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The village drawing dude, and scifi colony game from years ago.
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I'm a forever DM that loves doing it but needs a bit of a break. I jokingly offered to run a Boku no Hero Academia game and, much to my surprise, one of my players said he wanted to run it.

He's a real good friend going through a rough patch (made even rougher as the group is falling apart in some places), so this might be a good opportunity to help a good brother out. He doesn't know a lot about systems, so I offered to find him some good sources.

Which is why I've come here /tg/. What's pretty compatible with BNHA? I was thinking Spirit of the Century, but the lack of crunch in Fate makes actions feel less satisfying. I've heard moderate-to-good things about Mutants and Masterminds, but I need to know if there's anything else out there.

If you could help out, that would be the best.
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Mutants and Masterminds has a few highschool setting things and an anime thing to help, though from what I remember, they were mainly just examples of tone and such.
Mutants and Masterminds is the most functional for any original super hero campaign. The balance can be broken easily and some of the scaling is bananas, but nothing else enables concept building so readily.

The game suggests starting at power level ten, but in my experience ten is way more power than you know what to do with. I suggest starting at a lower level like 6 and awarding some bonus points so things aren't quite so cramped.
M&M is good for this but >>55428075 is right. Starting at PL6 sounds good for high schoolers. Keep in mind that the system can be broken fairly easily.
My suggestion for character building is to keep in mind the ability points comparison table (the one that shows 0 = regular adult) and don't let people have multiple powers. M&M gives you enough points that it is tempting to grab a few things. But come up with the one power and figure out different things you can do with the one ability (y'know, like in BNHA).

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Last >>55423922

Old school edition

>Daily Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asu5OuAckIE [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Death Guard codex (thank you Vladimir)
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>In power armour

Iskander Khayon?

More like Iskander Not-canon!

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If you don't choose the Lizardmen, that's OK. It is not your fault you were born with an inferior brain.
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Vampire Counts because Mannfred is best boy.
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Cringey bait

>t. Slann player master race
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D&D 5th Ed. General Discussion Thread

>Tortle Package

>Unearthed Arcana: Eladrin and Gith

>/5eg/ Alternate Trove:


>Resources Pastebin:

>/5eg/ Official Discord

>Previous thread:

Which is better: Against the Giants or the giant lord strongholds from Storm King's Thunder?
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1st for strong independent CN Rogue don't need no party
Does the discord still exist? And if so: Do people actually look for players / advertise their games there? I don't have any luck with Gamefinder threads.
Shield or no shield?

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Give me all ideas you have. I am most familiar with the 5e d&d system but in this case I don't think its the best fit. How would character creation work. Classes, magic; I suppose bone charms and the like would function rather easily especially if kept sparse but how would the rest of the system be built. The setting always gets me super hyped and I would like to hash this out.
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just play Blades in the Dark
how's the magic system for blades in the dark?
Tell your player everything is grey
Wait for them to be bored as fuck
Nailed it

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This thread is for posting things, that makes your fa/tg/uy's heart warm. I'll start.

>GM a session in room given by community centre
>Session comes near the end, only one planned segment have left
>Players have to explore alien tomb that contains something related to past of a certain player
>Plan it to take about 40 minutes, hook players with some mystery elements right of the bat
>Suddenly, centre's worker informs us that our time is up, it's 7 AM
>About to announce, that we will play this segment on the next session, when suddenly all players say, that we should come to the nearest cafe and finish playing there
>I planned to include some elements of horror and suspense in exploring alien tomb, but playing it elsewhere will force me to fast-forward action a little bit
>On the other hand, leaving it to the next session will be extremely anticlimactic, and players are very eager to continue
>"Okay, let's move out"
>Put everything in the bag including GM screen, player sheets, maps, laptop with music, miniatures, tokens and leave only one d20 with my session notes
>Walk into cafe, order some tea and continue the session, but in a slightly fast-forward regime
>Players are deeply invested in exploring a tomb, figuring out its history and overcoming obstacles
>"We will close in a 5 minutes" waitress announces
>We're reaching the end of tomb, but 5 minutes is not enough
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>And here we are, five grown man, most of whom have a job, ridiculously trying to finish the session in a dark alleyway illuminated by sole street-light
>Players reached the end of segment and I concluded it with a little description of aftermath
>Players sighed with sense of satisfaction and thanked me for my work
>I've wasted some opportunities I planned for this segment. Horror was almost absent. Suspense was not as big as I wanted it to be. Subtle visual storytelling had to be not so subtle
>But there still were great element of mystery, sense of exploration and deep involvement that resulted in extremely satisfying session
>And while I have a gripe about not handling it the way I wanted it to be, satisfying conclusion, devoted players and their gratitude made everything worth it
>Sometimes it's good to be GM
>7 AM
It's a typo. It supposed to be 7 PM.
That's a very nice story OP, thank you :) Have nothing to contribute however, so have my bump

Who'd be able to make better functioning robots and machinery?

A bunch of AdMech dudes, or the Afghan Robot Building Girls, who'll also have assistance from some. I dunno, some M.I.T. tech students?

And both teams have access/are provided with a wide range and variety of tools, materials, resources and other assets to help 'em out.
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If they have equivalent resources I'd say MIT and Afghans because they could likely reverse-engineer shit better than the AdMech.
Afghan girls, because the Admech would want to throw a person into their machine or make it a flesh sack.

Don't forget that the AdMech team would outright fail to make a proper functioning machine because making something practical or out of their field of comfort is heresy to them. And the AdMech would fail to fully utilize the tools, assests and materials provided to them. Because they'd probs do not know how certain engineering practices work because some practices are deemed illegal by themselves.

And lastly, the Afghan Girls, along with assistance from college tech students would likely build a fully functional robot/android that'd beat the AdMechs at an arm-wrestling competition.

With dinosaurs from Magic's history, such as Imperiosaur and Deathmist Raptor now errata'd to actually be dinosaur-type, is there a chance we will now see girls from Magic's history be errata'd to actually be girl-type?
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She's not legendary anymore, either, since girls are basic as fuck and therefore CANNOT be legendary.
Would girl planeswalkers be given the girl type as well?
Did you just assume their genders?

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So, The new "Legend Rules" dont really affect Brothers Yamazaki...
But I guess their mechanic is broken kind of isnt it?
If you own have 2 Yamazaki brothers on your side, I guess nothing change.
Then your opponent play a Yamazaki brother and there is 3 yamazaki brothers in play, so you have to sac 1... or the 2?

You may say "why would anybody touch Yamazaki Brothers... even why would anybody touch Kamigawa"...
And you are probably right...
But Somebody have to clean up the rules...

or is there an Oracle Fix already?

How many cards get broken like mana burn cards got broken?
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A sizeable number of cards in MTG become defunct after certain rules changes. Can't be helped.
The Legend rule hasn't killed opposing legends in a long time. Your question confuses me.
He's asking because the card explicitly says if there are two of them on the field. His opponent playing another would Bring it to 3, which would affect his rule, and this he would have to sacrifice his.

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