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D&D 5th Ed. General Discussion Thread

>Tortle Package

>Unearthed Arcana: Eladrin and Gith

>/5eg/ Alternate Trove:


>Resources Pastebin:
http://pastebin.com/X1TFNxck (embed)

>/5eg/ Official Discord

>Previous thread:

Are you playing or running Tomb of Annihilation any time soon? If you are playing, who is your character? If you are running, what are you must excited for your players to do?
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Half-Orc Barb, Totem of the Bear

3 level dip into Long Death Monk if you're feeling frisky.
Repost since sudden new thread:

One of my players wants to try his hand at DMing, which is a welcome change. I am a bit worried he will try to make things a lot deadlier than the norm, though.

Any suggestions for an "unkillable" character build? I was thinking maybe Half-Orc Barb going for Bear bonuses mainly. Or some kind of Paladin.

I like it.
Paladin will make it a fair bit harder for him to kill your party, BarBEARian will make it a great deal harder for him to kill you.

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Techno Barbarian.jpg
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How would you build an RPG set in the age of strife?
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Dark Heresy probably has enough to go off of as-is.

You could even do a wargame of the Age of Strife with the 30k rules.
for starters it wouldn't be 40k, but rather 27k
Would the players be Thunder Warriors or just normal humans?

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Perturabo and Huron Blackheart BTFO by Death Guard edition

>Typhus and Blightlords coming up for pre-order next week

>Top 5 Squigs

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!)

>Death Guard codex (thank you Vladimir)
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1st for Sisters a QT !
Wait.. thats not a..
You can summon after dissenting.
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REAL men of the Imperium coming through.

A little less than three years ago, we came together and produced a decent ruleset for this British young-adultish fantasy setting. Is anyone still around? I assume the continuation of the playtests is a long shot.
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I'll drop what art I can scrounge and the old archive links, at least.

WIP Google Doc;

Thread 1 : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36261395/
Thread 2 : https://archive.moe/tg/thread/36343881/
Thread 3 : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36420920/
Thread 4: https://archive.moe/tg/thread/36501450/
Thread 5: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36636588/
Thread 6: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36766823/
Thread 7?: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36788078/
If I remember correctly it had a ridiculous level of complexity. Like requiring lookup tables for the completion of simple tasks. Could be wrong though.
I could try and get another playtest together, just would have to convince people to play it.

I think the biggest issue we had with the system was trying to figure out the health system.

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City Edition

What sort of adventure hooks might show up on a huge city's jobs board? Share what you got!

>Local bandits are recruiting. Good pay, chances for promotion.
>A pack of displacer dogs are roaming the streets at night, phasing through city walls and compromising security. Bounty set at 50gp per head.
>New drug has hit the streets supposedly made from powdered goblin. Concerned citizen will pay well for more goblins.
>Monster hunt outside city, pages and spear-holders wanted.
>Need work? Talk to Vern. Combat experience a plus!
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Monkeys have infested the royal vineyard/olivegrove/melonfield displace them

The daughter of a local richperson has gone missing, find her and bring her back (she has eloped with the royal jester)

A barbarian horde is camping outside of the city. The local potentates are looking for extra security.

Local wizard has displaced the local hospital to the elemental plane of air. Help the wizard bring it, and its occupants back.
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>big port city
>city job board in the town square
>newest job is exterminating rats
>next job... exterminating rats
>every job on the board is to exterminate rats
>it's weird because the town doesn't seem unclean, to anyone not looking it looks like your average high fantasy human metropolis
>however a lot of people are experiencing rat swarms in their basements
>take one of these jobs, the highest paying one is in an abandoned mansion
>underneath is a laboratory and a shadowy entrance to the sewers and catacombs under the city

>players have to find diary entries of the mansion owner while slowly encountering the society of feral rat men underneath the city, and possibly stop these monsters from invading the surface

This is a plot hook I've been sitting on for a while. I like it but I don't know where it'll fit into my campaign.
>Taverns and Inns across the city are experiencing huge amounts of theft and drainage of mead and wine barrels, with no evidence left behind. Some believe it is an act of deliberate sabotage by rival taverns, however there is more than meets the eye to this mystery. The players enter a surprisingly complex web of city inter-tavern politics.

>The city guard are secretly searching for someone who will be able to successfully infiltrate and expose the increasingly popular yet elusive underground opium (or whatever drug that might be illegal in said city) community who manage to nomadically create dens and black market trading across the city.

>A fierce teenage nobleman is deeply in love with a similarly young noblewoman, and wishes to win her affections and marry her. However her family has promised her hand in marriage to a another nobleman belonging to one of the city's most powerful and influential families. The nobleman stalks the unsavoury areas of the city, searching for a sellsword or assassin who can "break up" this arrangement. However, the complexities and influence of these families make this quest go beyond a simple assassination job.

>Years ago, the city came under siege from an army of religious fanatics The army was crushed, it's soldiers executed and it's faith publicly desecrated and mocked. However in more recent times, rumours have begun to emerge that fanatical survivors of this army walk the streets, and plot the city's destruction in secret. The Regent/Monarch of the city has sent the players on a quest to find out if these rumours are true, and if so, break up whatever plans the fanatics are drawing up.

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Tired Knight.jpg
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The moonlight shines upon your bounty, he stands upright looking silently at you, an aura of hatred clogs the air. After a minute of silence, he speaks.
"Finally found me didn't you? Look, I've been caught in the open like this more times than I care to count, here's how this is gonna go. You're gonna put your weapon down, and I'm gonna-"
He breaks into a sprint and runs east.
How would your character handle this?
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Shoot him. He's worth more alive, sure, but he's worth enough dead.
You're not coming back dead.

You're not coming back alive.

I prepare the Lich Other ritual vessel, and pursue at a walk. A slow, inevitable, patient walk.
well if the abbot has requested that I catch him.
It is the will of god, and I can not fail.

I cast "Abjure Enemy" then,
I chase and attempt to tackle him.

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I'm getting ready to join a group using this system for the first time. What am I in for?
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Do the people in the group know the rules?
if so easy sailing.
If not, it's gonna be harsh.
You're in for big tables that dumb people won't understand are actually simple rules.

On character power, 1 anima level is about 2 d&d levels, and Anima martials are actually good.

Technicians are the class of choice if you're trying to be OP.
It's a very disjointed system, but I enjoyed my time with it. Not all the pieces work, and not all of them make sense as parts of the same system, but enough of them are good that you can still have fun.

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Fuckin' D&D.pdf
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>Been playing 5e for almost 6 months, usually 2-4 sessions a month
>Same group of players for the most part
>But players are too fuckin lazy to learn their class abilities
>Depend on me to write down and explain their shit
>Absolutely refuse to take ten minutes outside of session to look up spells for casters, they just ask me "what are some good spells?"
>They can't remember how to do the most basic rolls, let alone think of their handy abilities
>They claim to love D&D, enjoy playing, but for the life of me I can't get them to put any hint of effort themselves

It's sucking the fun out of the game for me when I have to hold their hands so much. As DM I spend enough time and effort prepping sessions, the least they can do is take care of their characters. I even offer them assistance to take care of it before the session so that we don't waste game time, but they still wait until we start to ask "Hey how do I level up again?"

I'm considering switching over to a super simple system kind of like pic related. Still based on D&D but with as few moving parts as possible. I brought up this idea to players.
>"but DM we like 5e and all the cool stuff classes can do."
>Then read the fuckin book and learn your shit
>"But DM it's just so much material and hard to understand."
>Well I've offered to help you understand but you still have to put forth some effort.
>"But DM I just don't have as much time as you."
>Then we'll go for a simple system that requires no time.
>"But DM we like this."

I just want to kill all of them.
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Throw the book at them and tell them to figure it out themselves or leave the group. Stop handholding/enabling their laziness.
Stop doing shit for them, and don't let them do shit that they don't know how to do. They'll either learn their shit or leave.
Another problem. Only 2 of my 6 players actually own the PHB. I've sent them links to 5etools and pdf's so the others still have access to the material. But they still don't put forth the effort. They're all my close friends and we have a good time once we're playing but god damn it takes all my energy just to get us started.

They are intimidated by the material, and I can't get them to realize it's really not too much. I have started making them create their own characters and everything, but it takes them 1.5-2 hours to do it. Even with me explaining it along the way.
I can roll a character in ~10 minutes. I don't see why they can't either.

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American Knight.jpg
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The year is 3030!

America has been ravaged by three consecutive, world-ending disasters which reduce many of the cities to rubble or hills filled with ruins of the Old World. People survived in the hills, but their efforts to recover were hampered by plague, volcanic and tectonic cataclysms, and the leftovers of atomic war. Today, the survivors of the old United States have managed to recover... and have reached the equivalent of Medieval technology!

Knights roam the plains in place of Cowboys. The Minnesota Vikings are actual Raiders on the Great Lakes. The stories of the Founders, forgotten and twisted over time, have developed into a cult venerating the left-over relics of the past.

Low-Fantasy, Conan-esque, medieval setting based in America.
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fairly sure that there is a crusader kings 2 mod for something like that
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After the End.jpg
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Yes, it does, it's called After the End.
Better idea; in the future the NFL becomes the most profitable entity on the planet.
At the onset of the nuclear apocalypse, all NFL stadiums and business centers are protected by private missile-defense systems, resulting in them being the only remaining buildings following the apocalypse.

100 years later, budding society is a collection of warring city-states idolizing their mythical heroes of old and go into battle adorned in full football gear; the only production technology to survive the apocalypse.

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Nameless One 2.jpg
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Think about the last game you've been involved in that actually finished.

Now try to recall the conclusion:
>What was your character's fate?
>Who was the main villain, and what did you think about them and their motivations?
>Was it good storytelling, looking back?
>Were some things left unresolved; if so, what?
>Was it ultimately satisfying or do you have some regrets?
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>What was your character's fate?
One of two only survivors, went from a paladin to a cynical fallen hero.
>Who was the main villain, and what did you think about them and their motivations?
Some sort of a cult that tried to bring Cthulchu into our dimension. What they wanted or who they were didn't really interested me, and we only came into conflict with each other largely because they were in our way.
>Was it good storytelling, looking back?
Was it a good story? Yes. Good storytelling? I'm not entirely sure, because majority of the memorable moments came from player interaction with each other and roleplaying, not from the plot. This is why the group dying in the final battle was a good moment - it was heartbreaking.
>Were some things left unresolved; if so, what?
Not really, it was a self-contained story with a definitive ending. It did receive a continuation later, but it wasn't directly related to what we were doing in the previous campaign.
>Was it ultimately satisfying or do you have some regrets?
No regrets.
>What was your character's fate?
Got reincarnated when the BBEG reset the universe because of plot contrivances.
>Who was the main villain, and what did you think about them and their motivations?
A vampire who became a god out of literally nowhere and reset the universe. His motivation was "fuck you I'm evil."
>Was it good storytelling, looking back?
>Were some things left unresolved; if so, what?
The entire world got reset to segway into another campaign, so next to nothing was resolved.
>Was it ultimately satisfying or do you have some regrets?
The ending sucked, the whole campaign was disconnected, and letting it be Co-DMed was a nightmare.
>What was your character's fate?
Dead but was able to transfer his mantle to a successor upon his death.
>Who was the main villain, and what did you think about them and their motivations?
It was a PvP game, so there were at least 3 villains that were outright abominable - Demon Lord (NPC), Big Sister and Necro Hitler.
>Was it good storytelling, looking back?
Storytelling was average but due to it being PvP there were a lot of twists and characters suddenly getting into a fight with something strange, ridiculous or horrifying.
>Were some things left unresolved; if so, what?
Yep, Necro Hitler is still alive even if his power base got somewhat damaged and there are other a little less horrible guys running. Though they are not the main problem. No one even knows if it is possible to beat the main problem or how to get to it.
>Was it ultimately satisfying or do you have some regrets?
Due to my character biting the dust I was not able to have a face to face chat with Space Lord guy. We were both looking to what will come out of it but I got rekt like within two steps of talking to him.

Death and passing of the mantle was actually a planned part of the character progression but it happened in a really inconvenient moment.

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