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Specifically one based on the concept of Made in Abyss as I am inspired to bring this terrifying adventure to my players. Which does non combat the best? Which makes combat fair but lethal? Do any have systems for permanent injury if your wounds are not treated? Which have things like random tables for exploring?

I'd like to keep magic and non human races away but if magic does come up then it will be through items like relics.
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maybe the likes of unidentified fauna, if it's safe or dangerous to consume, etc, etc.
There is also the chance your party may somehow end up picking up a parasite or an illness with no known way to cure it.
That kinda stuff is fine so long as the players play smart and it could be avoided.

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Elves now have access to high speed motorcycle. They are as common as battle trained horses among the elves, take as long to 'respawn'. They are about as intelligent as a horse as well and can drive themselves to their owners and things like that. Elves can produce a fuel based on mead, tree sap and elven moonshine. They can produce this liquid is ridiculous amounts.

These bikes won't work in the hands of other races, and will rust and crumble if too long away from an elf. They are not indestructable or special in any other way than those specified, and do everything a normal bike does.

Nothing else changes on your setting or the setting of your choice.

What happens next?
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>itt retarded manchildren bullshit
Can we at least talk about the cowboy boots with celtic patterns?
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>other elf bait thread dies
>immediately makes another stupid elf bait thread
It's clear that you neither care about elves nor this boards quality.

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Sup /tg/

I'm joining a dungeons & dragons group in a few days at the local games shop. I have zero experience so far.

Should I learn some stuff beforehand? Any good beginners guides out there? Anything else to know like what to do and not to do as a noob. Dont know the guys yet but they accepted my request via e-mail

Pic unrelated
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Well, definitely let them know that you're inexperienced. It sucks when someone shows up expecting you to hold their hand and you weren't expecting it. Plus that way they can take things a bit easier on you by not assuming you're already familiar with all the tropes and stuff of the hobby

Try and have a read through of the basics of the rule set before your first session, things will hopefully feel a bit more familiar when you're at the table.

I also recommend having a chat with your DM. They can help out a lot at character creation and you can help them by telling them about the sort of game you'd enjoy.
the basic rules are a free pdf online, try reading that and not worrying about the rest for now
put your ability score modifiers in the big boxes, not the scores themselves. this will make your life easier as a beginner
try to review which dice are which and which you will need to roll the most: the d20, and whatever your primary damage die is
most of all, have fun and if the group is a dick measuring contest in any way, bail. plenty of other groups out there

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How would you make two different types of monsters exist in the same setting? Not something like were<animal> but something like both the man body, bull head Minotaur and the more anthropomorphic bull Minotaur?
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one is a race the others got cursed by [magical entity which they pissed off]
This. Bull head minotaurs are specifically cursed by the gods.

Picking up a Goosebumps book almost twenty years later (we kept them around for my little brother, and now even he's too old for them) got me thinking.

They're often (justly) mocked for being incredibly stupid - but one of the reasons I liked them so much back in the day, I think, is that they're stupid in a very specific way: the way a child thinks.

Now, I know children aren't stupid, but it struck me that a lot of authors trying to go in that direction seem to fly off too far in the other direction and apparently assume children are enlightened zen geniuses who see the "truth" to life through their powers of "innocent" and exist in a dreamland of "whimsy" and "wonder". Alice's Adventure in Wonderland or Die unendliche Geschichte are terrific, but let's not lie to ourselves here: no kid could've possibly imagined their contents. Kids just don't think like that. On some level, more than anything else, they make too much *sense*. Kids don't do symbolism. They don't do philosophical messages.

Kids imagine that their least favorite teacher is actually a werewolf, and don't give a second's thought to how little sense it makes if the principal knows about it and doesn't tell the parents ("It'll be so much paperwork!")

All that's a long-winded way to ask:

1. How do you think kids think and how do you feel about the way people try to imitate that with games for or about children (inevitably never made BY children)
2. How would YOU make a story designed to imitate the way children think.
3. How would you apply this to an RPG directed at children - that's actual children, not fantastic wonderchildren or people trying to "connect with their inner child" (or rather, some kind of idealized dream vision thereof)
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>Talking shit about my boy Slappy
Nigger I will cut you, my sister collected all the original books before that new generation crap, and Monster Blood shit's all over Juiblex and Ghaundaur, but fuck IV man, shit was the blob remake as fuck with how unforgiving it was.

That one Goosebumps adventure where you get your shit-reamed by fire ants was one of the spoopiest too.
I think a RPG aimed at the way children play would have to integrate a "group DM" kind of aspect where the players contribute heavily to the story direction and world building.
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Perhaps something like FATE? It really pushes the whole group creation angle with its system.

Props to OP for the interesting thread. The crafting of media for children is fascinating especially horror which I feel they could use a bit more of. On a related note the movie Monster House would make a great kid's horror RPG adventure.

>It's a fantasy world where bodies manifestly reflect inner states.

>Bodies transform before your very eyes to reflect thoughts, emotions, or appetites.
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Hijab suddenly becomes viable wardrobe choice.
Have a race like this in my homebrew setting(tm). I wanted to do something Native Outsider-y so I did some weird shit with em.
>They don't have mouths, but their faces move as though there should be one.
>Some paint one on so it isn't as offputting, but most just wear masks.
>Their overarching cultural structure denotes the mask-wearing habit as being cathartic and being liberated from "the horrors of true freedom"
>Their word for "mask" is the same as "lantern"
>Do not steal their masks. No really, don't.
>They "speak" in babble-talk that you would think is gibberish but everyone understands them just fine for some reason. Science is still out on how.
>Their bodies squash and stretch as part of their body language, almost cartoonishly so.
>The shape and colorization of their bodies also express a physical form of language that augments their "speech"
>When the audible races try to speak the language, many report them as being monotone.
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So pic related?

So I'm working with a pack of werewolves and I acquired the Gift: Know Name (p. 126 Werewolf- The Forsaken) and we just we just killed a pure tribesman without getting the chance to question him. I was wondering if Know Name works on corpses? The only stipulation I see is that I can not use it via indirect means like Photo's or Videos.
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Looks right to me. I don't think anything's name changes once it dies, so...you should be good.

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>One of the most famous viking graves was that of a female warrior of high rank


So what does this mean for fantasy? Do we get more swole femvikings? Shieldlads?
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This doesn't change anything we knew about Vikings and their attitudes towards women. The only revelations here is they thought this one Viking was a dude.
Fantasy is fantasy, you don't need real world validation to make It work
The last ten years of armchair historians REEEEEing at each other over this crap has almost nothing to do with the past and pretty much everything to do with modern 'experts' being assholes.

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>Roboute Guilleman goes to bring Leman Russ back from the warp
>All those years living in the warp has left Russ a bit different
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Face reminds me a little of Hellsing or Drifters

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Is there any setting like Earth: Final Conflict which is basically modern Earth but seemingly benevolent Extraterrestrials visit us to make peace setting up embassies and sharing scientific and medical knowledge and technologies
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To Serve Man
Childhood's End

God that show went to shit after the first season.

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Lets play a game
Post an image
That image is a part of an army depending on the number your post ends in
Then other anons try to figure out which army wins in an all out battle
0- any army you want
1- 1st army
2- 2nd army
3- 3rd army
4- 4th army
5- 5th army
6- 6th army
7- 7th army
8- 8th army
9- 9th army
I'll start
Alexander the great but he has a eagles body
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you better keep track of everything, also my army has mustachio elf
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Immortal Incest Cannibals

Hi, folks, I'll be playing a field commander type bard w/ oratory skills. Do you guys know any cool speech/quotes I might be able to use?

What I got for now are "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war" and "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers."
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Scroll down to the list of shouts for inspiration.
When you have to get everyone to work together on a task,
"Step by step the longest march can be won, can be won"
"Many stones can form an arch, singly none, singly none"
"And together what we will can be accomplished still"
"Many drops can turn a mill, singly none, singly none"
"Suck my fucking dick uncle fucker"


What do you think about this?
is this good? A general "game" changer?
or just a neat gimmick that nobody will use?
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It's certainly not a new idea.
I'm definitely going to give it a try with some friends
Certainly not, but it also offers a hell of a lot more than, say, NWN.
It does seem to be rather easy to use when you look at how much you can apparently do with it.

S:TH General because it's been too god damn long edition.

Meta question to kick things off:
I can't afford a playset of LIGO. What decks are fun and at least somewhat competitive other than Making Waves?
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If you know how work the popsci-hype mechanics you could try EM Drive decks but those will break lesser men.

Genetics is finally competitive again thanks to CRISPR but you have to prepare contingency for having bio-ethics played against you if you wanna really go big with it.
Online F2P player here. I run an EM Drive deck on NA. It's pretty good but funding synergy is getting harder and harder to come by.

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Hey does anyone have any fantasy\steampunk style imperial Germany\prussia drawings because I'm trying to design my BBEG's look for his kingdom and it's the style I'm going for
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No art, but if you're more specific maybe I can help.
thats austrian

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