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Does anyone still play nation games on here or are they frowned upon now?
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Have you ever heard about >>>/qst/ ? Also, I do run nation builders, but this summer break I was unable to pull anything due to shitty working hours

Reforging and chill Edition

>Previous thread: >>55392206


General's Handbook 2017 (pdf)


Core rules

Army and Skirmish warband Builder

Now with GA books
Grand Alliance Order

Grand Alliance Death

Grand Alliance Chaos

Grand Alliance Destruction
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Official Games Workshop® communication: Previous thread had to be purged because it scared 14 years old and their moms from buying Warhammer.
do stormcast eternals have fun in their free time
First for the initiative roll is a horrible design flaw catering to filthy casuals.

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What are some cool powers/items/techniques for villain to posses, which can be used later by hero in a karmic role reversal/level up during grande finale?

Pic very much related.
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A passive ability that reverses the difficulty of any given fight. Send the legendary hero? Splattered. Send Rance? Splattered. Send an army? Splattered. God help him however if he picks up the common cold.
An amulet of absolute animal control
After being defeated you discover that the villain eventually became so inhuman that he was under the amulet's thrall

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Why do you roleplay, /tg/? What about it do you find so interesting?

For me personally, I enjoy it because it stimulates my love for the idea of the prelapsarian, European golden age of myth. It is akin to performing an occult ritual and bridging the lines between reality and fantasy -- eschewing our decadent modern age for the idealised high fantasy.
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I'm really bored and roleplaying has more options for fun than most rpgs if done right.
It's fun, yo
The part where I get to play a role.

We're slightly overdue for our demi-heptannullar game of Mornington Crescent! New players are welcome to join, just remember that on /tg/ we play by the Budapest variant. To make things interesting, we're starting with all stations set as opaque.

Without further ado, I'll make the first play!
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> Piccadilly
Are we using the Lancashire optional rules?
If so,
>Two tanks to Buckingham
Sorry anon, duplicate moves aren't allowed under the revised Budapest rules. Keep trying!

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>>The gods, the first of the stars and heralds of creation, have abandoned their duties.

>The forge of Souls has grown cold, the Starlight Legion have retreated to the skies to fight the encroaching dark, and the world has become cursed with monsters and disaster.
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Needs more Berserk
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Well? Go ahead and add some bro
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The world itself is built on numerous other worlds and civilizations. All forgotten by time, there inhabitants degraded into mindless monsters who only seek the destruction of the Uplanders.

This world is on the path on becoming another layer

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It's always about arcane junkies and priests that shoot lasers with you people.

Where my sword and board bros at?
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Have you tried not playing D&D?
I'm upset this isn't hentai and that also that knight is a girl
Isn't this yuri a played completely straight, that a girl is wandering around in full armor?

how much could I sell magnetized bare models for? like what percent of retail whether it be more or less than retail.
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About tree fiddy
Unless it's something very complex (all Baneblade variants magnetised on one chassis or something), I'd say you'd struggle to even get 75 percent of retail value.
The moment you break the seal on the box expect to get no more than 70% MSRP

Everything you do to it from there will only decrease its value.

Flavor of the month models well assembled and primed might fetch 60% MSRP, but models for things not in the meta, or very commonly bought models that everyone has, expect around 40% MSRP.

If you've "pro painted" it, I personally would not pay more than 10% to 20% MSRP unless it was something really uncommon that I really wanted.

This is all different for metal models. Those tend to be worth more because it is far easier to remove paint. Out of production metal models sometimes go for as much as 200% MSRP (especially for old models), but usually hover around 100% MSRP from what I've seen. Really old collectible models can go for lots and lots. I've heard of people paying 50 bucks for a Johnny.

Last I check RT era plastics were around 12 dollars per sprue of two marines if the sprue still had everything on it and in good condition. Given their age, that resale value isn't great.


Honor of the one of the best NPC styled character actor.
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63 years providing characters.
Life's always intense for a Repo Man.

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As my campaign has just collapsed due to people taking IC shit personally OOC, regale us with your personal stories of the times when your games fell apart and died.
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How did yours?
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No names, gonna keep it detail light cause I know at least 2 of them go here.
>One player, hereby dubbed Y, made a character who everyone hates
>Like a tsundere, but with no dere, just acting like a cunt to everyone and everything. threatened with death and she insults the guys religion, we get captured by raiders and wants to sell us out, then is surprised when said raiders refuse to remove the gag on the spellcaster
>Everyone agree's, even Y, that this character needs to go
>GM organises a situation where a camels back breaks and she is kicked out of group IC, Y's new character is introduced shortly afterwards. Thought that'd be the end of it
>Nope, Y's ex-character stole our boat
>Now we went through a lot of shit to get this boat, so player 2, dubbed X from here, tries to do some magic shit to get us there quick
>GM says he can't do that, range on the spell isn't enough
>Takes it personally since Y's ex-character managed to pilot a boat from docked to out on sea in 5 minutes with no knowledge on boats
>GM rule 0's the argument, we keep moving
>Barbarian just lobs us on the boat anyway so it didn't matter
>Confront ex-character, she acts like a cunt. Gasp.
>Gearing up to kill her when Y gets news that a friend is in hospital
>Now Y has a massive track record of being late to sessions and even missing them entirely
>So X takes this personally once again, makes a remark how he doesn't care about said friend and how this is the same shit as usual
>Things happen fast after that, insults are thrown, Y bows the fuck outta there, X goes on a tirade about how he always gets singled out whenever bad shit happens but when everyone else argues he's always the mediator(kind of had a point desu)
>GM is done with the arguing and kicks everyone out, says the campaign is cancelled
>Many hours of arguing after that now
>Never got to kill that bard who stole our boat, the cunt
So not the best situation I've been in
Here's one of mine
>Trying to introduce a friend to DnD, they've only ever played free form RP
>Introduce them to the mechanics, they seem to understand. This friend will be T
>I decide to ask a couple of other friends to join too so I have a full party.
>Ask C, they say yes but A finds out I was hosting a game and semi invites themselves, I feel too bad saying no
>We're playing Lost Mines of Phandelver (Can't be bothered spelling) because of T being new
>Kinda nostalgic for me, A and C because it was the game we first played and we did so as a group together
>All going well, A's druid does most of the work but T seems to be having fun and understands the game, and C has no complaints yet
>Goes to the first dungeon, a couple mistakes later and they're all pretty much dead
>Being too harsh since I was pretty new to DMing, give T a permanent dex loss after one of their injuries
>Party ends up escaping though, and takes out the boss on their way, but leaves the hostage
>Decides to rest up for the night before returning
>Decide to give a goblin a stat boost to act as a mini boss and give them a personality to spice things up
>Party almost gets wiped by this goblin, druid on his last legs, but they chop off the goblins arm before it escapes
>Gets to goblin, holding hostage by the throat and threatening to kill him
>A had been making jokes about it being a supergoblin because of its strength and good roles, I left it cause it was harmless enough
>Starts telling me he IC eyed up his super cape
>"But he has no cape, that was a joke"
>"Yes he does"
>Thus an over hour long argument brewed about the fundamentals of storytelling and RP, despite me offering to add in a shop for him to buy a cape in the next town
>Strains our friendship so much I still haven't forgiven him
>T doesn't like RP anymore
>C is just being super cool about the whole thing, but is unable to contain the shitshow
>Get a message the following morning from A
>"When are we next playing?"

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Alright /tg/, I want to immerse myself in the jank. Is there a way to turn planeswalkers that are in your hand or graveyard into creature or artifacts? How would Mairsil gaining planeswalker abilities even work? Am I just an idiot and is this completely impossible?
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Pretty sure it's not possible. While Planeswalkers can become artifacts or creatures (see Mycosynth Lattice or every Gideon ever), they have to be on the field in order to do so. Effects that mess with card types usually only apply to permanents, while Mairsil specifies exiling them from your hand or graveyard. There are cards that alter the color of cards not on the battlefield (like the aforementioned Mycosynth Lattice), but as far as I know there is no card that can let you alter the card types of cards in your hand or graveyard.
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I think you're right
Man, that makes me super sad
oh well

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Today's the anniversary of my first campaign as a DM
>long time player of 3.5 and pathfinder
>usual perma DM transfers colleges
>well shit
>I decide to take a wack at it can't be that bad
>decide to run an elemtal themed campaign
>hook was that the players would find a genie in a lamp who would enslave
>players find the lamp after a few sessions
>"guys we really shouldn't open this unless we need it"
okay that's fair
>apparently "needing it" never happens naturally in a campaign
>a year and two pc deaths later they still haven't touched the damn thing
the hours of work I spent on content is pretty useless now
being a dam sucks
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>enslave them*
>being a dm sucks*
Just crash the plot into them, bruh.

Some Air Giant with a mask hijacks their city into the sky because he needs slaves and servants.

Maybe the Earth collapses under them and they have to team up with the Poor Rodent and Bug folks who were losing against some giant Earthen Fox.

Then just tell them they have something with them that could help...
>NPC Thief steals lamp in party's sleep
Bam. Done.

I'm building an blood angels army and i'm not sure what to get next.
I have 2 tactical squads of 10, a Baal predator, a venerable dreadnought, 3 bikes and a terminator captain. what do you think I should get next /tg/?
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Death Company Reivers
For removing moldlines with all that edge
Awkward time to start a non-Primaris army, imo.

Fill out the bike squad and get Rhinos for the tac squads.
I discovered the archived Gordon Slash thread earlier this week. It was fun to read.
Thanks for the reminder.

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Hey /tg/ I'd like help making a winged hussar, or janisary in pathfinder. Have any tips for class, feats, etc?
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I'm pretty sure there is a Cavalier or something. It's a class that revolves entirely around mounted combat.

Janissaries are a bit trickier due to lore reasons.
Can't help you, since I don't play Pathfinder. However, have charging winged hussars.

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Standard General

Deck advice, ask anon what he thinks about X card, bash standard players etc
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Does this have a home after rotation? I really want to force it, but I'm not loving it without Deep-Fiend to munch it.
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champion of wits.png
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Great start, forgot pic
File: Image.png (123KB, 223x311px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If you like it then there's nothing wrong with forcing it in there. Personally I'd rather use the card slot to glimmer/pull/etc during my opponents end step.

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