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File: deerproj-6-2 - Copy.jpg (927KB, 1330x2121px)Image search: [Google]
deerproj-6-2 - Copy.jpg
927KB, 1330x2121px
Hi mates, Im amateur in Photoshop and i made this pic. I wanna make feelin like dark and lonelyness. Is this pic ok? What should I improve here?
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Looks nice i guess, looks a bit sloppy up at the top though
now make a poster with it
Google a tutorial, and get a white backdrop if you are going to continue taking portrait photos.

File: CG.png (96KB, 336x209px)Image search: [Google]
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Post your stuff and receive comments and criticism.

This thread is an attempt to allow for productive discussion and give artists some forward momentum in terms of their abilities.

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File: Soma.png (1MB, 690x1000px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 690x1000px
Okay, so I'll start. I've been working on this and was wondering what people's thoughts are... any improvements that need to be made? is it good/bad? etc.
So I am looking for a critique of my typeface.

>I have been looking at it for too long.

I'm looking for any type of criticism.
The curvature of the "S" looks a bit unappealing, it's something with the heavier stroke in the middle of it. Also, the "Z" doesn't really follow the overall design of the other letters. The numbers (the ones that have the same height) are okay, though the bottom of the "2" looks a little weird and out of place. The "@" symbol sucks ass. The "&" sign seems a bit too oblique and doesn't look right, and the "?" looks a bit condensed and also doesn't look right. In some respects, your font looks like a better version of Bodoni XT, although that font's numbers look a bit cleaner. Overall, it's a pretty good font, well done!

File: proof_ring_area.jpg (340KB, 2293x2961px)Image search: [Google]
340KB, 2293x2961px
Hey /gd/
Do you know the feeling when you are stuck with a complex project, because you cant think of new things except for the ones you already experinced?
I'm studying Interaction design at the local university and i'm working on an interactive informational system in which i need to show my data without typography or icons. So its more like a semantic exercise.

Now here's the problem:
I need to show 3 values and their average value at the same time to compare it to other 3 values and their average value.
For example in a ring graph: The additon of the 3 values result in the size of the graph, thus its 3 times the average and, thus, somehow the average, if all other average values are 3 times itself too. so thats okay,
but the bigger problem is that just the 3 radiants addet to each other is not semantically correct (pic related). As you can see on the left ring graph, the surface area of the second ring is bigger then the surface area of the inner ring, but the values are the same. I solved that with the square roots of the additions, as you can see on the right side.

Thats the part im stuck at, i can`t think of other semantically correct graphs to show my data.

cant think of other semantically correct graphs that show 3 values and their average value to compare to other 3 values and their average.

Sorry for my english, its the first time for me to try to explain something like this in english.
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Topographic mapping?
do you mean if my informational system is mapped topographically?
No, sadly not. I think that would be more easy but my topic does not permit that.

File: u7s5AIB.png (149KB, 1019x656px)Image search: [Google]
149KB, 1019x656px
So, I'm starting out at a newly merged design firm here in Toronto, www.centralstationto.com

What do you guys think? What's your opinion on school based unpaid internships?
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How did you land the internship? Is your work good? They look like they're experienced to learn from
Through school, they liked my portfolio and brought me on.

File: complete nonsense.jpg (115KB, 600x454px)Image search: [Google]
complete nonsense.jpg
115KB, 600x454px
fagots i have a favor for ya. I need a logo design or some fucking "shit" for Souncloud.I need a logo for my name and web site.IDK if u wanna help me but why not to try)
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I will if you pay me.
okay i go make it alone
Sure, but only if I can put it in my portfolio and other promotional websites and pages. Also you need give me credit for doing it. [email protected]

File: image.jpg (81KB, 1024x765px)Image search: [Google]
81KB, 1024x765px
Hi guys. I tried my best to draw this thing. Does somebody remember Who is he? (MYAAAH)
Thanks, mean comments about how orribile this is Are accepted.
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Upvote for skeletor
Heman will get yo ass little jewboi

File: Galaxy of Dreams.png (2MB, 8000x4500px)Image search: [Google]
Galaxy of Dreams.png
2MB, 8000x4500px
What do you think guys ? Made in Illustrator
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File: 4HPEcJ8.jpg (905KB, 2880x1800px)Image search: [Google]
905KB, 2880x1800px
try something original next time
looks pretty neat but
what >>249101 said because you need original shit, yo
Sweet Jesus OP, you fucking retard...

Next time save it as an SVG and with a size less then 1000x1000.

File: MaskInlie.jpg (9KB, 300x225px)Image search: [Google]
9KB, 300x225px
collecting confessions for art project, confess anonymously, follow the link. confessions collected
are to be exhibited in an art museum.
all help is much appreciated.

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Answered, good luck for your project.

File: 1445301303957.png (21KB, 238x227px)Image search: [Google]
21KB, 238x227px
Software dev clueless in graphic design here.
In your opinion, which font is the best for GUIs?
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That entirely depends on what you're building for and why. In general, it's probably best to stick with sans serif fonts.

For some examples, I believe Microsoft uses Segoe UI for most of their stuff and Apple now uses San Francisco.
Literally anything sans-serif that is highly legible when its bold or regular.

Eyes generally go to icons first
Then bold
Then regular
[depending on layout]

Anything with movement or animation when it is first introduced will have eyes on it first.
PT Sans or Ubuntu font

But, the pt sans is so slow

File: 3ds-max-logo.jpg (41KB, 960x540px)Image search: [Google]
41KB, 960x540px
If any of you are able to link me to some tutorials that I can use that'd be an amazing help. I wanna learn how to export form Illustrator into this program and how to use this program to create packaging and other things that'd be useful for mockups in graphic design.
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You'd probably get a better answer at >>>/3/

File: OTcR_fO686k.jpg (34KB, 604x453px)Image search: [Google]
34KB, 604x453px
Hi guys. Total noob here. How do I edit a photo to look like this picture?
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Why would you want to do this?

Also there's a genuine satisfaction from fucking up images through analog corruption and getting some snazzy results.

Yet you're probably just looking for a link so here it is

Fuck glitch art.
Thanks senpai.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (78KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
78KB, 1280x720px
Not OP, but out of curiosity, how would you go about doing this the "right" way? I've tried to get natural looking corruption by randomly editing code images but obviously that's completely random, and will also never look like pic related or the video it's from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EgBZv8DXGI

I know deep down, the answer is get gud at Processing... but is there a less programming intensive way?

File: Adobe-Kuler-panel.jpg (36KB, 600x465px)Image search: [Google]
36KB, 600x465px
Is there an alternative to the Kuler / Adobe Color CC panel that works locally inside of Photoshop, as opposed to a webpage?
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Noon Bump, aching for a replacement.
Afternoon bump, final

File: mir.jpg (179KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
179KB, 1920x1080px
hey /gd/, anyone here a pro at trapcode?
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I use it time to time
Not a pro but as >>250066 I use it sporadically.
What's your quesion OP?

File: mlg-video-maker-version-1.png (76KB, 250x250px)Image search: [Google]
76KB, 250x250px
What's good in the /gd/ hood? I'm looking for some video editing software (like Sony Vegas or something) to get. What does /gd/ think is the best video software out? (Don't care about price since I'm probably gonna pirate it) No-homo btw guys and thanks!
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Btw I forgot to add that something with not too much of a learning curve would be great.
Blender can do video editing.
I used VideoPad not too long ago to make a shitty Banepost video and it worked out pretty well. I'm a big fan of FinalCut but I haven't had a mac since High School so I haven't used it in a long time. As far as piracy goes, just go learn Vegas.

File: Eticheta.jpg (386KB, 2300x1863px)Image search: [Google]
386KB, 2300x1863px
Already been thru' 5 different proposals for a logo. The company is called Negustorii Noi ("The New Merchants") and wants to sell premium products B2B. Gifts and cool stuff.
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File: AAP_7509-Edit.jpg (2MB, 2000x1335px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 2000x1335px
These are some of our products
File: alb-rosu.jpg (43KB, 699x516px)Image search: [Google]
43KB, 699x516px
other logo proposals
File: NN Propunere.jpg (39KB, 634x607px)Image search: [Google]
NN Propunere.jpg
39KB, 634x607px
Other logo proposalss

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