue, most of the units have disappeared (it seems that these compendium are more or less Errata FAQ things) from the Skaven Compendium for instance.
In the same time, all the Battalions were deleted... (Verminus clawpack, etc...)

I want to go full Chaos/Skaven Allegiance, without allies, in order to field clanrats as battle lines, but with keeping the opportunity to field a Plague Priest (pestilens) or a Warpflame engine time (skryre), and a Sreamin Bell (masterclan) if I want.
Is it still legit?

Can I still use the Battalions which were previously in the first compendium?
What about Ripsnikk raiders, available in Spire of Dawn?

Can someone tell me how I manage to use Battalion without playing Skaven without Skryre or Pestilens Allegiance?
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You can go full chaos allegiance
Buy the book if you want the rules
I have the book[S] ...
but I don't understand where the previous Compendium Batallions are bu now... They appear in Azyr but no longer in Warscroll Builder
They are no longer legal in matched play

Pokefusions made Monsters: Part Deux
Previous thread: >>55376558
Realistic Pokefusions look cool. Here we make them into monsters for a fantasy setting. Rename them, write lore, write about their morphology, diet, whatever. I'll post some images to get us started.
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