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I just found a craigslist ad for a Graphic Design Manager, should I go for it?

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first webm i've seen here.

also, why the fuck not?

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Anyone else experiencing problems with photoshop and illustrator in windows? When i use the alt+scroll to zoom sometimes it switches keyboard focus to the top menu so whenever i try using a shortcut such as V it opens view. This is really starting to piss me off, has anyone found a solution?

Picture unrelated
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i used to have lots of trouble. then i replace about 20 shortcuts with new ones on both illustrator and ps.
There's a free little program called Apssistant that has an option to fix this.
holy shit thank you. now i can actually do stuff in photoshop

How do I make something like this ? I just want a 2d poly looking wire frame type circle
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what software do you use?
just google wireframe polygon
Illustrator and c4d

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What went wrong?

Made this last year, but didnt like it. Got printed but still feel cringy when comparing it to related tourposters. Pls halp.

Harsh criticism pls
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it just boring. (too much squares going on)
the chained frame looks silly.
the message is unclear (the only clue is "tour")
the photography seems too small and doesn0t bring anything to the composition.
the colorize effect doesn't help. maybe duotone will work better.

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Sup gd

How do I get a design job/internship without a BFA?

I'm self-taught in CS. I have a decent portfolio imho. I don't have experience with print or a proper studio environment. I don't have a great grasp of design history.

I've been sending stuff out to studios for weeks. No replies. I can't go back to waiting tables, my soul..

Ways to apply? Cold calling studios? Books to read? Terms to know? Shmooze techniques?

Pic related
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Bump for clarity--

How should a portfolio look / be arranged for a competitive appeal? etc.. come on yall
more gd'ers work as freelancers

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sign up final.png
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So i'm designing the UI for an app we're making for our school (and subsequently many other schools)
Wanted to keep it on the DL but whatever, my boss says this is fine but personally i think the text boxes look, idk, out of place. What's your opinion on this and how can i make it better?
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as for the navigation back and x button he personally wanted it stretched, kinda like linkedin's mobile app. So can't change that, as for the rest yea looking over it it does look stretched and badly lined, i'm gonna need to straighten it out with a ruler.
Any other opinions? color, overall scheme, shapes etc
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What the FUCK is wrong with your text, boyo?

And never model anything after LinkedIn's app. It's a UI/UX nightmare graveyard of failed ideas applied liberally with little direction or thought of the user.

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More like this?
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> Im studying draphic design
> From Spain (high unemployment rate)
> There's no fucking possibilities of work as graphic designer
> Being "freenlance" isn't an option
And here comes the great question: Which country could be better to work as graphic designer?

(Pic of a shitty design from this morning)
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Most likely China, but since you do not speak Chinese you are fucked anyway and the salary is going to be worse than you would've made even at a shitty job in Spain. However, as Chinese schools do not value creative classes as it can lead to "rebellious behavior" not many Chinese people are creative beyond the traditional arts and a lot of their graphic design, architecture etc. are actually western foreigners.

Just apply to fucking everything, even internships. Do internships while you are studying even if you do not consider yourself to have the time.
Thanks dude, it is an option when i get experience in travelling and in chinese speaking Hahaha... I think that i need to mature for get a organized life and planning some internships to foreign countries. Did you travel to other country to work as graphic designer?
England, Germany, and the US (Specifically SF and New York) are pretty much the design capitals of the world right now. Tons of work if you know how to get it.

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Anyone have any tips on how can I properly incorporate a square image into a landscape format (e.g. wallpaper, facebook cover photos, header images, etc.)
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Gotta give us more info man
Crop it.

has someone an idea for a timber trade logo ?
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It depends on a million things you haven't mentioned.

need advice on how i should proceed.
name of co. is Rich Knife & Tool
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Ditch to knife. Go from there.
the knife is just for reference as to what it is about, but thanks though
here are some concepts i'm working on

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Simple one page resume for a gd, what do you think?
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Very impressive.
Awesome work samanon

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Omeega Business Card.jpg
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Hey /gd/,
My dad's starting a new business as a facilitator for craftsmen. Basically he has a bunch of different electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc at his disposal and he send them on jobs and administrates the costs then he takes a cut.

He specifically said he wanted the name 'Omeega' for the business.

I'm not claiming to be remotely good at graphic design, this is my first foray into 'business branding' if you could call it that so I don't know what i'm doing here, so critique and advice would be great. I just want my dad's business to do well. Thanks in advance!

Here's the front of the card:
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Thanks man, I'll give that a shot!
You should think about a significant color, even so you can include two colors, the second one for de double "e" >>250918

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What is a fast and easy way to learn the basics of GD and should I consider buying a wacom tablet as a beginner?
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Also, past experience I've had with anything remotely connected to GD:
>I know the basics of 3D rendering, modelling, texturing (and yes I use bmps when texturing)
> have fooled around numerous times in PS

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Holy fucking shit, I am so sick of seeing these responsive design in your face fucking websites that run like shit on high end hardware.

Heres a list of what im talking about:
+ Outlook mail, holy fuck is there a worse email client? I have to use this POS for university
+ Every fucking blog/tumblr/portfolio

When the fuck did simplicity become outdated? Why the fuck do some of these sites not even allow me to get the desktop version on my phone, instead forcing me to use the slow ugly responsive design version?

These are examples of perfect websites (some modern and some old design), they all load quickly, render quickly, and everything is intuitive.
http://www.logicalincrements.com/ (a bit slow, but thats only because they put almost everything on one page)
this website


You need to realize that you can make a very nice looking website without disabling my scroll setting, adding unnecessary animations, loading a shitload of images, taking over 10MB for a few paragraphs, etc.

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Fucking THIS.

Don't disable my fucking cut and paste. The actual window of use on twitter mobile after the cookie warnings, the app prompt and the advertisement is like 70px high.

Honestly this is what happens when Dribbble kids think that they're actually UX designers.
>text cannot be ctrl f-ound

>revamp the entire way the page is displayed in order to give you smooth scrolling that continues scrolling for three additional seconds

>"We have an app for this mobile device!"
>request desktop version
>refreshes infinitely
>app's functionality is 0

>people buy it because trendy
I think it works extremely well for one page with list-like info (sites with low content), if it's well coded:
ie small personal site, quick portfolio.

Unfortunately, that's not often what it's used for. If you're not going to scroll through it like a list, don't use it. Most of these sites are using it as a main origination with a lot of content. It's just bloated and not a surprise they run like shit when implemented that way.

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