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Tell me your opinions on the morality of war, killing, and... rape in your setting.
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Rape increases your experience points.
Depends on my setting.

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Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Bought the core book, field guide and "Fortress tomb and tower" out of curiosity recently, and hoping to run a game soon. How does it hold up in the long run? How much of the optional rules should I use? How fun is it?
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Holds up really, really well. As for optional rules, use whatever the hell you want, anon.

And it is a lot of fun!
I'd say the best optional rule to use is the GP for XP rule, otherwise your players are going to be spending a lot of time slaying orcs to level up.

I also just got this game and the field guide, it's quite a lot of game for such a tiny price for the physical books. Think they were like $5 cad each.

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Historically what has been the reason for the subhumanity of the knife-ears?
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They don't exist, for one.
We got enough elf threads in the catalog right now, and this one is the worst of them.

I don't understand what happened with last update of Legacy Compendium... + GHB 2017.

In the last issue, most of the units have disappeared (it seems that these compendium are more or less Errata FAQ things) from the Skaven Compendium for instance.
In the same time, all the Battalions were deleted... (Verminus clawpack, etc...)

I want to go full Chaos/Skaven Allegiance, without allies, in order to field clanrats as battle lines, but with keeping the opportunity to field a Plague Priest (pestilens) or a Warpflame engine time (skryre), and a Sreamin Bell (masterclan) if I want.
Is it still legit?

Can I still use the Battalions which were previously in the first compendium?
What about Ripsnikk raiders, available in Spire of Dawn?

Can someone tell me how I manage to use Battalion without playing Skaven without Skryre or Pestilens Allegiance?
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You can go full chaos allegiance
Buy the book if you want the rules
I have the book[S] ...
but I don't understand where the previous Compendium Batallions are bu now... They appear in Azyr but no longer in Warscroll Builder
They are no longer legal in matched play

Pokefusions made Monsters: Part Deux
Previous thread: >>55376558
Realistic Pokefusions look cool. Here we make them into monsters for a fantasy setting. Rename them, write lore, write about their morphology, diet, whatever. I'll post some images to get us started.
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I can spend another 30€ to balance the following fleets. Never played the game so I need your help /tg/.

2x X-Wing
1x Y-Wing
1x Millenium Falcon

2x Tie Fighter
2x Tie Bomber
2x Tie Interceptor / Imperial Aces
1x Lambda Shuttle
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Are you playing in a tournament/store setting or are card proxies okay?
I don't play the game, it's a birthday gift from my board game group to a friend.
To answer your question: since this is a birthday gift, I don't want to use proxy cards.

My ideas so far:
> adding another X-Wing/Tie Fighter on each side or just get another Starter Set since it seems to be cheaper
> adding Rebel Aces to Rebel side

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What games do you absolutely love, but find yourself unable to play as much as you want to?

I feel like i'm in full-time backlog mode because of work and social shit right now, but i squeeze in a game or two here and there.

Pic related, my game room.
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Post more game rooms.
Why do you have saints row on the wall lol
worked on it.

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What are going to play and side against these assholes besides the obvious Cherries and buying a Double Helix to rape your wallet
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I'm fucking retarded and posted the wrong pic

Correct pic
Anon, don't take this the wrong way, but this thread doesn't belong on /tg/

Like, it does in theory, but you're not gonna get any responses because nobody on /tg/ plays yugioh. There is a duelist network/generic yugioh general on /vg/, though. If you want to discuss yugioh meta, that's the place.
Depending on this month's banlist, I might build True Draco Monarchs. Not many decks can break Master Peace + Domain without a Kaiju.

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Is he a lich, whose phylactery is the One Ring?
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He would probably be considered a kind of lich, yes. Though the specifics of his setup are unique enough that he would be a variant that has little in common with the traditional statblock. The Ring wasn't even specifically designed to act as a phylactery, it was designed to hijack control of other rings of power and their users. It was just such a large investment of Sauron's power itself that so long as it still existed there was enough of him to come back from the destruction of everything else.
The ring functions more like a horcruxe. Or it is to say a horcrux is similar to the ring. They both act as semi sentient anchors to the world that leave their creators broken spirits that can slowly regain some semblance of strength.
The ring of course has other abilities but as a tool for immortality it doesn't quite function as a phylactery
He's a maia and the ring is 80% of his soul.
dumb dndposter

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We had an interesting worldbuilding thread last night where dubs decided the focal points of the story. I collected all of the dubs I saw last night before going to bed and compiled it in a Google doc and then wrote the beginning of a short story in the setting. I wanted to post it all here in case anyone else wanted to use it as story inspiration. Some of the stuff is pretty fucking gay, but some of it is actually pretty interesting.

I'll have to do it in parts since it's apparently too long but here goes nothing:

1. Flying is much easier, most things that don't fly are super massive.

2. small fluffy pillow like objects are used as currency. [since it's] easy to fly around, then they would be attached to your belt or a strap through strings.

An all-female race of catgirls who communicate by meowing with different intonations.A brain parasite made the catgirl race go completely extinct thousands of years ago.

lanterfolks are cool. they have come about naturally, there is some sort of naturally developing technology in the setting.Also they're mostly blind since they emit light.

Trolls work as salt miners.

everything has a soul. Except lanternfolk

the planet is hollow, filled with the crumbling remains on of a once great super civilization that harnessed the power of the planets core. sometimes old technology is brought back up to the surface by relic hunters or ruins surfacing through tectonic movement.


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This post got trips so it was determined to be the evil : If the gravity was low as hell and the ground was mountainous almost everything being airborne would make sense - travelling from peak to peak would take forever on foot and if flight it easy everything would fly.

Another anons explanation of how this is evil: I'm not quite sure how to turn that into an epic evil - maybe the ground is getting progressively more mountainous and dangerous - possibly due to the planet is hollow, filled with the crumbling remains on of a once great super civilization that harnessed the power of the planets core. sometimes old technology is brought back up to the surface by relic hunters or ruins surfacing through tectonic movement.
Quick story I wrote:

Julian strapped the harness across his chest and yanked hard on the chain that he had tied around one of the thick spires that surrounding the gaping crevice. He smacked a weighty apparatus on the side of his waist and a bright light began to shine from the lantern. Julian jumped over the ledge and began his slow descent into the darkness. As he floated down and the light pouring in through the crevice above him began to fade, he could see only the vague edges of the planets crust on either side of him slowly dierging out of view until finally he was surrounded only by blackness, the only sound being the rattling of Julian’s chain.
Most wanna be junkers stopped here. The silence, the darkness, the inevitable death if anything went wrong for the chain. At least one of those would send even the most boastful amateurs scrambling back up to the surface. Some weren’t afraid to die, some others liked the quiet. Julian was just broke-- broke enough to not let being scared shitless keep him off of a payday. He knew that it was just a few more minutes until his chain would catch and he could move over to the transfer, but each time he went down he couldn’t help but feel that it had been just a little too long; maybe the transfer light’s out and my chain snapped? Thoughts like that would run through his head, until finally, the yellow light would start to pour over the nearly horizontal crust of the cave, about 15 meters away he saw the transfer station come into view over the anti-horizon and the chain started to go taut. He gripped the chain and jerked his body, beginning a pendulum swing towards and away from the transfer. After a few minutes, he gripped onto the metal bar protruding from the ground tightly and began the careful procedure of unhooking the chain from his harness and tying it to the bar. He gripped the transfer chain and put his weight onto it and began moving across it, his feet pointing downward towards the darkness below. Ahead of him was the transfer office, its roof the ground itself and a bright light shining from beneath its hanging floor. The chain Julian was hanging from lead to the top of an open well lit doorway which stoop passed a balcony that Julian had nearly positioned himself over.

You know, Giants are said to be legendary creatures worthy of high level adventurers... so why do dragons get all the infamy and credit? Where are all the campaigns about giants?
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What's the betting on OP making this thread just to post that picture?

Guaranteed, or is there some sucker dumb enough to believe OP doesn't know about all the adventures that feature giants?
yea this is fetish bait

Giants are generally big beatsticks who can't fly, breathe fire, or cast spells. Unless they're also wizards. Then it's a campaign against an evil wizard, and the fact that he's also a giant is basically incidental.

my only frame of reference is fantasy rpg so I'll say:
melee fighter
ranged fighter
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>Ranged fighter
Redundant, a wizard is already dealing heavy damage from range.

Switch the former for a healer and you've got it
Depends on the setting, the mechanics, and the goal of the party. Without context I'm going with Black Mage, White Mage, Red Mage, Blue Mage.
classic. thought about this too but I like a fighter hanging back in case the wizard starts to get ganked

nice. wanted to keep vague to see what an ideal party is in other systems

HHG still lives!

Previous thread >>55322346

>Thread FAQ

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (not updated since January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore

>/HHG/'s Legion demographics

>/HHG/'s allegiances

>Primarch Popularity Poll

>NEW Mega Folder
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First for Sailor Mor.
>just about to create the new general
>someone else is already on the job

Excellent, now we all can discuss why the Night Lords are such jobbing idiots and if the Emperor created them to serve solely as laughingstock.
reposting from other threat:

So I bought this guy on a whim, looks like I might be starting an Iron Warriors army!
any CnC would be nice
are there any plans for 30k to be adapted to the new edition? I only play with a few people and none of them have HH armies so I was thinking about calling my army a group of loyalists who fought in the heresy and through warp shenanigans ended up in the current era

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This is a thread for posting lists and ideas for lists so that other people can ask for advice, please keep unimportant or repetitive shit to a minimum so that your list is easier to read

>2x company commanders, las pistol, power sword
>3x units of 5 scions, 2 plasma guns, one plasma pistol
Or something similar
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I just got this list that I kludged together in BS. I'm kinda holding off on buying models until November
I'll get my list posted to help things gather steam
Isn't it worth it to swap one of those tyrants out for the swarmlord for double move shinanigans?

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What setting unironically has the deepest lore? Lord of the Rings? Elder Scrolls? Star Trek?
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LOTR by miles. Not even a competition.

It was written by a guy who actually knew shit.
>Elder Scrolls
>Star Trek
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Mario Lore

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