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>As a result of a powerful curse, your blood now turns to gold once it exits your body.
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>As a result of a powerful curse, OP now shitposts the same old thread over and over.
A powerful vampire slayer I will become.

Also really fucking emo
Does it harden in a way that immediately seals the wounds? Would that make it hard to remove? Does it stay liquid and somehow not hot enough to burn you? I like it, but I need details.

Also nice quads

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I want to find more decent twitch streamers that aren't too popular. Post links and I will check them out.
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username ^
She is fairly new and doesn't have a huge following yet, but she is super funny. If you give her a follow it would probably maker her day.
just /tg/ streamers or all kinds?
FamCafe is alright but they don't stream too often.
gildedguy is good, but doesn't stream often
Kiwo is good but shes an RP streamer so if thats your jam you might like it.

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Hi /tg/.
I'm soon to run a typical nordic themed fantasy adventure, I've ran many of the same kind before and so has my players (with other DM's). But this time I want it to be different for all of us.

I usually run the nordic themed adventures with lots of snow, big and strong men whom wants to die in battle for some bearded god.

Do you guys have any ideas for a good nordic themed adventure or setting that hasn't been done to death?
Also, newTakeOnTypicalSettings-thread.
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>good nordic themed

Oxymoron if I've ever heard one.

The only good thing to come out of Nordic culture was the 13th Warrior.
Do it in North America with a Native American theme. Your PC's group were left behind when the remaining vikings fled back across the ocean and now you have to keep your settlement alive with no prospect of rescue.
Post-frozen-apocalypse? The world was once a place of beautiful greens until the demons came. As cold as the land of the dead, they speed across the world like a blanket of snow. Only the hardest and strongest have lived to this point. Now your players have to contend with other tribes for supplies as well as hordes of terrible demons: twisted recreations of the animals and people of the old world.

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Does your setting have any weirdos?

Famous serial killers/stalkers/masochists?
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Jeanjac le Rouge, spooky highwayman and killer of debauched nobles and drunken revelers.
They say he can jump on a horse-drawn-carriage in one leap.
Well, there's the PCs...
Well, there's this group of men who travel town to town actively meddling with the locals and trying to get things done on their own without following any proper legal procedures. For some reason the government never tries to arrest them for looting and tracking the group has been difficult because they all appear to be vagabonds.

They all carry rope and poles around everywhere as if it's ok to do that.

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>You wake up next to a man mummified in tree-bark
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aw SHIT whyd I camp here

I hope I didn't cuddle that thing at night

wheres my fucking R U M

and then I piss m'self
Oh, it dried up. Better butter it up and apply more toilet paper
oh cool, campfire tinder.

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ITT: post real world locations that could work in an RPG setting
firstly, the Darien gap.


>The Darién Gap is a break in the Pan-American Highway consisting of a large swath of undeveloped swampland and forest within Panama's Darién Province in Central America and the northern portion of Colombia's Chocó Department in South America. The gap begins in Yaviza, Panama and ends in Turbo, Colombia, stretching between 100 km and 160 km (60–100 miles) long.[1] Roadbuilding through this area is expensive, and the environmental cost is high. Political consensus in favor of road construction has not emerged. Consequently, there is no road connection through the Darién Gap connecting North America with South America and it is the missing link of the Pan-American Highway.

The Darien gap is a huge, undeveloped swamp jungle, full of tribess, paramilities, and druglords. It would be perfect for an RPG setting.
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I lived in the Darien for a week, if anyone has questions.

>Yeah, it's a rainforest. Everything here will be wet. Everything here is humid. Hot, but cloudy enough to where sunscreen isn't an issue.
>Semi-poverty. Imagine people in tribal huts, but with cell phones and access to TV. It's easier to get access to cable than clean drinking water.
>Some places are only accessible via boat. If there's a remote village with an important NPC, the PC's better have a friend who can pilot through some pretty thick marshes.
>Columbian drug runners in the forrest, Panamanian military checkpoints are pretty common sites on what little roads exist.
>Embera-wounaanis are chill as fuck, and are the primary indigenous ethnic group. Likely uneducated/illiterate, some potentially have a few years of catholic schooling. Maybe to 2nd or 3rd grade. Shirts are optional for everyone, but public display of kneecaps is showing far too much skin. Eye contact is also rude - imagine a PC desperately trying to stare into a woman's eyes to avoid her torso, while the woman does everything else possible to redirect his eyes away from hers. They really like eating rice & chicken.
>Spanish is the language of Panama, but the natives speak Embera/Wouunani/other random tribal languages. Most villagers do not know Spanish - playing telephone between three languages can be common.
>Panama City is the opposite of all of this - Imagine an honest-to-god Cyberpunk megacity, with the rich and famous driving past homeless beggars. The government only cares about improving this single city - often at the expense of everywhere else in the country.
>It's easier to get access to cable than clean drinking water.
Cyberpunk as fuck
Literally never head about this place, I will read up on this. Interesting.

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We all know the standard "give them a full stat block as if they were another player" technique

What are some other neat ways you've seen roleplaying games handle familiars/companions/hirelings/henchman/apprentices/etc.
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Dungeon world Ranger has you choose an array then based on which array tells you how many things of each you give it; traits like are on gear or weapons (camouflage, ferocious, etc) but innate to the animal, things It's trained to do, and then flaws.

Since it has no stats of its own, it instead boosts your actions when It's doing something It's trained in. It helps you attack, listen, defend, etc.
our DM wanted us to keep track of a full on character for every NPC we hire or acculumate and now nobody uses them
no, see, that's the exact opposite of what I'm looking for.

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>Google Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Last Thread
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So is someone making a destiny 2 jump? If not, would i get shitposted to death if i made it?
a turkey is a bad person
You do you senpai.

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Is there a list with examples of combat systems and that makes a comparison on how do they work?
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no. but this should give you good start, even if somewhat outdated.

>Trust no one, not even yourself

No WIP thread on /tg/?!? Emperor's Teeth! That's HERESY!!!

>Citadel Painting Guides:

>Figure painter magazine issues 1-36

>Paint range compatibility chart across manufacturers

>Painting Videos only

>DIY Lightbox

>DIY Spraybooth

>DIY Wet Palette

>How to Moldlines

>Fuckin Magnets how do they work?

>List of mini manufacturers for converting and proxy

>Stripping Paint (yes, the ellipses are part of the URL!)

>Priming With Acrylic Gesso

>Green Stuff Casting

>On the consequences of insufficient ventilation

>Reinforcements are en route

>Previous Thread(s):
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I got my first ever pot of Lahmian Medium today, I'm making custom mixes in separate pots. My only gripe is how much medium you need to use to make a glaze or wash. It's a fucking lot in comparison.
Onyx Contact Force Remotes. Following the Giraldez book method.

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