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How do you successfully put your PCs into a The Thing like scenario without being obvious who is The Thing at any given point?
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Kind of hard to do in a long-running campaign. Much easier in a one-shot with notecards and such.
Pass notes to everyone at the table with stuff like "Look at me, nod, and fold this card" written on them in addition to "You are now The Thing"

Just passing notes between people will make the group distrustful to each other, even if this is a long-runner.
Also, throw number of NPCs almost double as the number of PCs into the scenario and make ONLY ONE of them The Thing.

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Started playing in Adventure League at my local game store.

Playing Human Fighter (pic related). Just turned level 3.

GM frequently laughs at my taunts and attempts to intimidate. I am getting Menacing Strike as one of my maneuvers, and need good taunts and threats to say during battle.
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Im going to turn your bones into a coffin despite not having enough ranks in the relevant crafting stat.
I oughta break a broomhandle off in your ass!

Life's a bitch... and then YOU die!

Now you see me... now you're dead!

Your face, your ass, what's the difference?

I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck!

When you get to hell, tell them I sent you. You will get a group discount.

You won't look so good with your face ripped off!

Welcome to your doom!

I'm gonna hire a necromancer, just so I can kill you twice!

Your daddy screamed REAL good before he died!

Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!

I've been thinking lately if Anthropological creatures like wolf people would develop clothing.
When humans faced the hazards of environment they had no choice but to come up with something to help them stay warm so they used animal hides to cover themselves.
But would an anthro even need something like this? If he is covered in fur in the first place does it mean that they will not develop it and remain primitive tribal people?
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Or will they eventually come up with it in order to protect themselves from weapons of other races and other tribes?
What about concept of shame?
What if they would suddenly feel it is wrong to walk just like you were born and it is unworthy to do so so they will start to cover themselves up?
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Would they wear additional hides in The northern regions?

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I've always been extremely drawn to characters that conquer other worlds. Our modern day human world is a good example, but world conquering badguys that use things like portals or technology to extend their might are really cool to me.

Characters like Shao Kahn from mortal kombat, the Combine from Half Life, and I'm sure you could think of others. Technically alien invasions count too.

So tell me; how do you like such characters? Magic or technology based? Could you make playing as them instead of against them into a tabletop game?
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He'd make a cool Rifts boss..
you could make the ring lined with speakers that play mortal combat, and he is invincible so long as they play, but if you destroy the speakers and stop the music he becomes an ordinary guy.
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who doesn't like an evil invader and his army to fight?
>So tell me; how do you like such characters? Magic or technology based? Could you make playing as them instead of against them into a tabletop game?
There's a Mars Attacks supplement for GURPS where you can play as the invading Martians and use their wicked cool B-movie tech.

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What's your biggest gripe as a GM?
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The fact that it's been seven months, and my players can't even name the capital city of the country they've been in this entire time.
Playing a 5e game where players care only about how much gold they're getting in a game where gold really doesn't matter anymore.
I have a campaign starting in three days - characters need to be presented to me in advance so we can get right into it.

I have one complete character sheet from my group of four.

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What type of personality is your character? Which traits do you favor over the others? Is there any that personality that you don't understand?
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INTJ here, the MBTI is no better than a horoscope, use the Big 5 personality traits if you want useful descriptions and predictions.
Is it, though? I've taken like a dozen different MBTI tests at various times and gotten consistent results, either INTP or ISTP. Which, incidentally, fits perfectly with the fact that I fall soundly into the "Melancholic" category of the Four Temperaments.
>What type of personality is your character?
ENTP, so basically I made my exact opposite. Huh.

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Who was in the wrong here?
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It doesn't matter because the story is a fabrication
The players. Just because they chose to ignore a threat that the DM clearly established doesn't mean that threat ceases to exist.

Previous Thread: >>55414111
Archive and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
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Let's post this long ass thing.
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>Character has a everything proof shield.
>He's still effected by things like knockback and gravity. Meaning if he's not careful he'll end up rolling right down a hill because the shield is basically a hamster ball.
What can be some ways to make this encounter fair if the PCs are medieval knights without any magic?
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Just roll him away and drop it down a well.
It depends what the guy can do while he's in the shield. If he has to hold his arms out or to his chest and can't do anything else, then it'll be pretty easy to just surround him and nudge him somewhere he'll die once it goes down. It also depends how quickly he can raise or lower it. If he can do it in the blink of an eye to react to a sword swing, then it's possible the guy might know how to actually use it in a fight.

In short, your players will have to be a little creative, but the guy sounds like a pushover so long as he has nothing else going for him. It could be a good encounter to get them to think outside of the box though if all they ever do is smash things.
Someone remind me how he was eventually beaten in Mother 3.

Was it that they distracted him while a scientist NPC hacked his life pod/time machine and forced him to teleport to Entropy, which was the only point in time he WASN'T locked out of?

>Try going to an RL game after years of only doing online shit
>Surely this will end well.
>talk with the GM beforehand, show him my character, he says it'll be fine
>want to make a good impression. Bring snacks, drinks, extra dice, the PDF on a tablet instead of my Kickstarter edition book so as not to show off, character sheet printed out and in digital form
>sit down, say hi to everyone, seems cool
>another player looks at my sheet, just says "No. Make something else."
>GM takes me aside
>"He's got low-functioning autism, he's saying he doesn't approve of your character. Can you just...Make something else?"
>feel the beginning of a greentext
>am playing IRL to try and get away from drama
>apologize and leave

What I learned today was to never go outside again.
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>"He's got low-functioning autism."
Welcome to playing RPGs outside the internet friendo.
We're autistic as fuck here too but you'll find higher functioning tards.

Mid-functioning autistic here, could you post the sheet?
W...Why would anyone bring a low functioning spud to an event with strangers? That's the kind of potato that should only play with the tard guards being paid for it. Are they trying to be known as the Idaho GM?

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