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reaction 4.jpg
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I just got a good drawing tablet for my lap top, now I need a soft ware . I'm a cartoonist so it has to be good for that lol, but another thing it must have ( I don't know the technical name for it ) is that uhm t has to be able to do this

Lets say I draw something
I have to be able to insert what ive drawn there into another drawing, like lets say I draw a person and I want to put him or her inot a picute with other people and possible change the size and what not

I would be open to getting to soft wares if needed

Any suggestions
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Photo shop, and another ESL class.
esl ?
op here, ive been look at either corel draw or adobe illustrator

Wich is better, ill get one of those and then photo shop for the finished scenes

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How do you calculate the angle i should rotate the whole circle to place the next circle perfectly touching at a single intersect?

each circle is exactly the same size
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I tried it with drawing another circle from the center but it intersects at 2 points.

>jpg related.
You have to zoom in to see it intersects at 2 points.


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Anyone know this font? I need a wavy R. Whatthefont gives me no proper results
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Next time use font thread pls

I am looking for a torrent to get Lynda.com videos of Blender. Maybe anyone can help me with that? Also other torrents with tutorials of Blender are welcome.
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Wrong board, buddy.
/gd/ is not >>>/wsr/

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So I wasn't sure where to post this and since it's not really photography or OC art, I can't post it in /ic/ or /p/.

I'm really into this style of art but I have no fucking idea what it's called. Can someone help give me a name to search? Because "neon in the dark" is fucking retarded.
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Here's another with the same idea. It's basically low-res/poly neon art I think. I just don't know what to call it.
try /3/, it's nothing /gd/ related. I'd use the term "render" "low poly render". Anyways, Good Luck!
I'm the artist of the OP image.
I dunno if you're the same dude that asked in /wg/ but I posted a reply that might help out.
I dunno how to crosslink correctly, so my apologies if I fuck it up.
Here goes.

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Hey /gd/, how does one decide on a name for company or project? I have been through many ideas in my head and on paper but none of them seem to go any further than a couple of designs before I feel discouraged. What is the key to getting something to stick?
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Is it possible or feasible to rely solely on your images, not a name or brand to convey the message of your work? im looking to start designing things for screen printing and adhesive stickers etc but I feel like I need some sort of brand name to be even relatively successful in my endeavours.

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Anyone got a link to the PDF?

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well. i have it.

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Traxx YT Banner.png
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/gd/ What's your opinion on the 13-15 year olds making youtube banners and claiming they're real Graphic Designers?

>pic related
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Oh, but they are. They're probably not educated in Design or shit like that.

One could argue for a person to be a graphic designer they'd have to endure design classes and have an atleast 10+ portfolio, but said person has to start somewhere.
Hey, at least it's HD.
I've seen young people make some crazy stuff, so age doesn't really matter in my opinion. As long they don't call themselves 'professionals' I'm fine.

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I made dis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phm4CguxsZA
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Naisu but festy song choice
>>>/ic/ is a more relevant board for this

Hey /gd/ I'm a music producer and I'm learning graphic design. In the pic attached, can anyone tell me the name of the art style in the pic? Stuff like adding 3D text and objects into photos. I tried to make myself a logo twice using that technique but I failed, can I get feedback on the two attempts that I post?
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File: City block FP.jpg (921KB, 1500x1000px)Image search: [Google]
City block FP.jpg
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attempt 1
File: Skyscrapers_from_Chicago_River.jpg (936KB, 1457x889px)Image search: [Google]
936KB, 1457x889px
attempt 2
I'm fairly sure they just used after effects or premier or something to that effect. If you're using photoshop its going to be a slightly longer process of getting your color/shading/overlays to look right.

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Hey /gd/ I want to get into graphic design on my computer what is the best free program to get started??? Thanks.
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MS Paint, seriously. I know it sounds dumb but you can still do some things with that program other than cropping images. It has a text tool, a shape tool, and color customizations so you could honestly make something okay out of what you're given. If you're not interested in that, just look up free vector drawing programs or something like that.
study design you lazy fucker, good luck

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skull spanners 5000x3770.jpg
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Any advice from gd's would be appreciated. My new job pays well but we ship out rushed and cheap design. If it persists I'll become depressed like the 7 other designers in our team.
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Remember your triangle of production.
>Great, Cheap, Fast
>Pick two

Sounds like you guys are going the cheap/fast route.
I spoke to my mate about this and one of my lecturers must have overheard, he just handed me a piece of paper with a triangle drawn on it and your 3 points. He said pick two! haha. It's such a shame cause the money is great, I'm undergrad and getting 12.50gbp per hour. I took a job home, did it properly ( a 10second video billboard ad) the office was really impressed; I had sales guys coming over to say well done. However, I am not sure they would allow me the time required to make that sort of stuff simply because they believe they can charge correctly for it. They might be scared of losing customers. I feel like it's not a lost cause though. How can I as a designer clearly demonstrate the value in quality design?
ugly is subjective.

i hate GD because my clients always think they know shit about design. their money.

better to make your own product and design everything than to be a GD for other people.

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What's the standard practice for visualizing and conceptualizing the design of webpages and/or GUI applications before coding them?
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There is no standard. Some companies what big ass jpgs, others want big ass jpgs with red marks, some markup software or website, and occasionally you get a company that wants a printed design layout.

Really, it depends on what your lead wants. I try to make engineers happy, so by default I spend a lot of time on red line documents unless I don't have enough time.
..but irl, its photoshop.
I personally prefer Illustrator for most of it. Maybe I will that it into photoshop after to add some effects, but mah vectors are mah life.

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1394556944479 (1).jpg
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I'm new to this board, I don't know where else to look
I have a Google Site, just for basic use, and want to transfer it to a co.nf domain I registered for free. Any help?I'm desperate
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